Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a weekend...

Hello there, my lovely readers ~
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! ♡

Random FOTD ^

Usually during the weekend I do absolutely NOTHING. However, this time things went down! My mom held her birthday dinner on Friday for close friends of the family.. it was super cozy and the food was amazing!


The food was freaking AMAZING as always! Sadly I ate too fast.. so I suddenly felt really, really sick.. But yeah, I got over it and got my second plate of food.. Haha! Couldn't finish it though, but it was freaking worth it!

I also made a deal with my friend from overseas... I had to do a look with my newly acquired NAKED Palette and he'd hook me up with some Purity Cleanser (as I'm running out and can't get it here in Denmark). So I played around with the palette and came up with this.. Super simple, only consisting of two colors, actually.

You can really see my fine lines under my lash line here.. Had 'em since I was little D: ughh

I used Half Baked all over the lid and a bit above the crease and then I blended Dark Horse into the outer corner and the crease. As my eyes are very hooded, I kinda need to bring the color up higher than one would normally do.. I know from experience when doing friends' makeup that I don't need to bring it up as high on them.. but somehow my super overly hooded eyes need extra special treatment. Haha!


Anyway, let's hope that he sticks by his words and hook me up with some cleanser! Hahaha
\(ò__Ó)/ Nani fighting~! Hahahaha!


I'd been wearing my 'Refresh-mint' (China Glaze) polish for a few days, added some rhinestones - a few nails even had some 'Entourage' (China Glaze) polish on them but since I'm SUPER impatient with nail polishes (I hate having to wait for them to dry -___-") I ended up ruining it quite a lot.. so I removed it all yesterday and did my nails all over again. All natural with the Mavala treatments (my nails are still kinda bad, but we're working on it still..) the Essie Fill the Gap! and a topcoat..

I wanted to let you guys know that both Iyah and Rinny received their prizes from my giveaway. I haven't heard from Pam, but I'm assuming she'll hit me up when she gets them \(^o^)v

Rinny did a post on her prizes HERE
(I totally stole her photo, hahaha! but it's so cuuute♡ )

Iyah is working on her post, from what I know, so she'll probably have it up on HER SITE soon.

I also wanted to let you guys know that I did Camilla's top banner for her blog. She blogs in Danish, though, but in case you wanted to check out her banner click HEEERE. lol

Okay.. that's all, lol.
Stay safe, everyone!


    Actually I don't even know what kind of food that is - but it looks super delicious!! ♥

    You did a good job with the make up as always ♥
    && I know that impatience with nail polish...I always ruin mine, too. BUT! I bought "Qick Dry Spray" & it works!

  2. Gosh, all that food looks delicious! Yum! I hope your Mum had a great birthday celebration. Happy Belated Birthday to her! :)

    Am totally digging the eye makeup! It looks so crisp and gorgeous. You've got such beautiful eyes!

  3. I love the lashes!! sooo pretty!

  4. whyyyyyyyyyyyyy skal du altid gøre mig så mega sulten maan! x'DD
    nam nam nam!

    virkelig nice makeup! :O de farver så SÅ lækre jo! *0* <3
    og much love på de lashes! O_O!

  5. Haha
    Ich liebe im Moment auch sehr "Lotus" von ihnen *___*
    Haha Whisky ich LIEBE Whisky ^^
    Im MOment hör ich aber fast nur noch k-pop
    Dir en grey, Mucc und Gackt sind da echt die ausnahmen <3

  6. Ahhhhh I wish I didn't post that picture up because now it just looks silly LOL Thank you for the mention! <3

    Your EOTD looks really pretty! Your falsies are really nice too :D Btw, what camera and mode did you take that picture of your eye with? Your photo came out so detailed and the colors are so vibrant!

  7. the food looks amazing! and your eyes are gorgeouss! :)

  8. I really want to get my hands on the Naked Palette but they're ALWAYS sold out! I'm a new follower by the way : )

  9. Wow, that is a super pretty eye!

    ( their lipsticks look like "CWAPPPP" on you? You're not alone. I'm more of a lipgloss girl myself. ;)

  10. Girugämesh, the GazettE, Miyavi <~~ für mich ist miyavi einer der schlechtesten erfolgreichen Sänger die ich kenne XD Hass mich nun oder nicht XD
    Haha ich bin noch nie wirklich von Whisky abgestürzt und liebe einfach diesen Holzigen, nussigen geschmack *__* Vorallem mit Cola gemixt ♥
    Warst du letztes Jahr auf einem Gackt Konzert?

  11. Pretty eyes u got!!

    There is a cute silver stacking rings giveaway waiting for you :)

  12. Oh ich war beim Gackt konzert ♥ Es war der Himmel auf Erden ;)
    Ich war schon auf:

    Dir en grey
    Alice nine
    An Cafe

    Ich glaub das wars XD

  13. love your eyeshadow girl!!
    the colour looks so beautiful :)
    oh yeah!! and those foods.. i just gettin' hungry when i read this post! LOL

    i'm your new follower,
    come and visit my site..
    hope you can follow me back as well:)


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  14. Ist es besser für dich wenn ich in englisch schreibe?
    Ich war auf der j-Shock 2007 aber gazette waren nicht dabei XD
    ich mag Sug auch net aber die waren halt da~ XD

  15. Nein du hast alles richtig verstanden ^^ Hatte mich nur gewundert, dass du dann trotzdem auf englisch zurückschreibst <3

    Haha okay gut das ich es nicht gehört habe, aber im moment komm ich eh nicht weg von den Alben:

    Dir en grey -vulgar
    Mucc - Chhemical Parade
    GD & TOP - high high

  16. Ich mag nur 1-2 Lieder von Gazette ^^'
    Bestes Album ever ist einfach Dir en grey - Vulgar *___*v

    Mir reicht es immer, wenn ich alles in meinem iTunes habe. Cds sind mir nicht so wichtig.
    Sag mal hast du facebook?

  17. i love ur eyelashes ^^ and cute photos :3

  18. I have halfbaked baked and twice baked! LOL i love urban decayyyyyy

  19. Okay ich finde dich nicht XD
    Hier ist mein Facebook:!/profile.php?id=1536878610

  20. The eye makeup is lovely and your lashes look lovely :) i neeeed to get my hands on a naked pallete :L

  21. Love the look on you, especially those lashes! I would never be able to pull off a look like that since my eyes are so damn small LOL. So you recommend the naked palette too uh? I have debated for the longest time if I should get my hands on it... and Still debating at the moment haha.

  22. love the lashes! your eye liner and lashes are so nice. and food porn, yummmm

  23. OH Food *_* hungry...
    -focus- love the simple look you made with the naked palette :) and ugh, I'm also sooo impatient with nail polish.. I'm like.. ooh is it dry already *poke* oops not yet -_-; and when it SEEMS dry I grab stuff and it still gets ruined~!!! ahhh....

  24. heyhey i have awarded you the stylish blogger award =)

  25. All those pictures about food is making me hungry again!! (Just ate about an hour ago...) >< lol

  26. u r awesome with the urban decay palette! I love it!

  27. You look fantastic dearie! Please do more looks with UD Naked?

  28. Maden ser rigtig lækker, lækker, LÆKKER UD! Ö opskrift? eller evt. navn på retten? ;)

  29. I've contacted them and they'll send me a new lens (^_^)

  30. tbh anything would look gorgeous on your light eyes! i love how you worked the Naked palette there. You look so pretty in the first picture too!

  31. hahaha thumbs up for getting second plate of food XD

    I have the same fine lines under my eyes too since i was little!!! T_____________________T oh gawd I hate it. I blame it on my parents for bad genes -__-

    I am super impatient with nail polishes as well XD that's why I never wear them HAHAHA. love your makeup <3

  32. awww I love your eye makeup!^_^ <3

    Thank you for visiting dear :)

  33. Those lashes look great!Me likey ;D

    And thank you for the link!I love the shade "Circe",sooo nude! :) I'm in need of a new NYX JEP in Milk as well (*w*)

    Wow if Hungary cheaper than Denmark, I can't even imagine,how freakin' expensive Denmark is. :S I demand affordable countriez plz! >:V

    And since you love Japan,here is a link to a challenge to help them. :)

    xoxo \(^w^)/

  34. O_O what you did with the e/s was stunning!!!!!!! *cries* i wish i knew how to apply eyeshadow skilfully T_________T

    haha hope you'll get your purity cleanser! the food reminds me of some chinese cuisine XD they look similar to what we have here LOL

    your to-do list is getting shorter, congrats!

  35. Your eye makeup is amazingly pretty. I'm so sorry for not emailing/updating you about the package. I commented on my page that I received it but I don't think you saw it. Thanks so much again and yes when I make the post I will let you know. Thanks again hun. :)

  36. lol that was funny!! you must have liked falsies so much now :D

    i just noticed the "order more spiky lashes" on your list muahahahaha! how did you move the products into your wishlist? do you mean u combined the to-do list and the wishlist XD?

  37. btw i call that using white girls/western women for ads is another form of cultural imperialism haahah in the beauty arena, that is. but I admire Estee Lauder using an asian model in their spring campaign though!

  38. I love your eye look - I'm surprised you've only used two shades!


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