Saturday, April 09, 2011

Express Delivery from London

I wanted to thank you all for your sweet messages and comments on my NYX HD Studio Foundation review. My skin is slowly recovering the breakout - even though it wasn't a MASSIVE breakout with pimples all over, it was still quite scary to realize, that only 3½ hours of wear can actually break you out. I used a clean brush and had just gotten out of the shower when I applied it onto my moisturizer (which I always let sink in for about 10-15 minutes before applying makeup), so I'm really not sure what went on there.. ALSO, my eyes felt better shortly after I washed it off \(^o^) So I'm doing pretty well now! ♡

Oh yeahhhh! As a response to my latest swap package, Yinnie sent me a box of goodies. YAY! She and I have known eachother for YEARS now - yet we still haven't met.. is that weird? lol. We've both grown and matured over time, which is kind of cool to look back at - and I definitely enjoy our exchanges of boxes filled with goodies! I still need to hook her up with some traditional Danish pastry though.. \(^3^) 

List of items:
Chocolates and a bag of Maltesers
Brown Eyed Girls album 'Sound-G'
MAC Pro 4-pan palette
MAC "Beauty Marked" pan shadow (I fear that we can't get those here.. pan shadows that is)
Dara (2ne1) style earrings
Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE) style pick necklace
LUSH facial cleanser, body scrub, lip scrub and shower gel


I absolutely LOVE everything!
Go show Yinnie some love
- RIGHT NOW. lol

Another friend and I also celebrated a friend's birthday - Mølfe and Vi-Vi-Vi came over Wednesday afternoon as it was Vi-Vi-Vi's birthday, so of course I had to go all out and buy her a little smiley-face-cake. Haha! She loved the cake (we all did, cause it was yummehhh!) and after eating and talking for way too long, we had dinner and then dug in to all the goodies that we'd each accumulated for the event. It was a pretty casual couple of days, but we had a blast!


I'll probably be hanging with Vi-Vi-Vi again next week - we'll see : D She's throwing a birthday party on April 30th, so I'm expecting (maybe even expectED) to go to her house a few days in advance with ALL my makeup.. I'll be pimping up her face with my epic skillz on the big day ; D haha! I kid.. but she talked about me doing her makeup for the party, so I guess I'll be doing that.. if her mom's home - I probably will be doing hers too. Haha!


To end all this... here are some random photos. LOL
I think that pigeon took over my balcony.. it pretty much always sits there. It went back and forth on the railings (?) for almost 15 minutes.. straaange animal. Haha!

And then.. NOTW. This is the photo of my left hand, which turned out pretty OK. I'm right-handed, so trust me when I tell you, that my right hand nailwork looks like a kid's doing. LOL

If any of you know - please tell me where to get the pan shadows here in Denmark.. I have NO idea where to get them, if I can even get them here at all. -__-" ahh, wouldn't that be just my luck? LOL

Alright.. that's it!
Thanks for reading - and continuously commenting and leaving feedback for me..
YOU guys.. are AWESOME!

Btw.. do you like what I did with the sidebar there? LOL. I kinda like it..



  1. u must b real happy to receive so many goodies!!! I bet u will cry over the lush soap with LOVE!

  2. love your nails, they are gorgeous!

    mmm maltesers=)

  3. great swap.... so spoilt and I love all the goodies she sent you esp the mac shadow!

  4. LOL Did you drink most of the pepsi in that big bottle. ;P.

    Also I LOVE YOUR NAILS. They're so pretty. Remind me to hook you up with some illamasqua polish next time. :D I'm so glad you liked the parcel. Let me know how everything goes and if there is anything you run out on, that you love, let me know. :D

  5. i like your nail-do!!
    Yinnie is sweet :) ohmy i love maltesers!!!doesn't denmark have those??? YA danish pastries!!!!

  6. love, love, love your nails!!!! How awesome. I want to try that too. By the way, i really like your hair style and would like to know what do you think about chopping my hair off. I posted some pics on my blog - on styles I want! I am really scared of changing my look. LOL

  7. OOhh love the nailart!
    And *GRRR* is the sound my tummy is making now after seeing the cake.I should go get breakfast *_*

  8. i remembered the ridic prices of M&Ms, mars, toblerone in DK supermarkets LOL

  9. OMGOSHHH tell me how your MAC products are :3 :3 :3 I NEVER GOT AROUND TO DOING THE THING YOU TAGGED ME IN /sad face/ maybe next post huhuhuhu!!!


  10. Very nice! :) I love the package full of stuff. Your pictures are always so fun to look at :)

  11. what a a package! Yinnie is so sweet - I have met her once, she is really lovely! Im sure you guys will get on like house on fire ;) Isn't a greta excuse to pop of london to see a frd... pretty nail art too!

  12. Love everything on your package! I love Brown Eyed Girls ~_~ And your nails are amazing 8D

  13. I'm glad to know that your skin is getting better lol :D thank you for your review, then i know that i will not risk to trying that foundation xD

  14. *o* gosh you are making me drool over that chocolates~@_@ nice swaps^^

    yummeh cake!^o^

    you got really great pictures :3 and oh I love your nail art dear :)

    haha yes same here I can't design my other nails XD

  15. it looks so good :) wish i could nail art :) x

  16. im scared to walk outside my frontdoor without make up, so i deff wont post a picture without it on my blogg ^^
    i found some review videos on youtube about the bb-cream, maybe they can show you what you want :)

  17. Ooo nice swap! She sent you so many goodies :D I love BEG too - I hope they come out with a new album's been almost 2 years since Sound G came out :(

    And I love your manicure - I can't believe you did the nail art freehand because it looks very professional! ^^

  18. that is one awesome love package from yinnie! when i first saw the pic of "chocolate liqueur" i first read it as "chocolate lipgloss" hahah!

  19. Lucky you! I love BEG and lush bath bombs :) It looks like you guys had some fun activities going on too! I know what our saying - havent you noticed all my nail pictures are of my left hand too? lol Your painting skills are definitely wayyyy better than mine tho. I wouldnt even have noticed those patterns arent professionally done if you didnt say it :D:D

  20. aww thank u =D i am single by the way *wink wink*

  21. <3 too bad you are in denmark!

  22. i would in invite you to the states or when i go back to korea =D

  23. Awesooommee stuff!! *Jealous** Oh and I'm loving your nails! I don't really do any nail art (not enough patience I think. LOL) except for simply just painting nail polish on plainly and that's it. Yours are lovely though. I'd love to try that design for myself.

    And I'm glad you're able to manage your minor breakout fairly quick. That's actually why I'm such a fraidy-cat when it comes to trying out new brands for make-up and other skin products. I'm too scared of the possibility that I might suffer breakouts from anything new. Eep..!


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