Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back to square 1 - dammit!

Yeah, y'all know that I pulled an all-nighter the other day to kick my day rhythm back to normal? Well, cause I was working on the NYX Megashine Lipglosses review last night, I ended up staying up till 3AM and woke up today at 4:18PM. DARNIT! I'm back to where I started! D: WHYYY do I do this to myself?

Anyway.. The main reason for me writing this entry, is that I FINALLY got my MAC MSF Natural.. and my FIRST MAC eye shadow! WOOO! I'm so so so excited about these items.. I've been wanting the MSF Natural for over a year now - and now I have it (/Ò_ó)/ GO GO GO!

Generally, as I told you, I'd reversed my sleeping schedule from Friday to Saturday.. so I was well rested when I got up Saturday morning to go to the mall in Aalborg, go visit my brother with my parents and then go out to lunch at Casablanca. ^ picture above was my FOTD and just before heading out the door, I threw on my short white tee from my shopping haul, my faux leather jacket, my furry purse and BAM in the car. Haha!

Anyway, we first went to the mall.. My dad had promised my younger brother to find a game for him, so he went to the game store.. mom and I went to Salling. My mom walked around the store to look at clothes, and I went to the MAC counter. When I got to the MAC counter a girl came up to me to help. I told her "Oh hi, yeah... First I really wanna get the MAC MSF Natural".. I was super excited (probably a bit TOO excited, lol) but either way she just looked at me "MSF...? Ehh...?" I looked back at her like "O___Ô" wondering how she could have no clue what the MSF Natural is.. So I added "Mineralize Skin Finish?" and finally saw a light bulb above her head. lol. Then she proceeds by asking "What color do you want?" without even asking if I wanted to get color matched or if I knew my color already.. Maybe I take good service a bit for granted, but I was a bit confused when she asked me that, cause I'd hoped she could tell me. She did color match me - applied the 'Light' MSF and the 'Light Medium' on my face (with a dirty brush - ew.. thanks a lot) and we decided to go for Light Medium. I also asked her to help me find a light all-over lid color. She swatched the colors on a her hand with a qtip, which I guess is alright.. but majority of the colors she showed me were so dark. Anyway, I decided on 'Patina' as it LOOKS dark, but comes out sooooo pretty! And unique as well : D so yeah.. I was SOO happy when we went to my brother's apartment to pick him up for lunch..

My dad had wanted to go to Casablanca for the buffét, so that's where we went. And yeah.. that's my brother far left, my dad being all excited and my mom being as photogenic as ever (why can't I be photogenic D": )

The food was quite disgusting though.. Almost $13 per person for the buffet and $6,30 for a medium soda. Expensive drinks are expensive, but the food was just nasty. I got  a big plate of salad and added a little veil with veggies and chicken in mexican cream sauce. I swear you guys.. the meat was dry, gross and the gravies were just SO thick, greasy and plain nasty. When we got home I felt SUPER sick and my stomach was being all weird. If you live near Aalborg and thought about going to Casablance - I'm telling you.. DON'T! The food is AWFUL! Yuck!


Later that night we had this amazing veil for dinner. I also talked my dad into trying this box of ice cream from ALDI that doesn't contain pork-derived additives! NOM! I picked 'Stracialla' flavor and it was so YUMMYHHH! And the best part is.. the ice cream wasn't all sickening, fat and "gross" like some really fattening ice creams are. It was fresh, nicely flavored and just yummy.. Haha! Definitely buying this again!

And lastly.. in these days of despair and frustration, I wanted to share some links with you guys. Japan needs our help - all the help they can get. Please join some of the support-groups on Facebook.

I originally wanted to tell you guys to donate if you have the funds, but Japanese government hasn't actually 'asked' for help from American Red Cross and organizations alike yet. So basically Red Cross and other organizations are just gathering 'funds' to WHEN and IF they're deported to help.. which means your money may never help Japan in the end anyway. So yeah.. I do wanna share this video below though and with this above said, it's all up to you if you want to donate anyway..
Donation links can be found in the description box of Manwomanfilm's video and on the support pages on Facebook.

Manwomanfilm's Video on the Earthquake + Tsunami


RANT ON JAPAN-HATERS: I really never thought that some ignorant Americans would actually come forward on Facebook, saying that Japan deserves the catastrophe they're currently facing.. One of my friends shared a link with me with SO many Facebook comments and statuses from Americans, saying that Japan totally deserved the tsunami and earthquake and that that's what they get for bombing Pearl Harbor and starting WWII to begin with. Some MORON even posted that "Japan has had a day in the spotlight.. poor them, move on" - and I can't help but think "Oh sure.. Just like you only needed a day to get over Pearl Harbor? Just like America only needed a day to get over 9/11 and Katrina?" Secondly.. Japan didn't start WWII. LOL. Hitler and his little group of nazi shit heads did. Sorry for using such fowl language, but ignorant people claiming that Japan had it coming cause of this or that just pisses me off so bad.. especially when they present themselves like STUPID fools.
I'm not attacking 'ALL' Americans here.. I know SO many amazing people from America, and I love the country! So don't get me wrong.. But if you feel the need to come out with such statements, wishing hurt and torment upon other people because of a war that was over 60 years ago (a war that you didn't even participate in, and a war whose details you obviously know nothing about!) then hell... I want you to bend over so I can slap yo' butt.

So yeah... to end this very mixed entry.. Sorry that it's a bit long.. But I wanted to get word out there about the opportunities to both join FB pages and actually donate if you want to.. and of course about my MAC purchases! \(>_<#)/

Much love, you guys!
- My love and thoughts is with you all

BTW.. I updated my FAQs page.
See it HERE..


  1. People are fools, this just goes to show. War is war, it is a bloody cold engine, it can't be related to a natural disaster... soldiers kill soldiers. Do people think they can be in a war and they won't be attacked/lose troops? Honestly. soldiers died at pearl harbor and not even that many actually.
    Even if we weren't fans of Japan, and even if we didn't think it was the most badass country ever (xD) even if "they deserved it, had it coming" the US "paid them back" when they blew up their cities. The US did waaaay more damage to them, fuck, they made Japan change their entire constitution and way of life. The US went above and beyond to Japan in that war, and they STILL back the US after all that!
    Anyways I hate to writing about this! I just had to say my piece! I'm done! xD

  2. i think it's great how you're blogging about the need for help in japan...every little bit helps!:)

  3. lucky girl! i would love to try more MAC too :D

  4. Dear what's your natural eye color? You're gorgeus in green! ^^
    Anyway I feel sorry about Japan too.. its ironic to realize how things can just happen in sudden >___<
    and yes! no country deserves natural disasters! May God bless Japan <3

  5. lol I have no idea what MSF is either until you said it, then I get it haha. it's sweet of you to give japan a shout out, it's tragic what happened over there

  6. I've seen that video posted on a few other blogs too; I'm really surprised why Japan hasn't asked for help yet looks like they could really need it.

    And Idk what you are talking Nani - you ALWAYS look photogenic and your skin is always near flawless in your photos! :D

  7. That's the thing with buffets, they are cheap (apparently except for the DRINKS =S) but don't expect much in terms of quality. Haha! Although i must say i HAVE been to really yummy buffets before.. theres few around but they do exist. As for the ignorant people who have the balls to say that Japan deserves that... i have no words. It's embarrassing that people like that actually exist.

  8. lol what are you talking about you are photogenic! you have good skin, amazing hair!!! (is that your natural hair color?) and I can tell you have awesome figure too ;) Never tried Patina before but I thought in the pic it looks like Satin Taupe :D

    Thanks for posting the video about Japan. I cannot BELIEVE some ppl even said that. Sometimes I think some Americans are UNBELIEVABLE. just unbelievable. not in a good way. So what it's a free country and you can say whatever you want? Ppl say things without taking the responsibility... without thinking abt the harm it might inflict upon others. It's pretty sad. I just want to point at them in their face and say "you ppl are utterly crazy" = =

    On another note... I do want to buy MSF! I'm running out of my powder foundation and I'm planning to try this next XD

    RE: haha thank you! *takes a bow?* you know I used to wonder how girls accomplish that O_O throwing powder on top of oily face, cuz it just does NOT work for me. Not even with MAC blotting powder. At first I thought it was me, but now I see there are others agreeing with me XD

    Hehe thanks for your feedback on the online store ^_^ it's okay I understand not having money XD I still appreciate your support nonetheless ^_^ hehe I will will come back and check on your blog soon!

  9. omnomnom MAC <3
    that food looks soo greasy! O_O the ice cream on the other hand, yum! share plz! xD

    oh. stupid people are stupid.

    waitwaitwaaaait! var du i Aalborg i lørdags? Jeg tullede rundt i centeret osv med Anders deroppe i lørdags! O_O
    - og ja, SOV SÅ! >: ( så vi kan være noget mere online på samme tid, doh XD

  10. i really like your hair...

    das mit Japan ist eine Katastrophe...!
    Ich hoffe und bete, dass Alles so glimpflich wie möglich ausgeht!! Toll, dass du Japan so unterstützt!!!

  11. yeah me too!
    i wish i could help more...
    i feel so sorry for all that people..

  12. It's so good to see that beauty bloggers leave charity links/posts to help Japan.:)
    I also have one,I just had to post it.

    Btw,your MAC goodies looks great!:D I just purchased my first MAC stuff ever,so I can die happily now lol. (*3*)
    (MAC is so freakin expensive here. -_-")

  13. i was so touched by manwomanfilm's video. She made me wanna cry. I can't understand japanese hater. How can people hate other human in need?

    Then you MAC product looks so sweet ^^

  14. Yay, you finally got the MAC MSF Natural! I'm using it almost everyday!

    I hope, Japan's disaster won't get any worse, and go back to 'normal life' soon...

  15. I love this!
    I made a new post on my blog..
    I attend your comment :)



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