Saturday, May 14, 2011

I wanna make some noiZ~

*munches on readers*

Thanks a lot Blogger! I got my post back, alright, but all my comments are missing. FUUU!

I missed you guys! Look who's blogging late as heck (again!)! Hehe, lol. I suck, I know.. BUT, I bring baby photos and some news and updates and some naked photos of me.. or.. of my face. LOL. A lot of you bloggers (and some youtubers) seem to be very surprised that girls put out photos of themselves WITHOUT makeup. I've been pretty lucky with my skin, (except for those few times in Køge, lol) so I guess, I'm a bit too biased to understand, why girls don't wanna show their naked, makeup-free face on their blog.. So here I am, making up for those of you who don't have the guts do it..


And with that said and (my beard) shown.. 
I DARE YOU to do it too! (Ò__ó)/
Mostly because I think that it's SO sad that some of you beautiful creatures out there are too afraid to show your 'true selves'.. so yeah.. God (read: I, Nani) served your life up in a shot for you.. so suck it down like a man (cause only dudes are dumb enough to eat their own lives to prove a point.. lol) and show me! D": I've shown my naked face a few times before and obviously nobody planned a massive slaughter to sacrifice my soul to the devil (yet..) so my bet's on the wide possibility that it won't kill you.. at least not right away.

I HAZ GANGSTUH BRACELET! lol. If you check the picture links, you'll realize what awesome names I came up with for my photos for this entry ^__~ After waiting for almost 3 weeks, this darn thing finally arrived - ABOUT TIME yo! It's super cute and obviously cheap Made in Hong Kong for $1.50 incl. free shipping to Denmark. I ish redneck - I liekz special price~ lol.


As you guys may remember from my last post, I've been babysitting puppies for the past week's time. The puppies were picked up again Monday, so I've been SO bored lately. I took all night shifts (usually I'd get up between 1PM and 4PM and take over there and then stay up and watch the babies till 6AM the following morning), so of course my sleeping schedule has been rather f'cked. This has resulted in me going through 150 pages of the fmylife website and practically the entire website of damnlol.

This was my 'work station of passing time' for the week while staying up all night.. When u get up at 4PM and stay up till 6AM, you end up doing a LOT of late-night snacking. I lost 3 lbs during this whole process. LOL. Not sure why.. I heard that eating at night will cause you to gain weight and water. I guess not..

Oh.. and on a sidenote of that. Who the HECK comes up with the idea of RUINING a rich, delicious brownie chocolate cake by shooting it up with WALNUTS? Stand forward PLEASE so I can shove something brutal up your nose. Walnuts are fine for decoration - as long as I can pick them off and throw them away.. But putting chunks of this weird thingy-majiggy INSIDE the dough of the cake? It's BLASPHEMY towards the holy Cocoa Bean and I have to fulfill my lust for vengeance.. (lust sounds kinda naughty, huh?) Jeez.. people these days. Ungrateful and unable to APPRECIATE the WONDERS of nature. Nuts are for decoration - only rodents eat that shit. So stop putting it in my food dammit! (Ò__ó)/

Before I go, I'd like to share this photo of my parents' one-eyed Newfoundland white/black female (and before some 'brainiac' tries to teach me smart things - no.. landseers are NOT newfoundlands! They're two completely different breeds). She's shedding so bad these days.. it looks like someone shaved off her fur and tried to tape it back on. LOL. She's still cute tho.. ♡

I'll hopefully be able to record my Hits & Misses during this week.. I know it's way overdue (cause that's how I roll), but I really wanna get it up for you guys.. I have so much stuff to shove into 15 minutes of video. Ohh~ *stresses* But please don't think I forgot! I didn't! "(^__^)v hehehe..

Anyway.. Until next time (which will be soon... I hope)
'& I miss my puppies! \(ó__Ò)/ come backk~


  1. Haha... your posts are amusing, Line!
    Omg, the chocolate brownie looks so so so so yummy! I'm usually not a big cake person, but looking at your brownie makes my mouth watering! :p

  2. I understand you girl!!! Im tired of people putting nuts inside my delicious baked goods. STOPIT!!! *rant rant rant*

    Anyways haha glad your proud to show you face without make up! We forgive you for not blogging~

    The puppy is oh soo cuteeeee

  3. Yum to the brownie chocolate cake!

  4. MMmmmm CAAAAKKE. :)

    You know what, no makeup face=best face to have sometimes. Plus, in the long run, it's better for skin right? :) Or maybe you've been reading too many gyaru bloggers and they kind of need the makeup to be uh..gyaru. LOL

    I miss talking to you, Hun. Next week, we'll catch up on skype/facebook. I'll be free of exams then. :)

  5. I love your posts, so funny. Now if only I can type the way I talk also hahaha Oh about the naked face thing hmmm I'll consider it lol Btw, nuts are healthy for you! Maybe not in a cake but it's good. I would never mix nuts and chocolate cake together, that's just sin!

  6. love your flawless skin <3
    and btw cute bracelet

  7. we don't show our faces because YOU'RE NATURALLY PRETTY OK!!! XD
    i'm a guilty of late night snacking too and i don't know what other people are talking about either...i haven't lost any weight or gained any >< maybe we are just lucky? lol
    that cake looks so yummy but i'm not a fan of having nuts in my cake too =/

  8. you are always so pretty makeup or not!!
    and I LOL'd @ "this weird thingy-majiggy" I love walnuts! but my bf hates them, so i understand lolol <3

  9. haha love your sense of humor Nani :D I think you look gorgeous both with and without makeup! But I think a lot of girls have grown so dependent on makeup that they start to become very insecure about how they look without it (I happen to be one of those girls). And you are so right - walnut pieces do not belong in chocolate cake :<

  10. aweeee, I'm in love with your GANGSTUH BRACELET, it's suuuuper cute. really, I like it the most >0</

  11. your skin looks great! def dont need makeup.

  12. I would LOVE to lose 3 lbs from late night snacking, but it will never happen >_<
    Your skin is amazing!! What's your secret?! :D

  13. Oh your skin is really great ♥ fortunately I'm showing a lot of 'naked' face photos, too xD I never use foundation if you're noticing make up on my's kust the eyes & sometimes my cheeks (blush)...nothing more. YAY for good skin! xD

    Aw...the dogs....;; I want to babysit puppies, too!!

  14. I'd love to show my bare face to the world but I'm not brave enough yet and OMG thinking about me without makeup makes me go o.O Kudos to you girl!!!

    My mum actually said to me: You look like a monster without makeup and an angel with. And please comb your lion hair!! ---> yah, isn't this frank of her? =.=

  15. love the puppies <3 god i won't dare to show my bare face =_= unless i have good skin like yours!

    i miss Denmark :(

  16. your bracelet is pretty, and aww your dog is adorable, I am such a dog lover :D

  17. And I forgot to ask you in my first comment, where did you buy that bracelet from? Please share!!

  18. You look good without makeup Line :) Im drooling over that piece of cake! and cute bracelet ^^

  19. My mum is probably 10% mean and 90% frank hahaha~ Thanks so much for the link, that seller has loads of cute bracelets!!!

  20. sexy even without makeup =]

  21. I almost died in her shop, everything is so cheap! I'm still stuck at her bracelet section, daren't venture to her earrings and necklaces sections yet.. I wish she sold rings, I'd totally go crazy! In fact I messaged her about a bracelet, she only has one colour (brown) ughh.

    Lol I dressed like a dork too whilst my friends were wearing cool clothes. Good intentions for in dressing you in terrible clothes? Like what?!!

  22. LMAO, the part about walnuts on your DELISH brownie was HILARIOUS....I don't like walnuts in my brownie either. You bracelet is so pretty and so cheap. BTW you need to go to rehab for overdosing on Pespi. LOL

    Thanks for the comment on my blog about ppl who browse blogs for giveaways and/or leave stupid comments. I knew you would understand b/c a while ago when you had a giveaway you posted something about how the giveaway was for avid readers only. I completely agree. I need to change all my rules and do that. LOL

  23. I love your hair color!!~ I don't know if you dyed it or if it's natural but I want it!!~ >< It's a really cute color haha~ If that can even be a word to describe a color~ XD

    & The cake looks so delicious.. nom nom nom~ Love your blog! (: You seem like a very energetic person~ hahaha

  24. Oh, Nani, you look gorgeous without makeup so it's easy to post pictures HAHA! Nah, I post mine up too (even though I look pretty horrendous, I just love scaring my readers that much <3) it's rather fun to show your true skin rather than the caked up with make up side >:))) Guhh, I just wish I had as nice bare skin as you, my dear. <333

    Awww the puppies are gone :( I'd be bored out of my mind too if that's what I was doing that entire time! Good god, they're too cute... >w<

    I was trying to come up with a reason for your weight loss, but uh, yeah... *pokes leg* *jiggles* *sad face* My boyfriend always gets mad at me for eating late because I just get fat, but I like food too much! I even eat lying down and my boyfriend just has that 'wtfhow?' expression HAHAHA

    UGH THANK YOU! Again, bf thinks I'm weird when I tell him I like walnuts, but I can't stand nuts in bread and things that are meant to be eaten SOFT. Nuts and bread are like two different species. Quit playing god and keep them as far away from each other as possible, ew. Poor brownie... <3333 I want to steal her, she's gorgeous! She totally reminds me of the newfie/rottie mix I saw a long time ago, but she looked purely newfoundland, sooo adorable >w< God, she looks like an absolute peach.
    Another rant... I can't STAND when people try to tell you they know every god damn thing about dogs when they know shit. My baby is bernese mountain dog/labbie mix, and my bf's neighbor had the gall to tell me she's a straight up rottie. i told him she wasn't, and again, had the gall to say "well, she's at least part rottie." see her 5 minutes. me: been my best friend 10 freaking years. dumbshit.

    ....I apologize for all the swearing, your amazing blog just brings out that side of me HEEHEE <333


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