Wednesday, March 16, 2011

★ UPDATED NYX Megashine Lipglosses

NYX Megashine Lipglosses
(Swatches & Review)

As my NYX 'Megashine Lipgloss' swatches-post is the most visited page on my blog, I decided to do an updated post on the glosses, as I got a few more since I did that post. I'll be providing you guys with swatches, a few comments for each gloss along with a general review, talking about how I like the glosses, prices, texture, long-lastingness etc.

As a reference to the colors, I'm posting a picture of my lips with nothing on them. I will have to remind you though, that ALL photos are with flash (my camera's auto-focus doesn't work if flash is disabled) so the colors may appear a bit brighter in photo than in real life. I'll clarify how true to color the swatches are below each photo.

After doing the swatches, my lips got pretty red from removing the glosses, so please keep in mind that my natural lip color gets a bit darker throughout the swatches..

LG #104 Sweet Heart
Description: A light pink with a pearl sheen. Picture very true to color.
Suitable for: Light/Medium skin tones
Pros: It doesn't get caught in your fine lip-lines, yet still manages to give that perfect, nude, almost milky lip.
Cons: It can get a bit too light, but it really depends on your skintone.
Extra: Hollyannaeree swears by this lip gloss and absolutely raves about it.. she also compares it to her MAC Creme Sheen "Boy Bait".

LG #112 Frosted Beige
Description: A neutral, light coverage golden gloss. Picture very true to color.
Suitable for: All skin tones
Pros: Very versatile
Cons: With time the smell gets really gross. It goes from sweet to almost sour-like. (this was my first Megashine gloss, so I've had it for a while) Also it can look a bit patchy in coverage.

LG #113 French Kiss
Description: A bit on the darker side for a nude pink. Picture very true to color.
Suitable for: Light medium/medium dark skin tones
Pros: So so sooo pretty. Perfect for a date-gloss on its own.
Cons: It can seem a bit too dark for very light skin tones. I'm a light medium and it's tipping on the edge of being a bit too dark on me.

LG #122 Natural
Description: As the color indicates - natural. VERY natural. It's only a tad bit darker than my own lip color, but none the less, it's super pretty. Very true to color.
Suitable for: Light-medium skintones (after that.. I feel that it's a bit too light)
Pros: Super natural and SUPER pretty. Looks great on top of a nude lipstick (like e.l.f's Natural Nymph)
Cons: It can come out a bit too red.

LG #129 Beige
Description: Milky, pinky nude color. Very true to color (it's starting to settle in my lines cause I've been washing off a LOT of gloss by now.. Haha)
Suitable for: All skin tones (maybe it won't show up too much on very dark lips)
Pros: Super pretty, milky without setting in your lip lines.
Cons: With that said, it WILL settle in your lip lines if your lips are kinda dry. (like MAC's creme sheens) 

LG #150 Juicy Pink
Description: Very, VERY, VEEERY sheer gloss with fuchsia undertones.
Suitable for: All skin tones.
Pros: It's shiny? lol
Cons: I absolutely hate this. I might as well have gotten a clear gloss. I'm so upset about it. ó__Ò"

LG #155 Perfect
Description: Very much like a darker version of Sweet Heart. Absolutely beautiful and a bit more versatile, as it's not so pale. Very true to color but does come off a bit patchy on photo (which it isn't irl)
Suitable for: Light/ medium dark skin tones.
Pros: It's pretty, it's versatile, very suitable for almost all skin types and super creamy.
Cons: It doesn't photograph that well.

LG #157 Chandelier
Description: As the name indicates - SUPER glittery. Very true to color, but does come off a bit more pink in real life. This is where my lips began to get a bit more red, so the gloss' color didn't come out as I'd hoped. 
Suitable for: All skin tones.
Pros: Versatile, pretty and princess-y. Haha
Cons: If you wipe your mouth too much you'll get glitter ALL over and around your mouth.

NYX Megashine Lipgloss INFO:
Description: Most of the colors are very pigmented and look great on their own, the colors don't crease too much and they're very creamy and 'soft' to wear. 
Price: $3-6 
Available at: Online and in stores
Pros: Affordable, large variety of colors, creamy, nice to wear and decently long lasting..
Cons: VERY strongly scented.
Overall verdict: I LOVE these glosses! And I suggest everyone to either go to a store or just try your luck, maybe look at some swatches and get one online. They're fabulous!

That's it. Hope you guys enjoyed my 'first' real "review" so to speak.

MUCH LOVE and until next time!  


  1. I like them all! Espcially French kiss and sweet heart.

  2. Normally i hate glittery lipglosses but these actually looks really good :O <3

  3. Majority of these aren't exactly 'glittery', they either have this pearly sheen to them or a hint of shimmer. I'd say 'Chandelier' is the only one that has 'glitters' per say, but they're very fine and you cannot feel them on your lips at all : D

  4. I've never tried nyx glosses before but after ur swatches I think I gotta get some. I especially like sweet heart and beige. Thanks for thw swatches.

  5. Awws they are beautiful! We have the same taste in lippies I guess :D I can't even choose one,I like all of them lol.NYX is also expensive here ( ̄□ ̄),but I think I have to try out them. =D

    Thank you for stopping by & commenting! \(´∀`)/
    I totally understand you about scrolling through the pictures.They make me sad every time I see them,so I often do the same.That's annoying that we can't go there and help everyone in person.

    And YAY for your MAC babies!:D You should do a tutorial,or FOTD or something using them (*3*)
    And yeah that's quite expensive for an eyeshadow,but Hungary does the same. (-_-") For example a lippie is 14-15$ in the US,and here is like 25-27$,which is ridiculous.Sooo unfair that we have to pay much more than those in the US,duh!

    Sorry for this long a$$ comment lol :3 xoxo

  6. Wow! You own a lot.. I just hauled a few lipsticks again from NYX *__* *dances*..

    I tagged you also:

  7. Ouu very nice post, wish glosses didn't make me look like a pouty fish :(

  8. Owww thank you for that pretty and interesting post!!! I love them all! Damn you've got such beautifull lips <3 now you make me wanna buy them all lol ^^


  9. Ahhh your post makes me want to go buy a bunch of these glosses now! And that's bad because I just bought a bunch of NYX black label lipsticks online and shouldn't be spending money lol >< I love all the colors you have though - they're all such pretty shades of pink. I think Beige is my favorite on you :D

  10. Tusind tak for info :oD


  11. love Sweet Heart and Beige on you!! your first pic is so pro that i assume that girl stole it O_O, i mean seriously!

  12. why is NYX so cheap in the states compare to here!! Here it's still like $8-$10 for NYX lippy. I do love NYX lip stuff though, gotta order some more after seeing your post!

  13. love all these shades my favorites are french kiss and beige


  14. Great swatches! Beige looks gorgeous! I have only one of these gloss and it's Lala, and it's currently me favorite x

  15. LG #129 Beige.... YOU WILL BE MINE!
    I just love it!

  16. The post is uppppp! :D It's kinda picture heavy though, so beware >.<

  17. she finally gave u the credits!! yay :D have you used up your falsies btw?

  18. I have swatched Lala on my hand here: I love it, it's so pigmented and gorgeous! Oh and the smell... yum!

    Love your header BTW x

  19. I came over from Rinny's. All the lipglosses look so yummylicious on you! It's the kinda nudey pinkish tone I love so much. I just dunno which ones to choose. Somehow lipgloss and lipssticks look very ugly on me and they crack my lips up big time too.

  20. I dont know where I've been but I just recently got introduced to NYX products. lol* Love the shades on you. i wish my lips were paler so I can wear these shades better. I usually have to use the japanese brands that have concealer in them. Looks good on you tho. =) Liking your blog.

  21. that's a lot of glossies =P
    the colors are all so pretty...
    i think natural's my favorite!

  22. Wow~ I really like all! I would want to have a NYX lipgloss now. Keke ^o^ And you really have a cute pair of lips! They all suit you! ^_^
    Have a lovely day! xx

  23. Oh! You know what I mean? Great! Cos looking at your photos, your lips don’t seem to have that problem. I thought I was the only one. I know what you mean about the sheen. It’s just an illusion right? But I’ll feel so sad about the texture.

    Anyway, i was reading your post below about how you felt about the haters’ comments on Japan’s crisis. I can understand your strong language. I was recently looking for videos of the crisis too and I seriously can’t bear to read the comments on Youtube. Most of them do not speak with their heads and you could obviously see how ignorant they are. Some of them obviously need to brush up on their history and general knowledge before showing how stupid they are on the WWW. I can understand if Chinese (China) bear some grudge against the Japanese for their atrocities to China during WW2 but yet again, those were the Japanese in the past. I’m really surprised at how people from other countries bear so much hatred towards Japan. I’m a Singaporean, Japanese did many monstruous acts to our forefathers too but you don’t see us hating them.

    Sorry, I seemed to have written an essay up there. Anyway, I think your blog is really informative and I like how there’s lots of your personal feel despite review the products. It gives a warmer feel. I’ll be your newest follower. =)

  24. Damn, why do NYX lippies look like crap on me but on you they look hella nice? Lucky girl ;)

  25. The number 122 & 150 = NICE!
    They look natural, with a twist of glitters :)

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    My giveaway: win a pair of nerdi glasses necklace click here!

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  27. such a great review!!

    You have such a nice blog, ill definitely be checking it again.


  28. NYX lipglosses are such a steal, since it is not available in my country, I usually get them online from the US.
    So far I have only used two colours Beige and Smokey Look. They never disappoint me.

  29. I am seriously lemming all those lipglosses right now! NYX makes awesome cosmetics. Surprisingly, I actually haven't gotten any of their glosses yet, but that's going to change soon!

    Btw I think it's pretty cool that you're my 200th follower too! :)

  30. wow i want thema ll :3 thanks for the review ^^ the close up/ details shots r great!

  31. "Natural" is my favorite ^__^ looks a little peachy, so gorgeous <3 your natural lip color is so pretty! I have darker natural lip color :T

    PS: did you change your link? I couldn't find your blog for a while!

  32. woww, some of these look so nice *____* definitely will give some of these a try if I happen to find them in stores here in Finland~ thank you for the recommendation ♥

  33. What beautiful colors! I can't decided which one i love most.


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