Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Signed sincerely... me

Dear Jamie
Okay, maybe you're not all named Jamie.

Haha! I'm just addicted to this song. SO ANNOYING. I can't get it out of my head.. it's a beautiful song, though. It reminds me of someone.. you know, how the story goes. Anyway, I'm diggin' Shelby's cover of the song. Check it out HERE. Yes, I'm still all up in her youtube channel (and tumblr for that matter - FOLLOW ME). No sexual! (maybe). lol. ^__~

This post will mostly consist of photos, so to those lazy readers out there - this is for you guys. Food porn, Nani porn (almost, actually), nostalgia etc. Sorry for posting so sporadically. I've been having some shitty days lately.. I don't get the rest of my money from Aldi until May 31st. Feels like I'm freaking married to that place.. UGH. Also.. yeah.. just personal things that make my heart (and head) go all weird and stupid. I'm counting on you guys to know what I'm talking about. lol. I put my faith in you all \(Ò__ó)/ And since most of you are girls (and have probably experienced being in love and all that jazz), I'm quite confident that you'll get what I mean..

^ this looks really gross, but it's SO damn delicious! Sadly it upsets my tummy big time. I have a feeling that I'm lactose intolerant or something.. sucks

First. Food porn! Vivi came over this past weekend and we just hung out and watched House (as always). I need to control my late-night snacking, seriously. It's terrible! But I can't help it.. I'm back to my crazy sleeping schedule, going to bed at 6.30AM+/- and waking up around 3-5PM. It's terrible.

Please don't brand me as one of those ''Omg look at my sexy bodyyyyy *insert inappropriate thoughts here*''-girls who flaunt their shit all over the internet. I took this for reference, so that I can compare the results when I'm further into this ''Let's get physical!''-phase. I hope you can bear with me through this photo. lol. Don't hate meeeee! I'm working on it! D'':

Second! Nani Porn. I have gamer tummy.. at least that's what I've been told that those red lines are called. HAHA. It makes sense tho : P Cause I sat down all day before taking the picture.. I've been getting this weird habit of going for a jog around 4AM. I know, it's kinda strange. But it's so refreshing and it lets me not only exercise (which I need to start doing!), it also lets me enjoy the sunrise, the nature, the fresh foot prints of Mr. Fox as he goes hunting around the time. I just think it's so freeing. It really takes my mind off all the stupid things that seems to occupy my brain lately. So yeah, I'm diggin' that. I'm also experimenting with some toning up (push-ups). The girly push-ups of course. I'm a damn weakling, LOL. No way in hell I'd survive those hardcore ones. Oh, and I'm also getting back into guitar playing.. I got a few chords down already, so now I'm on to practicing my F-barré chord and switching from chord to chord faster and faster. It's wayyy more difficult than it sounds, I promise!

From L-R: Peach, Jelly Doughnut, Banana Cream Pie, Caramel Apple, Coffee (like wtf?) & Cream Cheese Icing.

Time to celebrate you guys! If you didn't know already, I (for the first time EVER) won a giveaway! Can you guys believe it?? (^__^)/ sooo epic! I won's MyLipStuff giveaway! Thank you sooo much to Joyce for being an angel sent from above, blessing me with yummy lip balms. ♡ I have only tried one of them (the Caramel Apple one) and I'm honestly not super, super impressed with it. It kinda feels like I got grease on my lips - but damn, it smells SOOO good!

I found my old Levi's shoes. Ahh, I missed you guys *hugs shoes* ♡

Dear Jamie,
This envelope will represent my heart.
I'll seal it, send it off, and wish it luck with its depart.
This stamp will be every action that carry my affection
Across the air and land and sea
Should I trust the postage due?
To deliver my heart to you.


m(__ __)m *headdesk*
Yeah. With all that said.

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^ cause it's sexy.

Until next time


  1. Oh gosh, look at Nani's sexy tummy! ;)
    Wished I had such a flat tummy too! But no sports not pretty flat tummy, haha... :p

  2. I love how real you are. I would never be like oh hay look at my tumz haha unless I had rock hard abs!!

  3. i love food porn! those food pics look so yum!
    your tummy is so flat! jealoussssss

  4. *droolssss* your sleeping hours are so effed up to the haywire. I think I would die if I didn't get enough sleep. I've been cranky the past few days cause I slept at 2:30am and woke up at 7am... not cool. Btw, I DO like your dam stomach, at least it ain'f flabby looking lol

  5. Why does it look like there's a red boxed outline on one of your abs?

    And I'm inviting you to join my giveaway:

  6. It's okay. I'm following you back. Don't worry I always reply to those who comment on my blog. :)

  7. ..gamer tummy? Haha ~ never heard that before
    I don't think your tummy looks bad in any way though...!!

    Thanks for sharing food porn again ♥ (oh my..almost wrote pood forn, wtf)

    Grease on lips...? Ew.
    But congrats for winning anyway!!

  8. What are the fillings for your pita bread? Am so hungry just looking at it!

    I need to exercise, I don't want gamer or flabby or any other tummies hahaha!

    Awww something going on in your love life? All the best hunnie <3

  9. That tummy looks sexaay~ And Nani why do you have to be like this, posting pictures of heavenly foods >< Hahaha!! I'm so craving right naooo~ The pita bread with fillings look yummo~ And the pizza...nevermind, I'm ordering one now! Haaa

  10. deaaaar you always make me smile every time I see your comment on my blog! ^____^
    I love the way you are so spontaneous and cheerful =D And omg those food makes me hungry!

    Wow you jog at 4am? That's cool! I always failed to do that, cos my mom was like "hey let's jog at 5" and she's the one who fall asleep right after she wakes me up lol :p

  11. congrats on getting more lipbalms!! i remembered you said u liked lip balms haha

  12. You have no idea what I'd do to that tummy.

  13. Good luck with the weight loss/toning! I think you look fine the way you are, but I have to agree that a bit of physical activity is good for one's health :) Congrats on winning Joyce's giveaway! Those look like they're really yummy tasting :D

  14. That food looks deliciousssssss~ wowwww~ pizza and ice cream!~ >< Goodluck with losing weight!! (: my stomach looks like yours!! But it looks like you have abs from those lines on it~ heheheeh~ (;

    congrats on winning the contest! (:

  15. food = looks so yummy!
    gamer belly? hahahaha~ omg really fun way to call it ;)
    wow~ i hope my belly will be flat like yours soon again too (ب_ب)
    and congratulation :]
    hoffe dir geht es gut ♡

  16. hiii nancakes!~ I have given you a blog award!!~ ^^

  17. Haha...I'm loving that gamer tummy XP Congrats on winning!

  18. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It's so charming! LMAO! I have gamer tummy too! Don't worry, it will go away! You just have to work your hardest and eat better (which already looks like your doing ~_^)  I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!

  19. OH DEAR! I am so jealous! How do you eat all the great food and still maintain such a hot bod?! LOL Tell me your secret ^_^

  20. oo love the denim sneakers! <3 and all these food pictures are making me hungry.. I need to start exercising too!


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