Thursday, February 24, 2011

Something appears to have died on your head, miss~

Helloooo blog readers/followers/stalkers~
I hope you're doing okay - all of you, of course!

Since my last entry, I've been trying to come up with something to write about. To be honest I could go on and on about ehh.. let's sayyy.. my SID album finally being shipped out (WOOO~!), me actually wearing circle lenses today, kkcenterhk boosting prices with the excuse that ''all over the world companies raise prices with 50%" (which would make sense if they hadn't been boosted with 100%+ on their own website, lol) and me drinking excessive amounts of Pepsi Max lately.

Generally, I'm just gonna post a huge load of photos.. because I'm a cam-whore and because I love the fact that the guy from WHOOGA-eu called me a Fashion-blogger \(*___*);; ♡ am I really a fashion blogger? And what even defines a fashion blogger? Man.. so many things to consider now that I'm a "fashion blogger" - if I even am one?! It's not that I only post about fashion.. I post amount many things. But fashion is a new bulb that lit just above my curly, little head.. -sigh- Labels, labels.. who cares anyway.

Moving on!

As mentioned.. I'm actually wearing circle lenses today! WOOOO! How cool is that? I'm pretty clumsy, so of course I dropped them like twice before finally pushing them in place (that sounded so incredibly violent.. lol). I think it looks decent. I really don't wanna end up looking like those crazy, droopy-eyed, white gyaru chicks who look more like surprised monsters than FABULOUS gyaru girls.. -__-" I'm sticking with nothing bigger than 14mm. My own eyes are 13mm. + a bit, so these lenses don't show up on cam. But irl and on digi cam they show up a bit. I actually really like them! They emphasize my own eye-color pretty well without making me look freaky... or well, freakier than usual. lol

Anyway... I was inspired by Keikk to try out my old faux fur hat. Faux fur is (and will always be) super in with gyaru, so why not give this old sucker another try. I've always  had quite the lot of trouble with this thing.. It just HAS to make the top of my head flat and narrow and let my hair hang all over the place, big and wavy. I don't know.. I've just never been lucky with hats. I asked Keikk how on EAAAAARTH she made it work with hers.. without looking all weirdly face-shaped. She told me to just go for it.. and so I did. Cause I'm a kid in kindergarten.. I need someone older and wiser to tell me what to do. lol

After deciding that ''ohhhh, it doesn't look THAT bad, aye?'' I decided to pose a bit. Cause I'm a dork (and a fashion-blogger, lol). Bear with me, guys.. It's Thursday and I have no job, no people to hang out with (cause I live in the middle of nowhere) and generally no life.

^ fashion-blogger pose. MWHAHA \(^o^)/

A few days ago I finally spent (most of) my Matas giftcard. There was a bit less than $40 on it, so I decided to spend it on an emergency-rescue-kit for my nails. They've been chipping like there's no tomorrow, so I've been really desperate to find something nice for them.

I decided on the Mavala Protective Base Coat and their Nail strengthener. You can't tell that well from the tiny nail-photo, but my nails look like someone tried to chop them off with hammer and sickle or something. It's really ugly. lol
In my current state of absolute poordom, I decided to check out Gina Tricot's website.. I saw the shown belt on Chinsa's website and decided to check out the site for myself. Majority are some of their latest pieces (I'm guessing for spring) and they're super cute! I'm especially craving the striped shirts, the blazer and the belt - SO CUTE!
I mean.. look at the striped, long-sleeve that ties in the back?! Ahhhhh so cuuuute~ \(^3^)/ The printed tee is really cute too.. Ahh, in general I just want it all! STUPID BANK ACCOUNT! Fill yourself up, dammit!

Now to something different.. kinda/sorta/maybe.. HAIR!
I know, I knoooow - I just had a haircut. BUT, I found a few photos of kpoppers whose styles I wanna try out..

First up is the EPIC coloring of Jessica's hair in "Run Devil Run". A lot of people have been talking about this, and I still think it's pure.. well, epic. lol. I used to have dark stripes before, but since I went 'au naturel' I just didn't think much about it.. at least not until a week ago. I really want them done pro. Cause home-dye and salon dye are two VERY different things. I just really like the effortless look of her coloring.. *sigh*

And of course.. Jun Hyo Sung was the only one I could come up with that had this style (as I'm still learning my J-models' names. lol) She's the leader of Secret and these pictures are snaps from their MADONNA music video. I LOVE THIS UP-DO! It's so cute! Sadly, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do this thing.. Would it be with a side ponytail and a lot of hair here and there..? I tried following one of the EGG 'tutorials' but everyone knows that magazine tutorials are crappy. lol. I just couldn't see exactly what was going on.. so yeah.. I gave up. If any of you guys know of a good site/youtuber/whatever who does this hairstyle, feel free to redirect me with a link!

Oh bummer.. what's with the long-ass entries? SORRY GUYS! I know that I'm not 'pro' enough to pull off the mile-long entries yet. I shall try to suppress the urge. lol.
Thanks for reading, y'all!

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Much love

EDIT: Yinnie finally did the post on all the goods I got her :''D WOO! Check it out HERE


  1. I love love fur hats! and yeah they are quite gyaru! By the way, how do you do your eyebrows? I've always wanted to dye my hair lighter, but not sure what to do with my eyebrows,can you dye it too?!

  2. Omg, you look gorgeous!!!! I love how your hair now!! Now now now, haha :) I love that style. I also love the circle lenses on you. I've never tried them personally, but I'm going to be ordering a pair to see how it is. It's nice you already have huge eyes, and those lenses just work together to make your eyes pop :)

  3. Camwhore fun <3 ='D your haircut is prettyyyy atmmmm, don't cut it xD

  4. I LOVE THAT WHITE BLOUSE! I need one of those! Aw :3 nomnomnom!

  5. That hat is too cute! Unlike you though, I think I'd look dumb with it. =\

  6. you definitely look like a korean girl~ I am jealous you are beautiful ;)

  7. the lens are so gyaru!!! beautiful :D
    agree with elisa, your hair looks pretty now!!

  8. looking goooood with lenses, girl! ^___~ GO GET THE BELLA ONES RIGHT AWAY PLZ!! : DDD
    Your white shirt is super duper cute! O:

    OMFG how creepy is this! I've been thinking about getting my hair done similar to either Jessica OR HyoSung.. omg omg.. Well, great minds think alike lolooolololololol!! xD

    That blazer is soooo a must get! gorgeous! *0* yum!

  9. I like your hairs <3
    U look amazing in this hat ;)

    Follow me if u want:
    I'm following u now ;)
    xoxo ;*

  10. What?! kkcenterhk hiked up their prices?!!

    Grrr, imageshack is being evil, I can't view your pictures *sniff*

  11. Jessicas hair look amazing! you can totally pull that off I think :)

  12. Ohh nice linses ~~ They look really neat!
    - The fur thing on your butt is cool! hehe <3
    The pics' are just fab *________*
    I wanna find the SD card for my camera so I can start taking pics again -_-"
    You look stunning! :3

  13. You are too cute! Love your fuzzy hat on you ^____^

  14. Ja det er også 100 år siden jeg har spillet det, men nu syntes jeg ligesom at jeg skulle lidt i gang igen ^_^" ... Der skal jo også være plads til at stene af og til.

  15. omg you got a really beautiful haircut! I'm loving it ^^ and your hat is so adorable <3

  16. Hey! I'm your newest blog reader/follower/stalker ;) I think your blog is really CUTE!! :) I love it!!


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