Tuesday, June 28, 2011


내가 제일 잘나가 
(naega jeil jalnaga) "I Am the Best" 

FUCKYES. The new 2ne1 MV was released this morning 10AM Korean Time and I am STOKED, y'all! The song, the outfits, CL so damn bad-ass! I LOVE IT! I've had it on repeat all afternoon and I'm super excited for the subbed version to go on LJ. w000t~
Also.. two other things (not related to 2ne1 tho).. GAY MARRIAGE IS NOW LEGAL IN NEW YORK! w000t! Shove that in your pipe and SMOKE it, antis! Also, it's now an option to be in a 'domestic partnership' and a 'civil union' with each other on Facebook. A friend and I took advantage of that, spite having NO clue what 'civil union' even means.. To me it sounds like the gang-bangs of gay relationships, but that's just me, I guess ^__~ But yeah.. Congratulations to the gays of New York! YOU MADE HISTORY! -parties-

On a side note, I want to come forward and apologize for being MIA for quite some time (12 days OMG!). I never really planned on not blogging for so long, but I've had some REALLY shitty past two weeks and yesterday I went with my dad to put down Emma. She was 9 years old and extremely sick, so that really fucking sucked. I've been dedicating my time to jogging, watching Harry Potter movies and Fullmetal Alchemist anime while sleeping the entire day away. I didn't go jogging this morning, cause I was so tired. The past two days have been TERRIBLE jogging-wise.. Having too much on your mind can really fuck up your concentration, breathing and general desire for anything in life.

It's been extremely hot both yesterday and today, so I cannot jog during the afternoon.. I don't do that anyway, but since I didn't go this morning, I feel pretty bad about just sleeping and sitting on my ass. I got up early (cause I went to bed ''early'' as well), but generally.. I just don't sleep very much nor very good lately. So yeah, I apologize for the excessive food spam, random photos and general lack of beauty updates. I'm just not feeling it lately - at all. Hopefully when my mood improves I'll feel more for dressing up and not walking around in boys' clothes all day. lol.
For now.. here are some random photos.

a lot of people are saying that my legs are 'perfect' and shit - just proving that that aint true.

Dessert from the other night. Yesterday I was craving crepes and ice cream real' bad, so I dug into my parents' supply of ice cream - which contains mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids. It tasted TERRIBLE. The consistency was just so greasy and gross. Definitely not doing that again.. This particular photo is of my 'own' ice cream tho. I chopped up some milk chocolate and sprinkled that on top, topping it off with some fresh, Danish strawberries. NOM!

today's lunch - veggie soup with corn, peas, pasta and chicken meat-balls.

Another dessert. Crepes, ice cream blocks and strawberries. Nomnomnom!

And yes, I'm a fatty.

On to make a happy ending for you guys! Yay! I went with my mom to see Kennel Star Quality's puppies yesterday. SO CUTE! They were 5 weeks and 3 days old.. sadly the heat made them no-so-active, but as the afternoon passed and the heat wore off they really woke up and started running around.

Generally they invited my mom and dad, but dad had stuff to do at home, so mom brought me along instead. They wanted her to give them her input on which female she thought would be the best - as always, I went for the one in the photo and mom picked another one who was smaller and a tad bit more 'fine' cut. (bone-structure wise, not coat-wise. lol) We shall forever agree to disagree on breeding and puppies. Haha!
Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed the small compilation of photos. I will try my best to stay more consistent with my updates.. *sigh* Also, thank you so much to those of you wishing me the best of recovery with my burn. The skin isn't red anymore, but some of it definitely peeled off and is now very dry. The 'wound' is turning into a massive scar (which is my own fault, as I've picked wounds since I was a kid), but everything is looking better : D So thank you all so much for that!

And now... because it's the least I can do

R.I.P Emma ♡ Wherever you are, I hope that you are free of the pain you endured while still being with us. You were a WONDERFUL dog, extremely loyal, protective and always on the guard. We love you! ♡

Thanks for reading!
MUCH LOVE you guys!
EDIT: Excuse all the extra
things. Not sure why blogger is pissing me in the face today, but I'm really not gonna bother with going through the entire code and find the error.


  1. Awww hunnie *huggles* RIP Emmma! Will you get a new pet to replace Emma?

    I am craving for crepes after drooling at your pictures and that pasta dish looks very Asian-ish! My mum would totally whip up something like that haha~

  2. So sad )=
    RIP honey..
    I'm not a big fan of this song, instead I'm looking the drama Full house !

  3. Shucks... RIP Emma.

    Btw, you just totally proved that your legs are perfect... hahahaa PAWNED! lol I want that pasta soup dude. At least youre motivated to even jog, I'm just sitting here in bed lmao

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Emma, she was a beautiful dog. She reminds me of my baby girl who passed away this October. Hopefully they're up there playing.

    The puppies are too cute, I wanna take them all home.

    I hope you're feeling better! <3

  5. *BIG HUG*
    feel better babes!
    i don't know when the last time i went jogging was, i am so out of shape, i really should start exercising. No motivation whatsoever, i have an excuse for everything!

  6. Aww I'm really sorry to hear about Emma Nani :( It's always sad to lose a family pet, but she's probably in a better place now than when she was in pain. I was really upset when the vet had to put my hamster to sleep, but I later realized it was probably the best thing to do. I really hope you feel better soon :)

    P.S. I love that song! I can't get enough of it :D

  7. Glad to see you back and commenting. :D Dude, 2ne1's new song is freaking bad ass. I LOVE IT.

    Aw, I'm sorry to hear about your loss of Emma. I totally know how that feels and it really is hard on the heart. =[ Hope you feel better!

  8. Nani!!! Long time no talk!!! Why aren't your updates showing up on my dashboard!!!! I'm gonna un-follow and re-follow again and see if that fix the problem

    I am so sorry about Emma ='( I hope she's in a better place now! and that you'll feel better soon! Is your family gonna get a new puppy? :)

    LOL I like how you throw in the news about gay marriage XD LMAO so random. and the facebook. I have no clue what civil reunion is either, so I googled it XP it's basically the same as marriage, but applies to same-sex couples so they can equal rights and responsibilties as normal couples do I guess? :P
    And you're not a fatty... every girl has to indulge for herself once in a while... I'm doing that right now XD

    Btw I watched your video... and you TOTALLY had me FOOLED with your accent at the beginning!!! I was like wait... is she from England?!?!?!?!?! LOLOLOLOL. Seriously though, I think you'd make good British XD and man you totally love your Pepsi. hahahahah :)

    and I love this song and MV as well ^_^

  9. WAHAHAH I'm your new follower... again! XD

  10. Oh what the frekkkk, I totally remember commenting.... I hate it when i write and magically think-- whatevs, I'll write again. XDD

    NANIIIIIIIIIII are you gonna enter the 2NE1 dance contest?!?!?! >:OOOOO I think it's being hosted on Soompi, I'm not sure, but it's not starting until the 8th anyway I think. This song is SO fucking amazing, I'm totally entering!! I've been playing this damn song on repeat for the past like 3 days haha. I wasn't super into it when it was first released because I was still all over 2PM and F.T.Island teehee <3 I can't get over how fucking ADORABLE Minzy looks!! I fucking love her, I keep saying that... and thinking that.... I'm afraid I might go gay for her ;O

    WHOOOOOOOOO!!!! GO NEW YORK!!!! I never want to go to New York, but CONGRATUFUCKINGLATIONS!!!! COME ON CALIFORNIA LET'S DO THIS!!!! We had it for like, a week and they reversed it. Again. WTF. Whatever happened to "land of the free, home of the brave"? PSH. America...

    On a serious note, Nani... I'm so, so sorry to hear about Emma.... when I first read this it really just broke my heart and I was trying not to cry. I didn't even imagine an outcome like that, and I hope you and your family are doing okay. Anything at all you need babe, just let me know!! *hugs*

    You know you still look fucking gooooood in boy's clothing, you know that right? ;P Who fucking cares anyway, some days it's just SO much better to lounge around and be comfy than worrying about what you look like!! :) And hell, your legs look miles better than mine! The jogging really pays off, I need to get on that too. It's just SO insanely hot, and I'm way out of shape, I won't be able to make it past my house ;OO

    And no, you're not a fatty dear. I should post pictures of the shit I've been eating lately... but I'm way too ashamed to do that. Maybe it would provoke me to stop eating so unhealthy though... w<)o" I kind of wish technology would speed up 50 years so I can jump into my computer screen and roll in the grass with them. <333 How fast do Newfies grow?? They already look so big... like, seriously! But oh so cute.... nghhh <33

    I'm glad your burn is healing!! Don't worry about scars, they fade. And if not, there's always Bio Oil, that shit is AMAZING. So no worries :3 At least the pain is GONE!! <333

    Emma, you were such a beautiful dog, and I'm sure you made everyone around you feel so loved and safe. Thank you for being a wonderful dog to Nani, and wherever you are keep being happy and fluffy!! ^^

  11. I'm so sorry about Emma. I know how badly it hurts to lose a family pet.

    the crepe pic looks delicious. Am suddenly feeling really hungry.

  12. Booooooom ratatata....
    Thank you for sticking the song in my head :) gotta love your foodporn though!

  13. this post makes me STARVEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3

  14. the food looks freakin awesome! and i hope you feels better :)

  15. cute dog, yummy food plus 2NE1 in one post. love it!

  16. I know I'm ridiculously late with this. I've been catching up with your blog. I'm so sorry about Emma. RIP. I lost 3 dogs in the last few years (they were very old), I know the feeling.


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