Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ahh, what a girl wouldn't do for cake...

Warning: I hereby over rule all previous comments about me not being pro enough to do long intros. My inner self obviously doesn't care. lol. BTW, thanks for all the entries for my giveaway - AND for all the fabulous comments on my previous entry! Love you guyyyys \(^3^)/

We all know that girls love chocolate.. (and if your girl doesn't like chocolate.. there better be something wrong with her! lol) Chocolate is our comfort.. Our savior when our parents suck, when our older brother is being an intrusive douchebag and when that special someone seems to be blind to our existence.
Majority of us fabulous fatties out there like cake too! And at one point one genius (most likely woman) creature decided to join these two LOVELY concepts into one, fabulously fattening but oh-so-yummy dish - the chocolate cake.
My parents were going to a board meeting in their region of the Newfoundland Club this afternoon, so my father kindly asked me to bake some sort of cake for the event - and oh, why not? I like cake, I like to bake and I like other people who like my baking of a cake. lol. So yeah, I'm here to share with you some photos, a quick ''How to''-recipe along with some ego ness further below (no sexual!).. So yeah.. let's get to it.

Before getting my hands dirty in chocolate (nomnomnom!) I like to say a prayer for the inventors of chocolate, its delight and amazing features: Dr. James Baker, Conrad Van Houten and Swiss Rodolphe. THANKS guys

lol. Now let's get to it! \(^o^)/ I included some pictures for you guys~

For one cake (approx. 8-12 servings)
Cake dough:
100 gr. soft butter or margarine
150 gr. sugar
4 eggs
50 gr. of wheat flour
125 grams of dark, cooking chocolate

100 gr. butter
2 tbsp. of cocoa (dark, unsweetened)
200 gr. icing sugar
2 tbsp. strong coffee
A bit of vanilla

Using an electric mixer (or w/e they're called) is much easier than mixing by hand. Worth considering.. -nods-

Weigh all ingredients. I always do this first, because it makes it easier than having to go back and measure or weigh every time you add a new ingredient.
1)  Put the chocolate in a small bowl and melt it in a pot of semi-boiling water. (this prevents the chocolate from burning when heated)
2) Mix butter and sugar to make it white and whispy. Add the egg-yolks one at a time and mix well in between (put the whites in a separate bowl)
3) Originally the recipe says to add 75 gr. of raisins to the flour before adding, but I hate raisins. lol. So I'm not gonna (^_~)/
4) Add the chocolate to the mixture. Make sure it's not too hot! After mixing well - add the flour little by little while mixing.

5) Whip the egg whites till they're white and stiff.
6) Add them to the mixture - at first you just wanna turn and flip the dough gently with the spatula.
7) Give it a quick, good stir and it should look nicely blended together like in the pic.
8) Pour the dough in a buttered tin and pop it in the preheated oven (at 175℃, regular - not hot-air) for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Let the cake rest for a good 30-45 minutes. While it cools off, you can prepare the frosting.

1) Melt the butter halfway (not too much)
2) Add the icing sugar, cocoa and vanilla. Mix well. Add a bit of the cold coffe and mix till satisfied.
3) Spread the frosting onto the cooled cake (if the cake is too hot, the frosting will melt -__-")
4) And you're done! You can put the cake in the fridge for about half an hour + before serving - or you can serve it up right away!

Good luck!

AAAAND.. because I had absolutely nothing to do today, I decided to smear on some makeup and take a few photos. As you can obviously tell my outfit is pretty damn casual.. haha! I didn't really bother to dress up. I'm growing quite fond of my lenses, actually. I don't know why.. They're not the most comfortable in the world. I have to apply a bit of solution from time to other, but I think it's Photoshop's fault. lol. I'm VERY focused when working my hardcore PS skillZ. Hahaha!

Ahh, excuse my rather awkward facial expression on the right. lol

Top: Only
Shorts: Only
Leggings: Milla

Lastly... Ahhhh~ TAKEOUT!
This is my ULTIMATE favorite dish to get from our local pizza place, Kebab House. Aidan (who I guess is a co-owner) knows my order, haha! When I come in he's always like ''Oh, just the usual #73 without mushroom sauce?" Hahahaha.. I like that. But then again, I might be ordering it a bit too much. OH WELL! I love this stuff! Döner kebab, potatoes (they used to be sliced, but now they're little potato ''boats'' instead ó__Ò" boo!), mixed salad with dressing and bearnaise. NOMNOMNOM!

MANNN, me and my long-ass entries! I'm so sorry you guys.. You're gonna see me apologizing for making these long entries until hell freezes over, I guess.. I hope you liked it anyway - and if the text was too massive, I hope you'll at least enjoy the pics \(^3^)/

Until next time guys!
And btw.. Just a reminder: 2½ days left of my giveaway now!

Much love


  1. Ummmh Cake... give me some GIRL! it looks so delicious my mouth gets watery.. ahh..
    I love your grrr face! You look fab!!
    Stunning girl give me your looks! <3

  2. That cakes looks delishe :D And your take-out as well haha dont wanna eat that too often or you'll get obese! :P jk jk :)

  3. i really like ur hair!!!!
    and cake... YUM~~~!

  4. hey i've been trying to contact you and well..I am following you so I don't know why you are angry :(

  5. I love chocolate cake when it's been chilled in the fridge - so freaking yummy :3 And you look gorgeous in your photos! I really like the green lenses on you :D

  6. you got me drooling over the computer for the cake >_< (it's breakfast time and im' hungry, lol).

    omg i love kebabs...i ate so much of it during that half year in EU coz that was the cheapest thing available next to Burger King @_@ but i love junk food, hahaha!! you look beautiful with the lenses :D

  7. The cake looks delish! ;)

    And I love love love your hair. I had bangs similar to that before but I let it grow out. I could also never pull of waves (or curls especially), my hair's too darn thick. :P

    I also wear colored lenses. I agree, they aren't the most comfortable to wear but in due time, you won't even feel them on your eyes anymore. I've been wearing mine for almost 6 years now. My eye sight really suck from the beginning though, so my contacts have grades on them. ;)

  8. Aaah der Kuchen sieht so lecker aus. ☆♪
    Danke für das Rezept, werd ich bald mal nachbacken ^^
    Schön siehst du aus ♥
    Und übrigens ich mag deine langen Einträge

  9. Ich werde für dich ein Foto machen und berichten wie er geschmeckt hat ☆~(ゝ。∂)

    Dein Deutsch ist prima ^^ better than my english I guess ..
    well, I will follow your blog and I'll see how your german is doing (^3^)/

  10. Kann ich mir vorstellen, dass da nichts mehr übrig ist ^^
    Wenn der Kuchen nur halb so lecker schmeckt, wie er aussieht, dann wär bei mir auch seeehr schnell aufgegessen xD
    Ich liebe backen ♥ und vor allem dann essen ♪ ^^

    Aahh Danke fürs verfolgen!!! Jetzt muss ich mich ja anstrengen (^3~)

  11. u know how to cook!! I don't LOL i am trying :D

  12. Yummy choco cake :D~~ it looks super good, I never put icing on top though..

  13. Hahaha~ das nächste Mal machst du einfach zwei Kuchen und sagst niemandem etwas davon...
    Dann hast du einen ganzen Kuchen nur für dich alleine (^_~)

    hahaha dankeschön~ :3
    Ich werd mir Mühe geben ^^

  14. Aahh~ und schick mir dann ein Stück Kuchen nach Deutschlaaaaand haha <3
    ♥ yumyum

  15. Argh the cake looks so nice, curse the diet!

  16. ja... ist auch so lecker... (*3*)
    Dankeschön ♥

  17. Jaa~
    Aber leider mag ich nur ihr Best of USA album XD

  18. awww yummy~!!! i don't know a girl who doesn't like cake so far. so addicting hehe.

  19. nein ^^'

    ich bin eher der:
    Brown eyed girls
    Big Bang
    GD & TOP (ich LIEBE das Album)
    und SNSD
    Alex Chu <3
    Fan XD

  20. I NEED TO GET ME SOME OF THAT CAKE!!! O___O *drools* yummmm!
    Aw I luuuv the third pic. of you, it is SUPER cute! The makeup is SO nice! ^0^//
    .. now I'm hungry! o.o;

  21. Omg.. that is pure evilness.. CAAAAKEEE!! *Q* Omg.. I need something right now.. *runs out into the kitchen to discover nothing...*
    And giiirl - you look fab <3 Love your lenses, it's a really nice dark green Ô.Ô and cute hair ^o^

  22. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! what would we do without chocolate?!?!?! and the lenses look PERFECT on you! love it!

  23. yummy, hvor ser det bare lex ud :o)



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