Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I need a f-f-f-fix!

"Doctor, Doctor Feel Good
Come make me feel real' good!"

DAMMN, that song is so goood! That short-haired one is a cutie, btw! ^__~ She makes me wanna ruffle her hair! lol.. *ruffles hair*

Anyway.. HEY GUYS 
I missed youuuuu~

I've been sick for the past few days, so the desire to blog has been down low and it still kinda is.. Headaches, nausea, fever, dizziness. And I've been SOOO tired, you won't believe it. On top of that my blood sugar has been playing me for a fool, going down so low I thought I was gonna die. So yeah, I'm not exactly feeling like a princess these days. Woke up today with the usual massive headache, some stomach problems and now - to add to the already annoying amount of symptoms - a sore throat. GREAT.. Juuuuust great.

Well timed arrived a little care package from a special friend! YAY! Let's see what she got me~

- 1 Revlon Active foundation (a back-up of my favorite, woo!)
- 2 MAC Pan Shadows in "Parfait Amour" and "Knights Divine"
- 1 MAC Viva Glam Gaga II Lipstick
- 1 Monki plushie
- and a HUGE bag of candy! Nom!

Aaaand here are photos + swatches - hope you like them.. \(^__~)/

And of course ''Woodwinked'' is supposed to say Beauty Marked. -__-"
I really am sick, huh? Thanks to Yinnie for pointing it out ^__~ ♡

I'm gonna go back to being sick, miserable and almost out of pepsi.. or well.. ''almost''.. I have 8 bottles left. LOL. What can I say? I panic early, alright! Hehehehe..

I ordered a few NYX items to cheer myself up.. which is lame of me, cause shipping from the US takes FOREVER -__-" And I hate waiting.. lol. I also got my hands on the ''discontinued'' Sunny bronzer from N.Y.C.. May I just share with y'all that it is NOT discontinued. It just got a new name "Smooth Skin"-bronzer something. It's on their website HERE. ^__^v you're welcome~ TEE HEE.. I'll do posts on my stuff when it arrives some time next year week..

Did y'all check out my VIDEO yet? Did u sub? I hope you did! (Ò__ó)/ -threatens-

I hope you're all doing way better than I am.. Enjoy your spring break!


  1. Yay you're using the mac pro palette. :D

    I hope you feel better sooon. :)

  2. Aww get well soon Nani! :3 The plushie seems mad? Idk haha.. Aaah, I want some candy now.. Keke~

  3. you're so cute in your video!! lol i feel like my followers don't read all of my text either (because i also write so much!) i'm contemplating whether i should start a youtube channel myself, but i think i'd get lazy ><
    that lip stick is such a pretty color~ and mmm candies :D
    hope you feel better soon!

  4. awww get well soon! drink lots of water!

  5. Jealous on the lipstick girl ~_~ it's so neat
    Nicenicenice :D

  6. I love Rania, and that song! It's so good and I love their sexy concept hehe xD I missed you too D: I hope you get better soon ahhh <3 Lovely care package, you're lucky to get the MAC Viva Glam Gaga II lipstick, it looks great on you :)

  7. hope you feel better soon ^^ ! just watched your video :D hahah i like it :D make more videosss :D

  8. hope you get well soon! I'm sick these days too, seems like ther's a flu that's going around!

  9. Feel better!! It seems that a lot of people are getting sick lately. =( But I hope you have a speedy recovery!!

  10. I love NYC's Sunny Bronzer. Its cheap and actually really good. Anyways, you and your Pepsi panic attacks makes me laugh everytime. You're friend is just too kind to get you that Lady Gaga lipstick, bc most ppl are having a hard time getting it. SPOILED....BRAT! :P

  11. omg hope you feel better soon! I'm still sick and trust me I dont want you to feel like the same way.. Glad to know that your makeup collection is expanding even more ^^

  12. Aww you'll love the MAC lipstick!:D I got mine in March,and I already used up a third of it. o_O Gaga II pwns everything lol.

    Thank you for your comments!:D I'm soo happy because of the Naked Palette.The first thing I noticed on MsdriftedSW's video was your comment,and I was like: "Wait what?! I won?WTF!?" And then I watched the video and almost fainted. :'D Half Baked looks really pretty :)) Can't wait to try it out.

    Yep I ordered my lenses almost 2 weeks ago,and it's still processing...Ő_Ő and once processing is done,shipping is 14 days. I hate waiting ahhh!>_< Death Note is a badass anime,Misa was my first cosplay last summer :D Wanna see?:D

    And YAY for narutards!My all-time-OMFG-gimme anime is Hellsing,but I really love Naruto as well.My second cosplay was Deidara's sexy no justu lol...anyway,nobody recognized me -_-" :'D And my next cp will be Tsunade :D teehee I'm planning to do posts about cosplays and make-up for anime cons,but first I need to learn for my exams (U_U") f@#k.

    I'm also planning to place an order from Cherryculture,it has nice NYX sales,and after that,I'm gonna try out porkdaisy. (*w*)

  13. I love the color of that lipstick ! :)

  14. Haha well .. I also have kinda long arms, but the jacket fits perfect, im lucky! ^^

    Thank you for your comments sweeti <3

  15. my dog is a shih tzu. ^^. And I hope you feel better deary ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  16. Aww sorry to hear you're sick...hope you feel better soon! Thanks for sharing the video - I haven't been keeping up with kpop news lately so I've been wanting to update my music library with some new songs. This one is really catchy :D

    Looks like you got some nice goodies! How does the Active compare to Colorstay? I really like the squeeze bottle design of this one rather than the open top glass bottle of Colorstay :P

    And YAY!! NYX haul!! I've been itching to hoard up on the megashine lipglosses and lipsticks after seeing your swatches hehe xD

  17. hope you'll be feeling better soon nani! your ''i panic early'' makes me laugh XD

    you know what XD you might end up having more MAC products than me!!! HAHAHAHAH :D you should be proud of it lol

  18. hope you're better now :) MAC GAGA II lipstick is gorgeous on you! I really cant pull off nudes like that >_<

  19. I'm slightly sick as well :(
    I have the same gaga lipstick as you :)

  20. I hope you feel better soon my dear! Take lots of fluids!! *hugs*

    A package never fails to brighten my day haha xD And candy!!! *yummmm*

  21. no i'm not kidding! you should own much more MAC than me hahaha! i dont have much of their stuff....*bangs head* just realize most stuff i got from MAC are from their disney collection...okay you win Nani!!!

  22. well everyone said this already, but it won't hurt for another person to say it: hope you'll get well soon Nanneh!

    and the short-haired one from Rania also makes me wanna ruffle her hair ..I feel you on that one, haha :3

  23. Oh no sickness =( why is your blood sugar low? are you anemic??? O_O I hope not! And I agree that short-haired girl is pretty damn hot... oohh I like to get me some edgy haircut. LOL!!


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