Friday, March 11, 2011

This girl got NAKED in public!

HAHAHA, okay.. This title is gonna attract some weeeirdooos out there on ze interwebz. I shall apologize in advance - this entry will feature NO nude shots of this girl.. O_O" I'd rather spare you the sight. -cough-

Foooood - nomnomnom

My sleeping schedule hasn't really changed. It's now 1:09PM and I haven't been to bed yet.. Sadly my brain won't shut off and relax when I try to sleep. My eyes'll be itchy and tired, but my brain won't give a damn D:  so yeah.. I'm trying to EXHAUST myself by pulling an all-nighter. So far I've been super productive. I organized my makeup collection, put some of the items I don't want/need anymore in a bag for my friend (she wants to check some of it out before I throw it in the trash), I cleaned up my vanity, changed bedding sheets, went downtown to check out the local second-hand store, went to the tanning bed, bought a bag of liquorice 'Nappars' and now.. I'm just sitting here. Sippin' on Pepsi Max, wearing my new AWESOME Pepsi tshirt (more about that further downwards! (that's what she said)) and munching on liquorices. 

The coordination team of applications for Uni managed to COMPLETELY screw up my applications. lol. We have two options when applying for uni: Quota 1 (where you send in your diploma from highschool for acception) or Quota 2 (where you have to write a 'motivated' application (like an essay about why YOU should get in) and add your resume - basically this is for people with business expertise).. I applied as Quota 1 applicant, sent in my papers all filled out and my diploma from highschool - I even sent it both through mail and electronically to make sure it'd get there in time.. Now, that's a long time ago. I figured everything was alright, since I only got one call from a dude who noticed a mistake in the electronic application. We fixed it - everything was fine.. Now I'm suddenly receiving letters that my Quota 2 application is missing its resume and motivated application.. I'm like.. WHUT? Are those people seriously dumb? Just by OPENING my letter OR my electronic application they can SEE that I have my exam diploma with all my exam results. Now woooonder what Quota I'm applying for then?  Fools.. -__-"

Anyway.. On to what I was ACTUALLY gonna blog about.

The package came yesterday morning and it was PERFECTLY timed as I had the worst day EVER yesterday. I only expected oreos in this package.. but oh oh oh was I pleasantly surprised. \(^3^)/ *parties a little* Check it out...

Oh wait.. Is that what I THINK it is???

Urban Decay NAKED Palette

HELL YEAHHH BOIIII \("Ò__ó)/ -runs in circles- 
You have no idea how excited I am about this thing.. I'd prepared myself to have to do without for all eternity.. And NOW I HAVE IT! *_* grr! nomnom! Words can NOT describe how happy I am about this thing! BOOYAHHH~

I also got a few other things...

Oh yeah, ladies (and gentlemen? O_Ô perhaps?) I got a Pepsi tshirt. Sadly there were no Pepsi Max tshirts, but it's okay.. I can live with this one. It's quite oversize, but really soft and comfy.. -wears forever- I love it! I also got some Fekkai samples, a Burt's Bees sample of lotion (that I love!), two bags of oreos AND an elf. Beauty Encyclopedia in 'NEUTRALS Edition'.. I have the British release of the 'Everyday Eyes' one, and I LOVE it! Am definitely excited to try this one out as well! : D

And now...


\(^___^)/ oh yeah!


Until next time!


My thoughts are with all the people affected by the earthquake and following tsunami in Japan. Please be safe, everyone!


  1. Aww, what a sweet care package!!! And man, those admin people are seriously disorganized =.=

  2. Pepsi should pay you for advertisement¨, hah :)

  3. Lovely care package. I have a pray for japanese victims too.

  4. What a lovely care package! They are just the best to cheer up, huh? ;)

    Did you make further changes to your blog layout? It looks so nice! All colors go so well together, it's clean and easy to read! Also, adoring your watermark with the code thingy! Did you design it yourself again? <3

  5. I see that someone is a SPOILED I love your care package. The naked palette, the oreos, & the tshirt, there is a little bit of everything.....SPOILED.....

  6. lucky girl! That is an awesome care package, congrats on getting the Naked palette! I can't believe the school admissions office could screw something up as important as your application though; I know I would be freaking out if something happened that would have stopped me from being admitted >.<

    I tagged you btw :D

  7. P.S. I was wondering if you wanted to do a link exchange? Your blog is one of the ones I regularly follow, so I wanted to add you onto my link list ^^

    P.P.S. Just noticed you have "Knock Out" playing on your blog! I've been listening to G.D & TOP's album nonstop all week too haha. TOP is so freaking hot <333

  8. aw, no nude pics? *disappointed face* lol jk!!! XD now you're gonna think I'm a pervie XD

    Thanks for the congrats Nani ^__^ your comment is so cute XD I kept smiling when I read it ^_^

    \("Ò__ó)/ <-- I freaking LOvE this face!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    O_Ô <-- and this!!! (wish I could do that to my browns in real life)

    I'm curious... why did you buy oreos through the Internet? is it because they don't sell oreos in Denmark???

  9. uni application systems are hell...I entered uni last fall and i had problems reeeeaaaaally similar to yours ;D

  10. LOL the title will attract a lot of weirdosss xD haha and what an awesome care package <3 the pallete!!

  11. eek! A new awesome blog ^^ *run around in circle*
    ~Hi there, my name is Charlotte. I just visited your blog and I'm in love so of course I followed you ^^. Stop by my blog too ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  12. you're welcome amd thanks for your comment, too ;)

    don't let them get to you and good luck with your application ^^

  13. ~Hehe, Walle is a Lhasa Apso mix with shih tzu hence his chubby face lolz jk. I also have another dog name cookie and he's a pure bred shih tzu. It's okay I love dog and volunteer at the nearest animal shelter so I think I'm more dog freak than you are T_T. Btw, I want to ask what foundation do you use since your skin look AMAZING!!! XD. Or you don't use any at all?If that's the case then I'm extremely jealous lolz
    ~XOXO Charlotte


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