Sunday, May 15, 2011

I wanna be the very best...

... like no one ever waaas~!
^__~ this entry is really not very fun, tho..

Look! Such pretty Spring evening weather here up North "(^__^)v

Last night my mom and I agreed to offer my mom's friend that I come help her (with the puppies that I babysat a week's time ago) and it was arranged that I was to go to her house and help her out this week. But yeah.. She just called about an hour ago and cancelled. So now I don't "only" have to worry about Freja's knee surgery (I posted photos of her HERE - she's the black one), I also have to worry about my mom's friend possibly passing out and the pups being neglected as a result of that.. I completely respect her decision, but damn I'm so worried about her (ó__ò).. I hope she'll be alright - and the puppies too! *whine* FIGHTING \(Ò_Ó)/

Also, as I just mentioned, Freja is having knee surgery tomorrow morning from 10AM-3:30PM. She snapped her ligament in her knee during a dog show and it's quite freaking serious. UGH why is all this happening?! *puts paper bag on head* WHYY? I can't do shit in this situation, all I can do is hope that the mightier forces won't take her away from me.. My mom is extremely upset as well. We sorta 'rescued' Freja from her other home, as they said that they'd put her down if nobody wanted her. She's SUCH a sweetheart and it breaks my heart that she's going through this \(ó__ò)~♡ My mom is so concerned as well.. she loves Freja so much. *hugs mommy*

Anyway.. let's move on to something else before we all start bawling.. -__-" 
*takes paper bag off head*

My look for the day/night

Yesterday, I went with my parents and older brother (cause my baby brother is in Romania with school) to my grandpa's 70th birthday party. It was super awesome! Lots of fun.. For many years I was the only girl in the family, so I never really had many to talk to, but as I grew older, I think it's become a lot easier to talk to my cousins - and I talk to their girlfriends when they bring them to family gatherings, so that's definitely awesome! But yeah.. generally I always felt extremely out of place with my large family, mostly because I grew up with my 'close' family (parents, siblings) on another island VERY far away from the others, so we never got to see each other a lot nor bond very much.. oh well..

Face: Revlon ColorStay Active in "150 Buff", MAC MSF Natural in "Light Medium"
Cheeks: e.l.f. Mineral Blush in "Joy" + N.Y.C Smooth Skin Bronzer in "Sunny"
Eyes: M.A.C "Patina" (lid), "Beauty Marked" (crease, outer corner) and "Parfait Amour" (middle of lid+lower lash line)
Lashes: Maybelline XXL Volume mascara, ES A308
+ NYX Slim Eye Pencil in "Black"

These photos were all taken AFTER I got home around 7.30PM, so excuse the douchebaginess and the tired expression. I never got around to combing my brows, lol, so they look like a hot mess! Haha! It all was a lot more vibrant and awesome-looking earlier that day.. -sigh-

As some of you may know, I'm not really a huge fan of the PhotoReady foundation by Revlon. I'm definitely seeing tons of sparkles on my face, when I wear it, so either I have disco balls for eyes, or people who claim not to see them are simply blind. But yeah.. I decided to try out a pretty simple base makeup featuring the PhotoReady (as I never wear it cause of the sparkles), and I gotta say that it DOES look great in photos. But as soon as you get close to me, you can obviously see the sparkles on my face.. not just a little sparkle - but ALL OVER SPARKLE. Like BAMMMM 80's disco party. It really bothers me, cause this foundation has epic potential and without the sparkle, I could definitely see myself wearing it every day.

Foundation: Revlon PhotoReady in "04 Nude" (perfect match for me, btw!)
Powder: MAC MSF Natural in "Light Medium"
Cheeks: e.l.f. Mineral Blush in "Joy" + N.Y.C Smooth Skin Bronzer in "Sunny"

Also, huge YAYSSS for my sudden increase in followers! ^__^v Welcome to NanCakes, y'all! Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions! OooOoh we're getting so close to 400 followers by now! It's EXCITING! \(^o^)/ ♡ ♡ I wish I could do a BIG thank you giveaway to celebrate.. but yeah, as you all know, I'm not really able to do that. I really wish I could! But when I move and get settled in my apartment, I'll throw a nice giveaway for you guys! ^__^v I wanna get you something really epic this time.. I WOULD try to get the NAKED palette for you, but I can't get them here at all.. Time will tell as to what I come up with :''D I also got a few blogger ladies that I wanna surprise with a little something-something (because you're so awesome♡), so yeah.. I got that to figure out as well.. I can't believe what the beauty Blogger community has done for me. All these lovely ladies that I started talking to, all these friends I've gotten and so many things I've learned from you all! Ahh, it's so exciting, isn't it? (ó__ò)♡ *goes all nostalgic and emotional* Haha~

Also, according to Blogger's buzz updates, the last comments on the previously missing entry should be back today.. it's so empty and sad without my beautiful comments on my last entry (ó__ò)/ makes me upset, really. lol. I love my comments ♡ LOL.

Until next time, hump muffins!
& please wish Freja good luck with her surgery!


  1. You look soooo cute without makeup (or well, with only the base)!! :D:D oh and i have the same blusher from e.l.f.! ☆ haha

  2. Oh no, Freja! That's awful she has to go through that. My dog had to have knee surgery 2 years ago too. It broke my heart to see her in pain and we had no idea what was wrong with her, and it was late so we couldn't take her to the vet :( I swear, that dog hit a mid-life crisis and is now aging backwards! Before she busted her knee, she was pretty lazy, so it must've taken something amazing to get her up and running that fast. Now she acts like a total puppy, but I'm happy to see her so active at 12 years old <3 I'm sure Freja will be okay, a face like that can't leave you and your mommy behind <333 *hugs*

    Hot mama. rawr. <3 Oh god, I hated the PhotoReady foundation so much, I gave it and the powder to my sister. I didn't even bother taking pictures with it on because 1, it was the wrong color (my bad), and 2, the consistency was shit on my skin. It just streaked and felt super liquid-y, not creamy or thick like most foundations I'm used to. It was... watery o_o

    DAMN! I should've waited to follow so I can be your 400th LOL Thanks for being my 100th <33 Such an honor to have an amazing blogger fill out that list :33 I think it's definitely giveaway time!! Maybe I'll send you a 100th Follower special gift, yeah?? For serious! <33

    I had no clue the Apple Greens were so popular until recently! I got them because I thought everyone had Chocolate and Sesame Grey HAHA. I wish I got Sesame Grey, since I now luuuurv grey lenses, oh well, next time!! They'd look amazingg on you too *___*

    Crater? You mean that tiny bump? YOU CRAZY, WOMAN!!! I didn't even notice until you pointed it out, and even now I just get lost in your eyes, ohh I'm such a romantic~ NOT. >:DD Seriously though, you're eyes are so pretty O_O<3

    I love your breakfast idea. Brilliant. Purely brilliant. I don't eat breakfast anyway because I'm never hungry in the morning! And breakfast just tastes better when the sun goes down. I can't explain why, but pancakes under the moonlight? Yes pwease.

    Nuts need to be left by themselves! I can NOT stand nuts in anything soft, it makes my face curl into the ugliest expression if I discover a nut in my bread! I'm just happy someone understands my passion HAHA!! Even nuts in cookies is just wrong for me...

    Ugh, THANK YOUU! I HATE cocky people like that. I'm still pissed at my bf's neighbor for saying that, and that was like 2-3 years ago LOL. Oh god, even once when my dog got out *oops* and animal control came to my house, the fucking fat bitch was like "okay, rottweiler..." my mom calmly corrected her, and the bitch just gave her that LOOK... and left it as rottweiler. HOW FUCKING IGNORANT CAN YOU GET?? My little sister made this. I should just print this out and carry it in my wallet. u__u

    That is amazing your family raises registered kennel club dogs! I'm floored, that is really amazing... no wonder you have so many fluffies!! <3 I wish I knew as much about dogs as you :D It used to be an obsessive hobby of mine in middle school to read about dog breeds, and constantly borrowing dog books from the school library that they ended up giving me one for free XD I'd love to see more pictures of your babiesss <333

    WAHAHAHA long comment right back at you babe. <3 Sorry to make you read all that though HAHA! I love reading comments, especially from a beautiful gal with a filthy mouth >:DD

  3. Oh shiet, mine was even longer LOL!!

  4. Good luck for Freja....♥
    And gah...I can't but loving your eyes xD I don't know whether it is just the make up or the fact you're taking your photos at looks kinda uh...rakish, haha.

  5. Good golly freck, that was a long ass post LOL!! Don't worry though, I read every bit <333

    Let me start with the Newfoundland vs. Landseer bit. WHUT THE FUCK ARE PEOPLE SMOKING?! Their builds first of all are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. The landseer is much more lean, long skinny legs, and the head looks smaller to me? They don't look as huggably-fluffy as your baby either *god I want to squeeze her!* She totally reminds me of my very first dog, um, who was ironically "named" Puppy. My parents got him when he was a puppy before I was even born, and didn't know what to name him and he learned Puppy hahhaa. I think he was a Japanese chin/some sort of hound mix, I'm not quite sure. I found an old card that simply said something like "Japanese dog/hound mix".... he doesn't look a thing like a Japanese chin though, so I'm stumped. I'll have to share a picture some time, maybe you can help solve the mystery :D

    I really, truly hope Freja makes a full recovery. She's such a beautiful dog and I'm sure she's a lovely soul with a wonderful family, please be strong, Freja!! <3 For your mother's sake as well, I'd hate to read about anything negative regarding Freja's wellbeing post surgery :( How old is she by the way?

    Oh god, my dog...... she's just asking for a stomach pumping. She's constantly getting into the garbage or jumping up and grabbing things off the counters since her surgery!! I think she gained a little too much confidence with the surgery and thinks we love her enough that she can get into mischief! Just yesterday my mom told me she ate an entire bag of plant bulb fertilizer O_O;;; She hasn't shown any signs of illness, but I'm going to be keeping a super close eye on her. ><;; My mom's friend thinks it's because of the bone meal inside the fertilizer. I'm surprised Pumpkin can even tell... it takes her 5 minutes to sniff out a treat literally in front of her nose!!

    YES THE DAMN SPARKLES! I forgot to mention that lmao. Even the powder has sparkles! I don't understand.... it would be a waste to wear that foundation just for photos and wash it off, but I don't want to go around looking like a vampire either (UGH I HATE FUCKING TWILIGHT!!)

    I can see why you have so many followers hun! Your blog is amazing, you have THE most crude/hilarious sense of humor (HUMP MUFFINS OMG) and you're stunning *___* Your blog is so fun to read! Keep posting love!! Awwww but I'm not even your 400th follower!! XD I'm definitely going to try and pick up some goodies once I figure out what to do for a giveaway ;DD <3

    I was super excited when I found out Eki got the Apple Greens! They look perfect on her... I'm hella jelly how natural they look on her o_o I DON'T GET IT?! Ohhh yeahh! I saw that post when you won, congrats!! Hopefully she'll get back to you soon, I want to see you wearing them :D

  6. YOU OVER-EXAGERATE BIATCH! XD That things looks so fucking tiny! My poor boyfriend has had ones right between his eyebrows 3 times that size! I hate getting pimples next to my nose too, especially since my nose gets oily so it makes it worse *O* yours really doesn't look that bad though I swear!

    CREPES!! Omg I haven't had crepes in forever.... *sigh* SO much more delicious than pancakes, that's for sure!! My mom made me some like, months ago (before that I hadn't had them in years!) and it was sooooo yummy! bananas, strawberries and chocolate, mmmm!! >w<

    You are definitely going to be my go-to gal for dog questions, hooray!! I want to learn more more more! I love dogs, but I definitely don't have a passion like you, it's incredible!! OMG that Chow is soooooooooo cute! I wouldn't know what to do if I came face to face with that fluffy.... omg >w<;;

    GAHHHHH I hateee people like that SO much! Just because you work for animal control or work at a fucking pet store for 2 years (really? is that REALLY something to brag about??) you don't know shit about my best friend. 12 YEARS with my dog. 12 YEARS with my BEST FRIEND. FUCK YOU! >:O

    HAHAHAHA I had to split mine tooooooo XDD It said I can't have more than 4k-something words or something HAHAZ!!

  7. Wahhh~ I hope Freja is okay!! Poor doggieee ><

    & you look cute even without makeup!! XDD & reading your comment really made me smile hahaha~ Your posts are so energetic that it brightened up my day!!! hahaha~ I love your eye makeup look!

    hahaha~ & answering your question~ I started blogging a month ago~ >< I'm such a noob!! hahaha~

  8. Congrats on nearly 400 followers! And I love your eye makeup Nani! Your eyes look so pretty ^_^ Did you use flash for the close up eye pictures? I hope you didn't blind yourself in the process!

    And that really sucks that Photoready is so sparkly; I know it's suppose to give you an "airbrushed glow," but it seems like a lot of cosmetic companies confuse that with all over glitter. Unless you're trying to go for the "Edward Cullen in the sunlight" look, I'd have to agree that no one wants to look like a disco ball!

    P.S. I really hope Freja will be okay! :<

  9. :( Freja~~ hopefully she'll be ok~

    And I'm so jealous of your bottom lashes *_* stares..

  10. Ah forgot to ask, do you have/use msn? Add meehhh : ~

  11. I love love your eye look!! Its so pretty!!

  12. Ohhh Freja is beautiful! Poor thing! I hope to do well in its operation and is well soon! Freja Force!

    Wouuu is difficult when families grow apart, it happened to me the same thing in my family, I am not the only woman, but we grew apart and we meet only on holidays and when I was younger I was hard to talk to them. But now it s easier to carry the thing!
    Love your makeup, really look so good! I still I have not put false eyelashes, I'll have to buy some good, I've also seen the MAC. Buy a long time but the glue was bad and gave me allergies!

    Wouuu soon reach 400 followers, congratulations!
    The blogging world is impressive, not only share your tastes and things but also know nice people who share your tastes and what you can talk!

    I really hope to do well to Freja tomorrow!

  13. Lovinggg your eye make up andd ahhh I wish i had the same eye color ^^ green is so pretty !!! And lol the title made me think of pokemon =D !!!

  14. I love the purple glitter on your eyes - super pretty! I hope Freya gets well soon!

  15. you know i get jealous of girls who could do smokey eyes ^_^ you're good at it.:3

  16. Love you lipshade. Soooo pretty. :) nice eye makeup too.

  17. HAHAHAHA! I hate it when that happens!! If one of my sisters is walking by and that happens they 'bout to be punched! *yeah I'm really abusive to my siblings* wahahaha~

    I love that. A Failed Newfie, HAHHA! I looked up more pictures, and to be honest, they're kinda cute in some pictures, but I'm bothered by their fluffy heads and fluff-less bodies. It makes their heads look ginormous! <-- oh, I didn't know that was an actual word... "ginormous".... *ponders*

    Yayyy thank you! That would be great :D I'm so rusty with dog breeds now, but whenever I see a dog I have to scan it to make a correct assumption (lol) of it's breed. I'm too shy to go up to the owners to ask, so I have to guess from afar :DD We're totally spamming each other as it is and loving it wahahhaa~
    I'll look up a picture of him!! I think I have on on FB, but too lazy to screencap n save right now x333 I call all my animals baby, and I think my dog seems to like it haha. Then again I have tons of nicknames for her.. Pumpky, Punky, Pumpky-Poo, Dog, Dumb Dog, uhh... or maybe that's it haha. Her tail wags faster when I call her pretty <33

    HOLY CANOLE! She's 3?! She's still a baby!! <333 My dog had her surgery at 10 and bounced right back up. I'm sure Freja's going to be mad crazy after her recovery, just wait and see. Let's be positive for Freja! :))

    THAT DAMN DUMB DOG!! One time I was walking to the kitchen and saw her walking out, and she had that super sad face look, tail down, and walked under the table, then I saw the kitchen floor. I didn't even know what she was doing, but I guess she knows well enough she'll get in trouble, and she does it anyway hahaha Even when I'm in the kitchen with her I catch her sniffing the counters :o
    HAHA one time my mom told me how we left a pizza on the stove, and Pumpkin tried to jump up there, but it was too high. So she put her paws on the handle and pulled it down (unintentionally I'm sure) and used that as a life to get to the pizza XDD damn accidentally smart dog... XDD

    I can't believe I tried watching that movie more than once. Well, the second was just to show my boyfriend how shitty it is. I can't believe people take that shit seriously!! Maybe that's why Revlon created sparkly makeup... DAMN YOU TWILIGHT!! *shakes fist*

    I hate it when giveaways have that option to enter as many times as you want = spam the shit out of my page. Thanks for the advice <3 I'm not sure what I'm going to do, when, or what prizes, but we gots The Face Shop, Mitsuwa, Kinokuniya, and tons of Asian supermarkets around wahahaha Not to mention I'm always shopping at G-Market, my love! I'll make sure to get some good stuff >:DD
    Thanks babe, that's sweet of you to say <33 I try LOL Well then as soon as I get my giveaway up and running I'll have a special gift for you babe <3333

  18. HAHAHA Oh god, horrible story. Yesterday when my coworker finally noticed my eyes (I was wearing Dueba/G&G 3d Greys), she freaked out and said I looked like a demon ;A; Then again, she's a crazy pervy chick, so she freaks out and exaggerates about everything hahaha! That's exactly why I was skeptical about buying circle lenses in the first place because my eyes are so god damn huge O_O actually I never realized until people kept telling me they're big lmao WHATEVAR, I wear them anyway. I told her I wear them just so I can stare into her soul to creep her out more >:DD

    HAHAHHA! I swear to fucking god that thing does NOT look big! I've had bigger zits on my face ;__; UGH I HATE THOSE SKIN DEEP FUDRUCKERS!! I get those around my nose all he time, and they definitely are SO painful!! And they just stick around for ever, wtfff

    OMG is that the donut maker from ThinkGeek?? I've been super wanting it and super skeptical at the same time because of the mixed reviews. But jesus fucking christ (lol) I LOVE donuts, so I still want one O_O Thank god there's no Krispy Kreme around that I know of (and I can't drive HAH) or it'd get ugly. It'll be like Homer Simpson at the seafood buffet HAHAHA!

    Ohh but a dog is ALWAYS worth the price! But my mom always tries to make Pumpkin feel bad for getting in the garbage by rubbing that 2 grand operation in her face lol. Stupid adorable dog (there's another nickname!) is still worth all the friendship and love of the past 12 years. :) I always wonder if Pumpkin would save me in a given situation... she walked past me when I was petting my cat, freaked the cat out making him attack my arm, and she runs away. XD Well, I guess that's for the better, I don't want to be in the middle of a dog-cat fight o_o; She's SO scared of my cat! He's mean to her though, he always tries to scratch her in the ass if he has the chance, my poor baby ;__; oh god, I'm rambling HAHA sorrrrryyyyyyyyy <33

    Oh god, if I EVER came across a place like that I'd report them so fucking fast, I don't care what licensing you have, those dogs do NOT belong in a dark caged warehouse!! Just the thought of it makes me sick, just knowing that there are places like that in existence and all kinds of animals suffering... on a lighter note, I hope Pumpkin will get her revenge... I don't think she can attack her, but maybe I can track down the bitch's house and douse her lawn with Pumpkin droppings? :D

    Ohhhhhh shietttt this is getting ridiculous if you actually read all that LOL!!

  19. You look absolutely fantastic hun, love you with and without makeup! That smokey eye is hot!!

    And congrats on nearly 400 followers, you have one more to go *yay*

    RYC, really? Those lashes are expensive? OMG don't tell me eBay has em for US$ 5 a pack?!?!

  20. Nani, you look amazing! Very sexy eyes and lashes!! :)

  21. i totally understand what you meant by feeling out of place in family gatherings. i had the similar situation like you, growing up in my close family. but it's still good to see everyone once in a while. and hunnie you look absolutely gorgeous!

  22. eiiii, you're beautiful :( :D

  23. Wow ur truly very pretty! I love ur make-up!! ^^

  24. you're danish? i'm swedish O.O that means you'd probably understand my thoughts? though danish is not understandable x) LOL. danish is liek.. speaking swedish with porridge down ur throat XD (dont get offended, k? :D hahaha)
    OMG. me too! I think in english x) when i write essays for school i write in english and then translate to swedish.. and as you can see my blog is in english. haha!
    ahh... this is so cool, fascinating! xD

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