Sunday, March 27, 2011

[Insert funny title here] ☆

Guess who's back?!

The worst blogger EVER. LOL. Okay, maybe it's not that bad.. but I do feel kinda bad for not writing anything. I can't even use me being 'busy' as an excuse, cause we all know I got nothing to do anyway.. So to be straight up with you guys, I've been lazy. L-A-Z-Y!

Lemme sum up my week - since the last entry - for you guys:

Watching the L Word (for the 4th time)
Getting rejection letters/emails

Yup, that's about it.

^ this has been my face all week. No makeup, no styling of the hair, no lenses, no nothing. Just Nani au naturale with hair de la Frizzy. LOL

The weather in Denmark has been really weird lately, so I haven't really been up to dolling myself up and taking sunshine photos - cause basically.. there hasn't really been any sunshine. I had makeup on today for a walk in Rebild with Region North of the Newfoundland Club, but my allergies were going CRAZY all afternoon, so I came home looking like a raccoon with one lash almost fallen off. -__-" When we got home 1½ hours ago, it spontaneously started snowing for about 30 seconds and then it went back to being obnoxiously windy and cold. ☂ Boo weather! BOO!

But not everything is obnoxious and stupid like the weather and the fact that all emails I ever get are from either PETA, random African lawyers (spam, lol) and rejection letters from companies here and there. I got this CUUUUTE sheep. If you squish his tummy he says 'Bahhhhh bahhhh' LOL. ♡ HOW CUTE IS THAT? I named him Yesungie (after my fav. Super Junior member, damn riiite!) and took a little close-up of the fluffy ice cream cellphone strap that he came with :''D Awh, so cute! ♡ ♡ ♡

Being the epic blogger that I am, I of course have to post up some food porn. It's only one photo, but it's totally HD (^___~)/ hahah! THESE, ladies and gents, are homemade 'burgers' made of additive free mini baguettes, ground beef, mozarella cheese, fat-free dressing, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber slices : D NOMNOM! It's a mess to eat, but sooooo yummehhh~

And yeah.. lastly my FOTD from today BEFORE I went outside and ended up looking like a poopjob. -sigh- I switched from my elf cream liner to my old Loreal felt tip liner.. It's easier to control and work with in general. I need more practice with gel/cream liners before getting into that any further. I just don't have the patience. But at least the creams don't make my eyes go weird.

Btw, all winners of the giveaway received their prizes. Pam will be posting up an entry next week (I think). If you want, you can check out Rinny's prizes HERE and Iyah's prize post HERE. I'll be posting up some photos from the walk with the dogs in Rebild tomorrow. Dad has the camera (I was paparazzi today!) and he'll upload it all to Picasa later.

Can you believe my last entry had 40 comments? 
O_O" Woahhh! -stolzbin- That's kinda cool, huh?

^ cause you're awesome ♥

EDIT: Thanks so much to Frances for TAGGING ME~ Wooo!
DOUBLE EDIT: Aaaand thanks to Evinde for tagging me too!
TRIPLE EDIT: Rinny tagged me as well! : D WOOO!
I love tags D:


  1. I love doing nothing too!!
    This food lokks not yummy ^^'
    I love your make up!

  2. Haha LOL! I also have non-bloggin' weeks sometimes (= But my non-learning-days/weeks/months-for-school are more common obviously. (• ∀ •)" Lazyness FTW! \(^0^)/ just kidding. Blogging instead of learning is srs bsns.
    That sheep is sooo kawaii :D Reminds me of the film "Black Sheep" :'D (Have you seen it?)

    Btw,I really like your make-up on the last photo.It's a pity that you have allergies.(• A •)

  3. There's weird weather here hour is sunshine and next hour is raining :S

  4. Thanks for your comment (^u^) I liked them back then too, but now I hate them ;p

  5. Nothin' wrong with doing squat. XD

    The sheep and cellphone strap are so cute!

  6. how do you make burgers at home?! LOLOL
    I've been getting a lot of rejection letters too and it's so depressing :( btw! your eye color is so pretty!

  7. The weather here last week was pretty weird too so I totally understand the...not dressing up/wearing makeup phase...haha.

    Aw, cute little charms! You like Super Junior???? :D I do too~! I can't help but mention your GD&TOP video on the right. <3 LOVE!

  8. Ah I have to post one more comment -_-""" sorry :3

    Because you got tagged! \(^o^)/
    Hope you don't mind ;D
    Here is the post:

  9. awh you're always so pretty <3

    those burgers look delicious *____*

  10. u are lucky u are so pretty because u looked good for the week with no makeup =)
    love your sense of humor..
    New Follower =)

  11. OMG lambchop was my childhood <3

    I freaking hate the gloomy weather lately too, hope things get better soon!

  12. Wow I'm really envious that you still look so gorgeous au naturale Nani ;)

    Sorry to hear about the rejection letters though :( but don't give up hope, you'll find something soon! I find that good things always happen when I'm least expecting it :)

    P.S. The sheep is adorable! That's really nice of Tanja to send it to you ^^

    P.P.S. I'm glad you like tags because I tagged you for the "Through the Years" tag :D

  13. the burgers look super yummy! I just had some last night as well haha x) your eyes are so big! Im envious haha xD

  14. srsly making me super hungry, again! D:<
    *sidder og luller med en leverpostejsmad, fæææst!* .__.

    looovelovelove the last photo! that's drop dead gorgeouuuusss! *0* nom nom!
    and that sheep is SO CUTE and looks so soft! O_O

  15. You blog a lot, don't feel bad :O *Food porn YES!* Makes me want to make burgers too.. they look damnnnnnn good :D ~~ drools

    OW I use to have this sheep going bahhhh as well ( ), but the battery ran out :(

  16. Nice blog. Who doesn't love to do nothing, I wish I can do that but I have work and school. Pretty lame but at least I'm getting paid so I can then spend it hahaha. I really like your FOTD, looks really natural. Oh, and the burger looks really bloody good.

  17. oh that is great, and love the food porn as always! I love doing absolutely nothing on weekends :D

  18. You look gorgeous without makeup! Lovely skin!

  19. your skin looks flawless! i admire you a lot for going bare face :) i am too scared to face mine ahha

  20. i love cold and windy weather.XD

    cute plushies. hehhe

  21. I am a person considered offensive to society, nineteenth century tell a thousand views, I visited your blog and I love, a hug from Reus Catalonia and many thanks for visiting my blog, you are a very brave person.

  22. Hey girl... if you're the worst blogger ever, what am i ? hahaha! i've been taking one too many blogging breaks! :P You look great au naturale.. but that burger... *mmmmmmmmm* that burger.

  23. oh no I can't believe I wasn't following your blog o_o But now I am :))

  24. DAMN I LOVE IT WHEN GURLZ HAVE THE CONFIDENCE TO POST PHOTOS OF THEMSELVES WITHOUT MAKE UP. YOU GO GURRLLLLL!!! and damn loving your nose in every photo ; o ; so jealous!!!!

  25. Ich habe im Moment ehrlich gesagt auch gerade keine Lust zum bloggen... (;___;)
    Aber ich denke die nächsten Tage werde ich das mal wieder in Angriff nehmen... (^___~)

    Ich habe auch gerade eine "Ohne-Make-up-Woche"...
    Muss auch manchmal sein ^^
    ... Ich mag deine Haut total ♥

    Ich hoffe dir geht's gut! :3

  26. So jealous of your skin & face & everything ;__; You're gorgeous ♥

  27. I believe in it too but have never really encountered stuff yet. Usually it's when I'm half asleep or in my dreams so I'm kinda like "Maybe it's just me". LOL!

  28. omigoodness! you look like nicole richie in the second picture *v*

  29. Bumming around is the best!!! hahaha

    OMG, you like Super Junior?! Can't decide who's my fave member, I guess Leeteuk? hahaha

  30. You look adorable!!! Love your makeup in your FOTD <3

  31. Oh, I love your eyes sans the eye make-up and contacts!! Your real eye color looks even more surreal than when you have your colored contacts on. :)

  32. Wow, you look so pretty! :)
    Great eyes!


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