Thursday, June 16, 2011

Burnin' up, Burnin' up

For you, baby..
Or well.. I did spill boiling chicken broth all over my chin and chest the other day v(^__^)v

Oh yes, so sexy. NOT. And it hurt like a motherf*. Today would be day 3, btw. And yes, it still hurts..

Anyway, moving on...
to something epically sexual  ^___^" hehe

I got a super sexy package in the mail yesterday, and here I am.. unveiling the goods for you guys! Ahh yeh-yuhhh! Of course the package is from my San Diego buddy, Tuaaannieeeee. He's gay, guys. Sorry : P He's also very unattractive AND a jerk, so you probably wouldn't like him anyway.. \(^__^)v *d-d-durrrr cock-blocker-Nani* TEE HEE

As you can tell from the above pictures, he sent me a shit load of stuff! YEH-YUHH! -parties- I've been excited for this package for ONE main reason (except for the usual ass-licking things to say like "Oh so nice of youu" and "wow you're liekz my bestest bestie evarrrh") - the Bioré cleansers. He bought that shit like MONTHS ago, yet he didn't get to shipping it out now... -__-" *coughs* lazy ass *coughs*.

He sent me the ever so famous Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub (made popular by Holly Ann-AeRee on Youtube). I've used the scrub twice and even though I usually prefer a heavier grit than this one provides, it's quite nice. Not super scrubby, though (which kinda sucks), but it's overall quite nice. He also sent me the Bioré Triple Action Astringent toner. This toner is a harsh ass motherBEEPer, I tell you! I contains 3 types of alcohol and it kinda stings.. but in a nice, cooling way. I don't know. I like it cause I'm a masochistic son of a biatch ^__^ tee hee~ As mentioned, I've only been using it for two nights, so I can't really give u a massive, thorough review yet - but let's schedule a blog entry on how it goes about 2 weeks from now, shall we? : D I think these two range from $6-$8 at Walmart per bottle, btw. So definitely very affordable... but more on that in the future review. *nods*


Moving on to edible goods! I'm an Oreo-lover, so he got me three rolls of Oreos. NOMNOMNOM ♡ along with that he sent me 3 packs of Toaster Pastries (costco's own brand, btw) - two packs of Strawberry pastries and one pack of Cinnamon pastries (the cinnamon ones PWN! -munches-) In case you're wondering, my legs still suck, so I haven't been able to jog. This has resulted in me gaining 5 billion lbs, so I currently look like a stranded whale. Don't go around thinking that I don't gain weight AT ALL - cause I obviously do.. Don't want my followers thinking that I'm some sort of super human with LSD and Crack for metabolism.
- another edible thing he sent me was a bag of blueberry bagels (if you know me personally, you would already know that I DIG blueberry bagels. We understand eachother, blueberry bagels and I.). HOWEVER, my SUPER smart friend decided to vacuum-pack that shit and instead of simply sucking the air AROUND the bagels out, he sucked it ALL out, making my poor blueberry bagels look like shrunken raisins : ( BOO TUANNIE! -kicks- The ones from Tammy better be fluffier. ('Ó__ò)/

On a less edible sidenote, he sent me a Spiderman christmas-plushie, that he got from ComicCon last year. Bsh, Asians and their conventions. *coughs*

Alright, next up iiiiiiiiiiis a HUGE Pepsi Max tshirt (I better not have to explain this one, y'all) and a pack of dark dark dark chocolate. I tried the chocolate and it tastes like charcoal -__-" lol. My mom will like it, I think..

- Now to some of the stuff that you guys will totally dig..

Yayyyyy! *dances*

First up is an e.l.f. 100-shadow palette. I swatched some of these shadows on my thigh last night (don't ask.. lol) and actually the shimmery black is still on my leg even after I took a shower today along with a few of the matte shadows' swatches O_ô Rather disturbing level of pigmentation that is. Some of them are sheer, some are a bit powdery, some are SUPER pigmented.. a nice variation of shadows (^__^)/ u might see me do some looks with this in the future..

And now for the second-best part... (of course I love everything, but ya know... hehehehe) A SEPHORA BAG! Oh myyy~ The Sephora bag had the Purity cleanser in it - YAYY, now I can wear makeup again! : D The Purity cleanser is my ABSOLUTE favorite cleanser! It's SO awesome - a bit rough with sensitive skin, but it gets the job done very well without clogging any pores. Love it! I also got a Burt's Bees tinted lipbalm in "Honeysuckle" (quite the dirty name if you ask me, lol), the wet'n wild coloricon palette in "Comfort Zone" (Neutrals/greens), a Burt's Bees hand lotion AND the Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in "#70 Soft Nude".

And swatch...
- cause I iz epic blogger. lol

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick "#70 Soft Nude"

I freaking love this lipstick! But honestly.. I'm a bit disappointed with the size of this thing. Ton of packaging for the very little amount of product that you get. However, the color is freaking AWESOME. The texture is a lot drier than a MAC lippie, but not to the point where you have to wear a gloss over it to pull it off. The dry-ness of the lipstick just makes it easier to apply. The color is sheer, but buildable. I love it - simple as that!

And to end this.... My current favorite song!
AHHH XAVIER... why are you so darn amazing? .___."

That's all, folks! Have a great week!
I'll be gone this weekend to hang with Vivi and some people at the lake for a bbq. 's gonna be sexy ^__~ 

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Much love you guys!
♡ ♡


  1. aw I hope you feel better about the burn. It look painful T_T. Wow, your buddy send you the cutest stuff. I love the lipstick color XD. You look great with nude lipstick
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  2. LOL! I recently ate 85% dark chocolate as well, and oh boy the bitter taste lingered in my mouth for ages!!!! Not an experience that I'd repeat, I'm going to go with those wimpy percentages from now on haha~

    Nom nom nom, I have a craving for all the food that you mentioned in this entry especially for oreos~ Gotta get my bum off my chair and to the supermarket!!!

  3. And I hope your burn area gets better soon!!! *sends hugs*

  4. aua die verbrennung sieht schlimm aus. gute besserung! und die sachen die du geschickt bekommen hast sind toll - bioré ist so ne tolle marke :)

  5. Ouch, how are you treating your wound? I have the same lip stick :)

  6. omg are you ok???? how did it land on your chest :( i hope it heals soon before it starts bubbling ><
    wow 100-shadow palette, do people really use all of those LOL
    the lipstick color is very pretty, it looks like the perfect peachy pink nude~

  7. Oh noes! That looks painful, hope your burn heals fast. :(

    I love the Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub, although it's not super effective it feels super refreshing after each use. Been meaning to get the WnW Comfort Zone palette since it's so popular.
    Lucky to have such a nice friend. (:

  8. I really wanna wear lipstick sometimes (to feel awesome with my lips, because it's one of my only pretty features lol) but, I'm allergic and it sucks ;A;

  9. whoaa, you should put after sun !!! >.<"

    Anyways, what a lovely package! i love the lip stick the most :D so pretty!!

  10. oh goodness that burn on your neck looks terrible!! You sound accident prone like me. lol

    He gave u a crap ton of goodies! Wow! I think you will like Comfort one, the shadows are so pigmented and lovely to use =)

  11. I hope you’re feeling a lot better and that the burn doesn’t blister up bad. How did you get chicken broth on your chest like this?

    Your “gay friend” is awesome to send you such goodies. Wish I had a gay friend like this too. LoLz.

    I love the Revlon soft nude lipstick too! I love the buildable texture and colour. It works better than most Japanese brand lip concealer which acts like a nude lipstick.

    PS: I’ve to leave my comment in this manner I’m not able to leave comment with my blogger/google a/c whenever the comment form is embedded below the post.

  12. ouch that looks so painful, i hope you're feeling better! wow so much yummies again!
    i used to use those two biore products too but unfortunatly it didn't work out for me, i have such stubborn skin!

  13. OUCHHHH~ >< I cringed when I saw your burn! ): I hope you it feels better soon! I remember I burned my lip while eating a hot pocket like the day before school.. and I had this giant thing on my lip on the first day of school!! dfjaldjfhaldsf haha~ but anyways~ Your friend is so nice to give you so much stuff! O: hahaha I love Oreos too! Especially with milk! nomnomnom~ The revlon lipstick looks really smooth on your lips! I like the color! (:

  14. ok this Revlon soft nude never works on me for some reasons. It's patchy or is it my lips?

  15. That first photo scared the bajeesus out of me, thought you caught some scary plague shit =x Well, at least you're getting better right? Seems like things aren't going too well for you, keep your head high! Man, you do get spoiled with all the things you get. I might just go out and get me that lipstick now, yay another one we'll have together hahaha! I use the St. Ives green scrub now, and almost out. I'm sure you won't like that either cause the microbeads are tiny, maybe the apricot scrub will suit you better unless you already tried it. Aiy... I want some oreos too, the center part NOM NOM NOM =D

  16. oh no that burn looks rather painful. i hope you get better soon!

    what a lovely package. Revlon's Bare nude looks awesome on you!!

  17. oh no that is awful - hope your neck gets better x

  18. aww feel better about the burn! and the package is lovely, I like the spiderman lol

  19. Oh no! I hope that burn goes away soon! But that looks like a great package! Now I really want some oreos... Haha. Love the lippie on you. =)


    *Check out my giveaway:

  20. OMGWTFBBQ NANI STOP TRYING TO KILL YOURSELF!! DDDD: I hope it's healing now, that looks so painful! Burns are the worst... the top of my fingers (like, the part between my knuckles and the first joint? lol) went into (yes, INTO) the fryer at work when I was cleaning it... NOT cool. That shit took like 2 months to fully heal wtf!

    DUDE. DUDE. You totally need to send me your address so I can send you awesom[er] shit too. :P I'm looking forward to your review on the Biore scrub/toner. I didn't even know they were popular haha. I'll have to check out Holly's review too :D

    OMG that Spider Man is soooo cute XD LOL OMG poor bagels!! I just realized what that smashed whatthe--ness is. I thought it was like, oddly colored jerky or something LOL wtfkt... XD

    DAMMIT now I'm craving oreos every time I come here! *pouts* I might have to go out and buy some even after a night of INSANE gorging... >_>;

    I think I saw that palette at Big Lots! Maybe I'll pick it up... but then I still have my old coastal scents palette I abandoned like a year ago LOL But...ELF is so cheap... and Big Lots is cheap.... win win.... HMMMMMMM.... wait, is the entire palette shimmery though?? I have too many shimmeries, NEEDS MORE COWBELL! ...I mean MATTE!! >3>;

    Ohhhhh the Wet N Wild palette looks deliciously tempting too! @___@ I've also heard good things about those Purity products.. and I forgot my mom got a card in the mail for her birthday to get one for free NOOOO!! D:
    LOVE the look of the lipstick! It's nudy but not to the point that your lips disappear haha. Since lipstick always seems to disappear anyways after like, an hour on me I just put concealer and gloss on my lips :P Too lazy to reapply lipstick!

    I'm digging this song, Nani! Thanks for sharing!! >:DD

    Have fun at your epic bbq :D Just... you know... stay away from the grill... please? We love you too much babe. <3

  21. wow what an awesome friend! Those things are so nice!! I have the Biore scrub and Burt's Bees lip balm. They r soo awesome!

  22. WOW so many goodies! LUCKY GIRL! Enjoy...

  23. ouch ouch ouch, that looks like it really hurt D: and HURTS still.

    but omg I think I just got a new love, lipstick vise *___* it looks so perfect, aaa I need to get one too~

    btw I cracked up at that spiderman-thingie XD lovely ♥

  24. Elsker Revlon læbestiften. Mums en farve.


  25. how's the burn??? BTW i bought some chapstick hahaha :D

  26. OMGGGGG!! are you alright sweetie?? Thaat looks sooo painful! Next time when you get a burn like that, rub tooth paste all over. It always helps me with my burns and help it not get worst.
    on a bighter side, love all the stuff that you got!! Also, I have the same lipstick! The soft nude one!!! ^-^

  27. i love oreos too :3 awh such a cute package and i want to hear more about the scrub and toner ^^ the lipstick looks great i lvoe the shade!

  28. Ouch! Hope you'll heal up soon :)And spidy with a X-mas hat ^_^ hehe some cool stuff, love the nude lips <3

  29. Your comment about chilling with celebs got me laughing.

    Oh my! That sounds really awful. I burnt the back of my hand once when I was making creamy mushroom soup n my flesh was literally cooked. It was so painful when it was only on my hand so I can imagine the pain on your chest. Take care!

  30. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, you got Revlon's Soft Nude? I love that lippie. Quit lying, you look like you don't gain weight easy....lucky bitch....I wish I could have that many oreos and not feel guilty.

  31. HOLY CRAP!

    My hot curling thong burnt my arms last week I'm like the 2nd pic of urs now.


  32. Ahhhh poor Nani! I hope your burn heals soon; you should put some aloe vera on it or something to help alleviate the pain. And stop drinking your soup so fast in the future!

    Wow your buddy is super nice to send you all that stuff! Where can I get a friend like that? hahaha xD Btw, the Revlon lipstick looks gorgeous on you!

  33. Ouch! Poor thing! Hope you neck gets better soon. The Revlon lipstick look super gorgeous on you.

  34. Ouch!! The burn looks really painful! >< Hope it'll recover soon... And whoa, you got tons of thingos there, the Spiderman plushie stood out O_O Haha~ And the oreo rolls made me crave naoo. Nooo cos I'm on a diet! Haha!!

    PS I'm loving the Revlon lippie on you, sexaaayyy!

  35. Hey babe I'm back LOL

    Fucking hell, I need to finish my tutorial!! Sadly though my hard drive went "KABOOOOOM!" and iz dead. I think... So I have no photoshop or anything right now and can't edit pictures ;O;

    Us and our clumsy ways... I swear we're probably gonna die in the most retarded ways >_> I think about that every time I clean out the fryer now lol Eww I'm like that toooooo!! I swear to god, there's this small scab on my head that I always have to pick at... I don't know why it's there, but it keeps me entertained every 2 days when it comes back. :P

    Shit I keep forgetting to add you!! And seriously dood, send me your address and I'll send you said awesome(er) shiz. :) I don't know why, but lately I've had crazy urge to spend money on other people!! I MADE my boyfriend go to Micro Center yesterday to get him the Infamous 2 collector's edition XDD I have a hard time spending money on myself... had to justify spending $20 at Daiso by buying my boyfriend expensive shit. XD

    LOL it totally looks like it!! I hope they can be saved D: OMG poptarts are SO effing goood!! I saw these limited edition gingerbread ones at the store and thought of you HAHA I dunno if you're into gingerbread though, and poptarts can be a total hit or miss. Oreo poptarts are GROSSSSS. D: Cinnamon pwns!! >__<"

    I want swatch pictures!! I love that the palette is versatile in the selection of shimmers/mattes/metallics! You don't really come across palettes like that I don't think? Oh really?? Maybe I won't get that CS palette either then!! I bought my shimmery one yearss ago and haven't used it in about a year now I think. I'm sick of shimmery eyeshadow... except my Cover Girl single eyeshadow that I freaking LOST and boo-hooing over ever since... <3

    Gotta check out this lipstick too! GAHH so much I suddenly want now LOL! I need a good moisturizing lipstick, my lips are always chapped and disgusting... D;

    Noooo!! D: The weather here has been kicking my ass every time I walk home... so sweaty and disgusting, it's TOO hot! At least it's been getting a few degrees cooler each day, but still effing hot. ;__; I hope you guys get some sun so you can do your bbq!! And yes, please stay away, Nani... I don't wanna lose you babe!! HAHA <33


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