Saturday, February 19, 2011

Attempted Style-Post #1

So, are you guys excited? It's time for my first actual style-post (cause hauls don't count, lol).. A lot of you requested more style-related posts with more photos of me in them, so here you have it. This is gonna be a long post, though, so it's gonna take a while for me to write - and a while for you to read. Haha! I guess that makes us even.. (^o^')/ Anyway, I hope you guys like it! Let me know in the comments~

x One thing, I will add, is that the shadow changes in some of the pictures.. I'm not quite sure why, but suddenly it just decided to look different even tho the settings were the same. If any of you guys have a way to fix this - please let me know.
I've been trying to go through some of the EGG and ViVi magazines that I found.. I have no intentions of copying everything from these models, because that'd just feel too fake to me. To be honest, I think style is all about adopting, adapting and rocking it! Haha! Sadly.. most of the 'gyaru scene' in Europe does not agree. I've lurked around on both everyday_gyaru and gyaru_secrets and I'm quite surprised to see what's on there.. Majority of the content is all about hating on each other for being the ''shittier'' gyaru. Constructive criticism may appear, but that'll be quickly translated into a mean secret the week after.. Phuu~ I definitely won't be asking those girls for advice, that's for sure. m( _ _#)m

Anyway, as mentioned.. I looked through some of the magazines. I do like quite a few of the gyaru trends these days. Some of these pictures are a bit old, but I still think that they'd apply to current tendencies here and there.
First off (look at the shadows changing.. wtf?), I have to admit that I suck at names. Especially on people that I don't see often - not to mention magazine models. lol. I know that the blonde girl is Yumachi.. but the dark-haired.. Ehhhh~ \(~__^).. hehehe

To their outfits.. Okay, I'm not a super skinny girl.. Most of my pictures are proof of that. There's no way in hell that I'd walk down the street in a skirt that short, showing off my fat thighs. LOL. I possess a tad too much empathy to exploit other people to that.. I wouldn't mind wearing a skirt that short with leggings, tho, which I guess is a bit contradicting.. but I feel that leggings tighten around my legs and kind of 'gather the mess', haha! I'm also really digging the 'destroyed leggings/jeans'-trend with a big, oversized shirt over it. And yeah.. not to mention the foxtail. My own is still chilling on my shelf. I wore it once but then started to feel a bit weird about it. I don't know.. it looks really good, but good god. It could be a dog/fox/unicorn! T_T;

Faux fur is always big in gyaru, it seems. I LOVE faux fur.. especially on boots. I love my heeled boots that my mom got me. They're super cute and all, but they're not very warm in the toe-area. I noticed a lot of girls saying that UGGs aren't exactly the "prettiest boots to wear" - a whut? I LOVE UGGs! Or just similar styles to it.. it's the cutest boot ever! How can you not love UGGs? Here in Denmark we tend to call them bear-boots or teddy-boots. Haha! That just made the cute-factor rise big time, yeh? Here are a few of my winter-favorites..
Now, those kkongs boots are to die for! Obviously I would want some that could be worn outside.. Cause I don't really wear house-shoes. I think it's a rather weird concept.. So yeah, I wear fluffy socks. Haha \(^_~)/

I'm also pretty into high-heeled boots with faux fur detailing, maybe a wedge and some straps here and there. I think it makes the boot at bit more edgy.. Or well, here I go sounding as if I know what I'm talking about. lol. I swear, you guys, this sudden interest for fashion really caught me off-guard. I've never been into fashion and here I am trying to explain to you guys, how the detailing on this particular boot is soooo in this season. *sigh* I don't know.. I hope you enjoy the entry, even though I'm quite the n00b.

Anyway, this is a little 'thing' I've been wanting to try for a while.. I guess you can compare it to ''Steal the Style'' or ''Get the Look'' reports. Haha.. I found this really cute outfit in a mag.-scan and decided to check YesStyle to see if I could find something rather similar to rock this look with some day.
I was pleasantly surprised as I found a lot of items that could pass for somewhat similar to what she's wearing.. Anyway, I'm LOVING her casual yet super feminine outfit. Sadly I couldn't really see much of her pumps as there was writing all over the bottom of the page, but I got enough to see that they were pumps... and red! As mentioned I just went through YesStyle to see what I could find and did this little collage of what I could come up with. I wrote the brand-name next to the item so that you can simply search the brand name and find the item that way (if you feel tempted to try her look out - which I definitely do!)..

Ahh, it's so inspiring to look through all these websites with clothing, shoes and accessories to put together an outfit, haha! ~(^3^)/

Before leaving I just wanted to share these photos with you guys.. I got to try out the less 'spiky' kind of lashes that I got from kkcenterhk. I definitely prefer the spiky pair, even tho these seem a bit easier to apply.. I'm not quite sure why, but oh well.. I did a semi-smokey look with a taupe lid color, a nude lip and some liner.. Don't mind the retarded poses.. I was trying out the auto-shutter-thingie on my camera. It's quite a lot of fun! Sadly it only takes one photo and then you have to go back into the settings and set it to auto again. -__-"

Someone give me a posing-lesson! *grabs random fashion blogger* Teach meee! (#ò__ó)/
Ohh and look at my side-pony! Hahaha.. It looks pretty cute, non? \(^3^)/ kawaii-desu-neeeee.. okay, nevermind. I'm not even gonna go there. SHUSH Nani, SHUSH!

Oh.. and lastly, I'd like to introduce you guys to my DVD player that's been sitting in its box for almost 1½ years. lol. Tanja finally plugged it in and set it up for me.. WOO I can watch Sex & the City again now! SCOORE!

Haha, I hope you guys got through this entry alright.. It's okay if you just looked at pictures.
Hope you liked it :''D
Talk to you all soon!


  1. fåååååk nice new layout ! ^___~ and your hair ! OMNOMNOM much! : DD
    lol totally agree with you! doing my best to stay away from everyday_gyaru and secrets. only lurking around. those girls are just there to be mean -.- so stupid really.

    !!! srsly you gotta have stick legs to wear a skirt THAT short omfg! O_O;; love the first outfit there btw., esp the pants! DO WANT YES PLZ! <3

    more style posts pleasssseee!! :DDD xoxox

  2. I like your new banner! And your pics are sooo cute! I love the silly faces you make :D I don't really have any tips on posing for outfit photos though, because I feel really awkward taking them myself lol. Only thing I would suggest is doing a full body shot so we can see more of your cute outfit! ^^

  3. yay for the new DVD player!!!! :D

    love the pic with you and the 'monster hand' :P

  4. Nice new layout!

    Looking very cute and sassy in the pics!!

  5. I think some girls are jealous of each other? I don't know..
    And I think you are not fat o:
    + these photo's of the models are photoshopped and the girls itself are extremley unhealty thin.

    but anyway, you look cute and nice :)


  6. first thing first: nice bangs! you should curl the rest of your hair that would look even awesomer!

    about the gyaru-issue: i personally think it is pretty funny, i mean how they act xD like little girls fighting over some dolls...

    the models for the magazines aber XXS-skinny.. it is almost scary! don't compare your body with them and there is nothing to be proud of being that thin... they don't even have a real woman figure! (like breast, hips, etc)

    xoxo Little M

    PS. nice way to go with your new layout! love it!

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  8. Lol.. do you know this

    But I guess they are not fashion poses though

  9. your blog is so awesome, i love it~! plus i love lena fujii~

  10. Nice new banner, Lena Fujii is hot!!

    Ahhh, I'm loving these fur boots, they are so impractical in hot Malaysia but I'd definitely wear them out hahaha (and turn into a puddle of sweat once I step out of the door because it is THAT hot =.=)

  11. nice dvd player! and love the pics you picked out, sometimes I wish I can get blonde highlights in my hair to be like one of those hot chicks in japanese magazines, but so much bleech for hair -_- loveee the boots with the fur! can't get enough of them!

  12. Faux fur boots = awesome! :D I so need to stock up on some, I especially love the pair that were featured first in this post :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  13. yay the giveaway is ON at the moment :) go try your luck, you never know ;)

    wish i can send you a tub of this hair mask >_< it's pretty heavy though!!!

  14. i looooove everything u picked out!!!


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