Saturday, April 16, 2011

e.l.f. haul (review), FOTD and ego spam

Warning: this is gonna get picture heavy and long. lol - sorrehhh~

Another entry coming up..
First I wanna thank you all for the overwhelming support towards my "debut" on Youtube. I used to have vlogs on there a few years ago, but I deleted my old account along with all the videos - so in terms of my new channel being all about the makeup, I feel like a newbie. Haha~ Anyway, thank you all SO SO SO much! And thanks to the few of you who decided to subscribe to my upcoming, lame videos! Hehehe \(^__~) Love you guys! To those of you who haven't seen the video or subscribed yet? Go to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and check it out! The video already had almost 150 views and I got over 20 subbies! Haha.. I had 19 subbies to begin with (before the video), so I guess that's not a huge improvement. But at least almost 150 people took the time to watch my stupid video - and I truly appreciate it! \(^3^)/ ♡
Now to my haul..
I placed an order on, using their free shipping coupon code on the 4th of April. The package was shipped out on April 6th and I received it on the 13th.. or 12th - not sure. So it took approximately a week's time to arrive (it usually takes 4-10 days to get to me, so it's pretty decent). I've heard quite a few terrible stories coming from users of the US site, but I never had any problems with the UK site, so I've always been pretty satisfied with the whole ordering-process.

I ordered 4 things: (as things are a bit tight lately)
Studio Blush "Tickled Pink"
Studio Blush/Bronze Duo
Nail Polish "Desert Haze"
Dramatic Eyelash Kit
1. Studio Blush "Ticked Pink" + Studio Blush/Bronzer Duo
Let's talk about the blush.. Now, this blush - and the duo for that matter - have been absolutely RAVED about for a long time. I've been wanting to try the blush in "Tickled Pink" out for just as long, so I was super excited to check out the color payoff of both of these items. But the blush... not impressed. The pigmentation is pretty sheer, it basically just gives a slight sheen of color and I prefer my blushes a bit more vibrant. It's easy to work with though.
The Duo is the complete opposite - the both sides are SUPER pigmented, very smooth and soft with a slight sparkle. The blush seems a bit easier to work with than the bronzer, and you need to be very careful when dabbing your brush into the bronzer. I feel that the product is very finely milled and therefore your brush picks up a LOT of it. If you're not careful, it's gonna be a huge, muddy patch on your face - and that ain't pretty. Just sayin'..
2. Dramatic Lash Kit
These lashes are VERY dramatic. I never have to trim my lashes - and so I never do that - but I should definitely have trimmed these a bit from the outer edges. They're VERY long, VERY curly and VERY dramatic. They look absolutely insane on the eyes, if you don't apply them very precisely (which can be difficult if you're new to lashes), but the band is soft and easy to work with. They don't look so bad in the photo, but I guess, I just found a lucky angle. LOL. I'm wearing these in my FIRST YOUTUBE video (the intro) that I uploaded the other day.
Click to see larger versions
3. Nail Polish "Desert Haze"
Just like every other swatch on the e.l.f. website, this color does NOT match the swatch shown. It's WAYYY prettier! I LOVE this color so so so much! It's the perfect cream grayish nude with brown undertones.. Sadly I think that my polish came with a defective/damaged brush, cause it shed' tiny little hairs onto my application which made it uneven.. It's also quite obviously a cheap nail polish - the color applies nice and all, but the 'feel' of the polish is forever 'wet' and plastic-y (like those water based polishes that you can just peel right off).. It feels as if the polish never really dries and 'sets' onto your nail, so you can easily knick marks and stuff into the color even with a topcoat. I LOVE the color though (and so does my friend, Sarah! Hehe)
Also my friend Vi-Vi-Vi (whose birthday we celebrated recently!) made me a shelf for my radiator! how cool is that?? She painted it white and stuck sheep with Pepsi Max logos on it! Hahahah! So cool! I love it!

Click for larger versions
Now to some ego spamming (cause I can. lol) I wanted to wear a bit of makeup today, as my hair looks like crap and we got family dinner tonight at Kebab House downtown to celebrate my brother's 17th birthday.
I would've shown you some photos of baby kittens btw! I went to my friend Sarah's (and her mom's) house with my mom yesterday to drop off a birth box/bed for their dog to borrow (their dog is due in about 10 days! WOO! \(^3^)). We had lunch there and spent a LONG time talking about the paranormal, about being a Star Child and how people react to it etc. We also got to see their 2-weeks old kittens and my mom put a stamp on the forehead of one of the red babies. Haha! She wants him so bad.. My dad's gonna freak the frack up if she brings him home.. but DANNGGG he's so cute! The kittens could see a bit and they still got a lot of work to do with the balance/walking thing. But yeah, Momma Kitty (whose name is actually Uffe (which makes no sense as she's female and Uffe is a Danish male name, LOL)) came up and I didn't wanna scare her nor the kittens with flash, so I ended up not taking photos of them. They were sooo darn cute though! If I go to help them with their puppies (birth, night shifts etc.), I'll try to snap photos for you all!
Ahh, I guess that's it!
Thanks for reading you guys - and sorry about this being ANOTHER long-ass entry. -hits self- So typical of me.. but yeah, I'll try to get better on that one, as I know I got some laaaazy readers out there \(^__~) it's okay if you only look at photos, though.. Haha! I do that too sometimes..

Anyway! Love you all! And I'll talk to you all later!


  1. Ah why are you so gorgeous *_* Great haul and FOTD by the way, all of the items look great in the swatches. Congrats on getting more views and subbies on Youtube! Hope to see pictures of the baby kittens soon ^o^ P.S I'm not a lazy reader, in fact I love lengthy blog posts with pictures <3

  2. so kind of ur friend to make u a shelf with pepsi sheep!!! makes me grin just looking at it :D

  3. RE: Naww thank YOU for your super sweet + long comments :) And no your accent is not heavy at all, it sounded perfectly fine to me (in fact I like it)! Yay thanks *eats the cookie* ^^" Oh kittens are just so innocent adorable <3

  4. gorgeous neutral look! i think you look great anything on! I wished I had your eye colours :P

  5. Oh my gawsssshh, how is your skin so perfect? *___*
    I've wanted for blush/bronzer duo for a while now even though I'm not into bronzers that much. Thanks for the review

  6. The lashes look amazing on you! And you have GORGEOUS eyes... I love everything on you!! ^_^ haha Do I sound like a creeper? And your skin is just perfect! :D

    Good thing you had a good experience w/ELF UK. I've never had a terrible experience w/the US site which is good but I do hear horror stories! LOL

  7. how's your bunny doing btw ^_^? haven't seen pics of it for a while!

  8. oh that looks like a really nice color!

  9. you are so unbelievably gorgeous its amazing.
    those eyelashes just enhance your gorgeous eyes.
    and i love that nail color.<3

  10. Ahaha I totally love your picspams :D lol
    That bronzer & blush duo looks fabulous.I've heard that it is a dupe for Nars Orgasm blush & Laguna bronzer duo, is that true? Anyway,the colours are beautiful.

    And I skipped my NYX order, because I decided to order my first circle lens, so I could became a true gyaru, yaay! \(^0^)/ (or at least a weird blonde loli with huge pink eyes lol...) And the lenses will do the job when I'll cosplay MisaMisa or Reira from Nana, teehee >:Đ

    Ahh blabbing here again,sorry. (Ő_Ő)"

  11. good job on the videos nani! i'd check them out when i'm less busy T_T!! sorry >_<

  12. WHAT?! No fair, those ELF lashes never look good on me, but they look amazing on you. Ive tried a few ELF polishes and they were duds. I don't like the formula but Ive heard its really hit or miss. So you're lucky again. LOL

    I have the blush & bronzer duo and I LOVE IT. Its pigmented and so cheap. It's LOVE.

    You always have the best friends ever, who send you amazing gifts such as the Naked Palette and in this case the raditor shelf. Who wouldve thought of that, huh?

  13. Owww... the duo blusher looks realllyyy nice *makes note for next order*.. and I love love LOVE the colour of that nail polish!!! Lene and her greys and taupes <3

    Would have love to see pics of kittens *prrr*

  14. Woo nice haul! I really like the duo - the blush color is gorgeous :D That's a real shame that Tickled Pink is so sheer though; the color looks quite pretty. And the lashes really are dramatic looking, but they look very nice on you! I hate trimming lashes since it seems like a waste, but I usually have to since my eyes are so tiny haha. I haven't tried any of ELF's polishes but a few ppl have said the quality is pretty good for only $1. The color you picked is really pretty..I love nude shades like this ^^

    And I love your eye makeup that you did for your brother's bday - it's very pretty!

  15. beautiful eyesss like usuall! awww 2 week old kitten, that must have been really cute, and they must be soo small that they can fit on your palm of your hand haha

  16. Tickled blush is my favoriteeeeee ♥ You're so beautiful!

  17. oooo lala checking out your channel now! ;)

  18. I absolutely love the color of the nail polish. ELF has to fix their whole color not matching to the product issue.

    I just got your comment about the Colorburst glosses. To me they don't smell. I have heard some people complaining it reeks, but all the glosses I have picked up only have a slight vanilla scent to it. Weird right?

    BTW, I don't know how i did not follow this blog. I love it!!

  19. I got dessert haze too!! I'm such a big fan of elf products :3 too bad they don't make sparklier products :(

  20. love the eyelashes and the nailpolish color is AHHH! I want to order something from E.L.F now! Did the color chip quite quickly though?
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  21. Wow, those lashes are just so va-va-voom! Loves it.

  22. *o* so cute eyelashes :))

    and I love your nail polish color <3

  23. lol you feel comfy only with powder blushes but not cream ones? :) i guess i'm the same when it comes to eyeshadow and bronzers XD!!

  24. Makeup and pressies for Mom and Dad? You are too sweet. *^_^*

  25. "Desert Haze" looks gorgeous! i'm on a neutral, office friendly nail polish hunt.

  26. Those eyelashes are cool... here in Seoul, I get eyelash extensions. Not very expensive and I don't have to bother with mascara or worry about panda eyes >.< I might get a pair of falsies too though, for parties or clubbing, just for that extra va-va-voom ;)

  27. I honestly love your hair!!! I so wish mine looked that lovely. The elf lashes seemed to work very well for you too, I can never get them just right on me.

  28. i whip my hair back and forth, i whip my hair back and forth! i have to admit how catchy that song is. babe, these lashes look so good on u(the 2nd set u posted). makes ur eyes pop & blends well with ur own. i know if i were to wear them it wouldnt look as good

  29. Thanks for the haul and FOTD but I have to say, those lashes really are too much - they look quite fake and, if I have to say it - a bit tacky. You're a very pretty girl and I don't understand why you'd need to make yourself look like a barbie - stick to mascara!

  30. If I actually had lashes that went well with just mascara, I wouldn't need fake lashes. But we can't all be equally lucky in that department, and I wasn't exactly blessed with mascara-friendly lashes, so that really isn't an option for me.
    I don't think fake lashes are what 'defines' a Barbie doll and I honestly believe that I have a long way to go from this to Barbie. The lashes look nice in pictures (at least I think so), but in real life they definitely look way too crazy.

  31. Yeah, I suppose if the 'plastic fantastic' look is what you're after, and you take your style tips off Jersey Shore! I've just been to Boots and managed to get some very natural looking ones from their own brand for 'daytime' use, they definately are available. Good luck with your search...

  32. The lashes from e.l.f. aren't the only pair I have - I do a lot of different styles of lashes.
    There's no need to be rude. I do my thing - you do yours.

  33. No rudeness intended, as I stated I just couldn't understand why you'd need to wear something like these. Possibly a cultural difference...


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