Friday, May 20, 2011

I haz epic ghey humor. lol

Why hello there.. 
I'm back with yet ANOTHER blog post this week. 
DAYM, I'm on a ROLL, huh?

the cake says "Congratulations"

I went to my grandpa's birthday (yes, again. lol) yesterday, where we got Thai soup for dinner, wheats (it's a tradition to eat wheat rolls here during the current holidays) and cake. The layered cake was nice, but there was rum in it - and I freaking HATE rum - so it got really gross in the end. Nice though ^__^v I rarely eat these cakes, because the 'layers' that you build it out of, usually contain a lot of pork-derived additives, but this one was 100% home made, so I had a big slice and it made me sick. LOL. I always do that! When there's finally cake that I 'can' actually eat, I overdose on it and end up hating cake for the next 6 months or something. lol.

In terms of celebration, I decided to wear makeup. I'm wearing no foundation, no powder. Just a bit of blush, bronzer, blue and black liner, mascara and lashes.

Products used
Blush: e.l.f. Mineral Blush "Joy"
Bronzer: N.Y.C Smooth Skin Bronzer "Sunny"
Liners: L'oréal Super Liner Carbon Gloss "Carbon Black", NYX Slim Eye Pencil "Black" and "Electric Blue"
Mascara: Maybelline XXL Curl Power in "Soft Black"
Lashes: ES A308


Also, just wanted to share this with you guys.
Vi-Vi-Vi came over at 1.20AM Thursday morning and she brought me 6 bottles of Pepsi Max and a bag of salted potato chips! YAY! You know, you got real friends when they show up at a crazy hour like that to give you pepsi and keep you company. She went home around 2PM, but it was super cool that she stopped by after work! (and kinda crazy too). THANK YOU SO MUCH ♡ We watched House all night, ate chips and chocolate and talked about new hairstyles.. ^^v it was AWESOME!

And SPEAKING OF HAIRSTYLES. This is gonna be a bit crazy (even for me), but I've been aching to cut my hair lately. And not just cut it, but REALLY cut it. I don't want completely short hair.. but something kinda like it.

Now, please don't think that I lost my mind completely. I'm having some identity issues lately, as my inner tomboy is battling my rationality to come out. It's terrible. Either way, I really wanna cut my hair something like the above. Miyavi - king of epic hairstyles (except for Lee JunKi as well, lol). I even thought about cutting it REALLY short on the sides (mohawk-style) and then keep the length in the back, get shorter (and a lot more!) layers on top and just bring a bit more life to my hair. I want it a bit longer in the front (on each side) as you can tell from the photos. Either way, it's probably gonna frighten some of you fans of my hair out there. Haha! I get a lot of daily comments on how 'amazing' and 'fabulous' my hair is, but it's really a HUGE hassle. It's gotten super frizzy, and I just don't like the look of it, when the top layers and the sides are so damn long. It looks weird on me. -__-" But yeah, I'm still thinking about the pseudo-hawk-thing. We'll see how that turns out. I'll try to keep you guys updated tho ^__~

And here's to my creative (non-existent) side. I really can't play the guitar, but people who play the guitar, automatically get that high-ass sexy factor, don't they? It's almost unfair -__-" 

But yeah, I'm challenging my patience by deciding to try to teach myself how to play. This resulted in short nails on my left hand, and my pretty manicure-like, long nails on my right hand. HAHA. Oh geez.

Anyway, thanks for reading! ^^ and thank you all for your support (last post related). Freja got her bindings off today, and it looks pretty hilarious how she got one leg that's completely shaved. HAHA. She's walking on it a bit, but very carefully (which is great!), so everything seems to be going as hoped.

OH.. and btw!
^ epic url is epic. LOL

Let me know if you got any tips to work the site out (as I'm a n00b). OH and feel free to follow me and post your tumblr-links for me to follow you back on ^__^ ♡

Alright, now that's really it.
♡ ♡


  1. lol! love how you did your make up you look so flawless you have rely great skin !

  2. I love your make up! Nice color!
    Happy Birthday to your dad, I hope all had a nice day!

    You don´t wear foundation? Wouu your skins is great!

    My cousin is trying to teach me to play guitar without much success I must say, my fingers are short and did not reach all the notes :S

    Mmm. Hair cut, I love your hair like this, although a change never hurts! I think cut it these days, but not how!

    Freja right? I hope so!

  3. loving the blue eyeliner. i love wearing quite heavy blue eyeliner but i never have the same confident when wearing blue eyeshadow..
    btwn omg tvxq poster at the back <33333

  4. I love your makeup! And the cake looks wonderful~ Though I've never eaten a cake with rum in it! o_o Your friend is heck nice! If I would to call my friend and ask her to come by my place and bring snacks, she'd probably gonna yell and tell me to just come over hers instead. Haha~ I'm actually imagining you with that hairstyle, hmm not bad! And I would love to follow you on Tumblr, though I have been neglecting it sometimes. :P ^_^

  5. Shiet, I still need to comment back on those long ass entries HAHA I killed it, I'm being lazy <3 I need more night like that in my life!!

    OMG MIYAVI!! I SO badly wish I had chosen to get my hair cut like Miyavi instead of Vidoll (can't remember which member) It'd take me years to get it even close to the proper length for that style <3 *creeper status* I've always loved his hair in Freedom Fighters, guhhh if only I had the face for it! My (non identical) twin sister has an orange mohawk (OMG took me forever to spell that!) she can always sport the weird crazy styles haha so jelly~ but my boyfriend also calls her a raging lesbian HAHHAA

    YAY FREJA!!! <33333 I bet she looks adorable! Pumpkin was so funny looking with her leg like that, but she has short hair ^^ They never bandaged her leg though, so it was kinda interesting to see the stitches and watch her leg heal throughout. :p I'm rooting for you, Freja, get better soon babe!! Keep up the progress <3

  6. NOOO should've got a twitter too. :P
    Also, get the miyavi hairstyle, DOO ITTT. :)

    Also Yay for your amazing nordic skin. I'm super jealous!

  7. happy birthday to your granpa~ and aw...I love thai cuisine too (my fave is tom yum kai~) super2 delicious, and I LOOOOVE your last pic. you're so cool with the guitar, I think you should caming yourself playin' the guitar and put it on youtube xD~~~

  8. whooooa I cant believe I havent come to the blogger world for such a long time. I need to catch up on your old posts! Good luck on leaning guitar (I tried to learn too and ended up only learning for a week-_-) Oh and make sure you dont overdose on cake next timee!

  9. Ooo cake, I can't seem to eat a big portion of it but I'll eat it. I'm so greedy sometimes when it comes to food. Awww your friend is awesome, I wish I had a friend that would come over in the middle of the night and give me free food lol then again I'm probably most likely in bed already, I need my beauty sleep! Cool beans that you got tumblrrr, I was a bit confused with it at first but it's pretty darn interesting after a while, also a great thing to do when you want to kill time. My tumblr is

  10. you have such flawless skin! and amazing eyes (we've gone through this before lol) it's just you know, if i were to do the same makeup as you, i just wouldn't get the same results! and umm are you vegan? just curious since you said you don't like eating layered cakes since they're sometimes made with pork things. gelatin? lol.

  11. OMG MIYAVI! no worries, I know what you mean. I wanted to cut my hair like SID's MAO because I thought it looked really attractive. but luckily v-kei/jrock guys are girly looking so their look is basically unisex. you should relaly go for it!!
    and btw, happy belated bday to your grandfather :3 cake looks soooooo good!

  12. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  13. I love the blue liner Nani! You look very pretty, as always ^^ I want to change up my hair too - I think it's this change in seasons because everyone around me has been doing something different to their hair recently!

  14. Thank you! Would you like to follow each other? ;))

  15. Damn, you are pretty like always~!! My boyfriend is learning to play the acoustic guitar ;D and that cake looooooks sooo yummmy, I just wanna take a big bite! Yum Yum Nommmm Nommm

  16. the electric blue looks great on the bottom :)

  17. WAHAHA I AM lazy and couldn't have it any other way. <333 No, lazy ass on the couch with a big bowl of cereal! Oh, how I love cereal~ >:D
    You invite me over and I raid your fridge? Winnnnnn. Shit o clock is the best time to eat too of course >:D

    Oooooh another Vidoll fan? <3 Actually I don't listen to them a lot, but I really should. My friend showed me their song "Sister", have you heard it? Totally pulled me into them more, but it's so sad to listen to ><;;
    I can't wait to see your haircut (you better do it hotness!) <3 HAHA I think he is jealous because his big ass block head can't pull off a mohawk >:DDD

    Awww Freja, you're so oddly talented. She sounds so adorable @__@ My babe is becoming a little too attached to me lately! She HATES the bathroom, but lately she keeps scratching at it and pushing the door open when I'm in there. Even when I'm taking a shower, perv. >3>

    Cute story. I left the house, and my sister texted me saying that Pumpkin was staring at the door, then she ran to the window and cried. </3 She only loves me HAHAHA

  18. the blue makes your eye pops! very lovely! oohh can you play the guitar?? you should play a tune on YT!


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