Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's gonna get messy, y'all!


I'm working on a new layout. So this is gonna look like A MESS from now on and maybe throughout the afternoon/early night. I prefer to get layouts and graphics switched out as fast as possible, cause I don't really like my site lookin' like a hot mess. lol.

As you can also pretty much tell from the photo, I got my haircut! YAY! I'm so darn ready for spring to come.. To top off my longing for spring, we just got like 5 inches of snow over the past 1½ days. EHH? Who the heck decided that we needed more snow. I need a word with the bigger man upstairs, yeh. Bsh.. I'm sick of snow. It's so cold and my room is really poorly insulated. When it snows it's cold in here - especially if it's stormy outside as well. Ughh.. at least it's rather wind-still.

Anyway.. I brought THIS photo to the salon. Our printer was acting insane, so I had to search Keikk's site (oh my, I'm such a creepo.. T_T; ) for a bigger photo where her ''parting'' is visible. I actually had my hair pretty damn close to hers a while back, but the parting was different. I had mine all ghetto pulled forward from the back (all jrock style, lol). It was requested that I did a post on both the photo(s) I brought along with some pics of the result. So yeah, here we go:

This time I wanted something more... girly. lol. Being a girl that used to NEVER give a sh!t about appearance, hair, skincare, clothes etc., it's rather difficult to find myself in this mess of fashion, hair and make. Or well.. I always loved makeup, haha, but finding looks that go with my eye shape, doing cream liner (which I suck at atm) and putting on falsies (I suck at that too, but not as much as the liner).. oh man, it's so weird. I've been eagerly practicing the liner for a while, cause I didn't wanna do this sort of 'look' while looking like a weirdo. I think it turned out alright. I definitely need more practice, though.

Anyway, as said - I'm excusing the mess that'll be this site very soon, haha! ALSO, I hope that you guys will like the layout *_* It took me like 5 hours to put together.. lol. I forgot how much fun (and time) Photoshop is (and takes)! : D
Hope you like the photos as well..

Talk to you soon ^^v


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EDIT: The layout is up, you guys! I hope you like it! \(^3^)v


  1. love your new bangs!! new haircut and new layout :D fresh start huh?

    shit i gotta learn from you how to photoshop

  2. Looking lovely with that new hair m'dear! :)

  3. OH! Such a pretty haircut! I wish my hair could be all girly and curly D:

  4. ah I see the bangs are back :3.

    and just so you know, I have no idea either how my blog refers so many people to yours ... but do enjoy XD.

  5. Line...! First of all, your layout looks awesome!! Looove it a lot!! Both the clean layout and the color scheme you used! The brighter red goes so well with the grey! Great job, Line! You are genius! :)

    Wished, I had your skills... sigh!

    Your looks is really pretty too! Your skin looks so bright and glowy, and the lippie is such a cute color!

  6. you look so cute - pretty eye makeup! i love your natural eye colour!

  7. i like your hair! i need to do a drastic change to my hair soon!

  8. The new layout is pretty awesome :) I like how it fills up my whole page :D

  9. Very pretty! And nice new layout! :)

  10. aww nans, your makeup don't look bad. it always looks great.

    consider that from someone who really don't know how to put makeup on.. especially the eyeliner. <3

    btw.. where's your cbox?

  11. You are beautiful girl!!! and your hair cut is super gorgeous!!!!

    x0x0 happy belated valentine's day!! haha I am so late! ;D

  12. holy how can you make such a messy hair look so STYLISH?! my messy hair is clearly just a big mess! you are truly talented :)

  13. Naw you are gorgeous :) Love your hair!

  14. i dont know why but u look like nicole richie XD

    <3 ur hair :D

  15. New here. Thanks for signing on my give away.

    Love your header and is already enjoying you blog.


  16. You're so pretty!
    And the layout is also really nice!
    Good job :-)

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