Friday, January 28, 2011

SWAPPIN' with the U.S of A

Hey guys..
So, in favor of Tuan's request, here's the post on all the stuff I got from him. He also shipped over my YesStyle order (with my fab. purse and some stuff for the giveaway), but let's stick to the purse and the stuff for ME. Bahha

WARNING: Picture heavy!!

So here's all the stuff I got.

Of course I got my FABULOUS purse! Photos on YesStyle don't even do it justice, I swear. It's so pretty and fluffy and soft and spacious. Ahhh, I love it! I was kinda worried that it'd look like a kinder-garden bag for a 5-yearold, but it's pretty damn stylish for a faux fur bag! \(^o^)

I'm not gonna show you guys what I got for the giveaway.. Cause it's a secret ; D haha! Next entry up - shall be my 200+ Followers giveaway! WOOO! I already got all the rules and dates down.. So yeah, BE EXCITED! (I know I keep talking about it (all talk - no play), but I'm really so damn excited!)

So yeah... NOW to the stuff that Tuan got me : D

e.l.f. Lipglosses

Houston, New York City, Los Angeles, Wild, Perfect Pink

He got me 5 Super Glossy Lipshines w/ SPF 15. I have one of those already, and I actually really like it. They're not really that sticky, but they're just sticky enough for you to know that they will last for a few hours. I don't really use dark colors on my lips, but I'll definitely try these out. They're sheer, but they still give a nice color payoff.

Raspberry, Berry Cherry, Pageant Princess, Ruby Kiss
--- (the last one was missing its sticker)

He also got me 5 of the Hypershine Glosses. These are similar to the one I bought a while back in the color 'Bubble Gum'. The texture of these is SUPER nice. However, I feel that the dispenser of the product is very cheap. The way it dispenses the product into the brush makes it smear everywhere in the tube. The colors are FAB tho! I can wear all of these, actually! My mom would really like the darkest red-ish color tho ; D

Then I got the Shimmering Facial Whip. I'm honestly not quite sure what this is.. I'm guessing it'd be good for some sort of blush/highlighter-thing. I haven't opened it yet, but I'm gonna go with the highlight-theory. lol

Here a few samples. First off a Tom's Daily Moisture soap bar with olive oil and Vitamin E. Then a sample sized Burt's & Bees nourishing body lotion (which I use as a hand cream. MAN it smells GOOOOD *_*) and lastly a Burt's & Bees chapstick. I really like the chapstick. It gives a cooling, prickly feeling on the lips. Nice : D

Philosophy, y'all! I got the Purity cleanser the last time, and this time Mr. Tuan got me two items. The Hope in a Jar moisturizer and On a Clear Day facial primer with salicylic acid. I don't have a tendency to acne, lol, but I'm very excited about the primer. I never had a primer before (except for UDPP and TFSI), so this is definitely interesting! : D Also I've been wanting to try out the Hope in a Jar ever since I read this massive article on how amazing it was. I've been using it for a few days. It's definitely moisturizing, but it's quite difficult to figure out how much to use at a time. -sigh- I'll get to it tho.

I heard a lot of hype about the Sonia Kashuk Full-Glam Lashes, so I pretty much asked Tuan to get them for me.. However, these were the only ones they seemed to have at his Target, lol. They look pretty natural, but from what I can remember, the Full-Glam lashes look a bit different - more spiky and edgy. These could almost go for being a pair of eylure lashes tho. I dunno about the softness of these tho, as I haven't opened majority of these things yet, but I'm pretty sure they won't be too hay-ish.

A HUGE pile of Melties! NOMNOMNONMOM! Meiji Melty Blends in caramel, strawberry and milk chocolate. Deeeelicious! Tanja prefers the strawberry and milk chocolate ones - I really like the caramels. Haha! I guess it all works out fine then, huh? : P

And to the MAJOR surprise!!!
- you sneaky bastard, Tuannieeeee!

MAC items! As most of you may already know, I only own ONE MAC item - the creme sheen glass in 'Boybait', which Yinnie so generously got me in our last swap. This time Tuan really surprised me tho.. He got me THREE items! A foundation, a lipstick and a blush! WOOO! ~(^o^~)

He got me the Pro Longwear foundation in NC20. I reckon that it's a pretty good guess in shade, as I've become rather pale lately. I have no idea how the MAC shades work tho, but I'm gonna try this one out during the weekend, I guess. We'll see then.. I'm VERY happy about it tho! : D I got a foundation from MAC! I'm one of the cool gals now ; D

Next up is the lipstick. I got the Viva Glam V lipstick. I only heard about the Viva Glam Gaga, but this appears to be a very subtle, shimmery, neutral color. I really like it : D I haven't swatched it yet, lol. BUT I SHALL! I promise ^^"

Last is the blush. He got me the mineralized blush in 'Warm Soul'. VEEERY pretty! It has shimmers tho, but the pigmentation and color is very nice. It's kind of a neutral, peachy-pinkish color. It could pass as a blush/highlighter, I reckon.

Wow.. all this stuff - FOR ME :''D WEEE!
A HUGE-ass thank you to Tuan for sending me such goodies! You definitely overdid yourself this time... and now I have to buy you a ferry or a basketball team to ever top this. lol. DAMN YOU! But I really love these items : D
♥ Again; thank you SOOOOOOOO much! ♥

Next post up will be my 200+ Followers Giveaway! WOO!
Excited exciiited! And after that.. probably the haul from Wednesday. lol. I shopped for about 250 bucks. *hangs self*

Anyway.. Until next time!
Much love
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Oh wow...amazing stuff! And so much!! Even Mac! That guy want to merry you!!! Haha ♥ I'm excited, too. You better post the giveaway right away.

  2. Wow wow wow! The things are all awesome!

  3. swaps are awesome <3 !! You got so many stuff xD

  4. such a fantastic swap you did! I love everything, hope u try them soon ^^
    anyway, oh trust me you dont want to be me. Im super short! Neighbour's grass looks greener than urs, but u r beautiful for being u, dear <3

  5. lovely swap! i love burt's bee products. and the purse is beautiful =)

  6. Woah nice swap! You got many wonderful things :) I'm looking forward to your 200+ follower giveaway, congrats

  7. Omg so lucky!! I totally love the bag!! Omg *dies* x___X

  8. Mac cosmetics are the best!! I'm loving your blog!!

  9. Fabulous!! I love all the stuff!

    The purse is just too cute. It's been a long time since I bought or used a fluffy bag though, but I'm pretty sure you can pull off using this without looking like a kindergartener. ;)

    Oh the cosmetics....I can't even say much about it besides that I'm so jealous!!

    The Melties! *Drools** ♥

  10. wow, awesome swap! looking forward to seeing you in some looks with the viva glam gaga lipstick!!

  11. oops i mean the vivv glam lipstick* im sure it will look very pretty on you!

  12. You're such a lucky girl with all that items!!! firstly that bag is just sooooooooooooooo damn cute!! Jealous!!! and all the amount og things!! I really love the Burt's Bees products, they are just sooo good! and lucky you for new MACs! i bet the lippie will look soo nice on you!

  13. Ohh nice, you're so lucky!
    I wanna rob yooouh!
    I miss mylady <3 wub u!

  14. OMG the bag is so so so cute and sexy (wtf how can a bag be sexy? XD)! And the MAC lipstick is the one I've been trying to get my hands on (but haven't succeeded yet, ahahah) and I'm sure it will look lovely on you :D

  15. 1. that bag is just too amazing
    2. love elf products
    3. i love by the lady gaga lipstick!


  16. oh my gosh!

    lucky uuuuu the bag is awesome
    n im jealous of the elf stuff & mac? u lucky girl!


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