Saturday, January 15, 2011

NOTD+FOTD &' a Giveaway update! ☆

Hey guys!

I'm sorry about the last post.. I guess my inner fangirl took over and I just HAD to post about the album. It completed my Miyavi collection of full-length albums so far, so I kinda just felt that I had to... to settle my soul in peace and what not.

Anyway, my YesStyle stuff arrived at my friend's house in San Diego yesterday! WOO! The purse actually came in a bag.. How stylish is that? I'm so excited. He posted a photo on my wall of the purse just for a tease -__-" Boys suck like that.. anyway, he apparently ALSO investigated the purse a little bit. Hmm... there better not be KFC and bbq sauce on my purse when it gets here Ò__ó lol.

I attended a birthday party in Aalborg today with my parents. It was a very casual brunch-thing, so I didn't really do much with the outfit and all.. mostly because all my clothes are in laundry bags and boxes. lol. I SUCK so bad at getting my clothes into the laundry bags and putting them in our laundry room here at home. I take WEEKS to do it.. and by then.. I'm out of clean clothes - sexy much? lol. Baby, I know..

I apologize for looking absolute crap. Bad hair-day, bad lash-day, bad face-day in general.. oh and look at my nasty lips. Ew.. I'm sorry : ( My poses are so awkward these days.. -__-" I need a better camera that can just magically make me look pretty.. AND I should REALLY have fixed my hair. lol. Stupid waves all over the place..

Revlon Colorstay Active in 004 Nude
Elf HD Setting Powder
Elf Mineral Blush in 'Joy' (PERFECT for that wintery blush on fair/medium light skin)
Shitty bronzer (the L'oréal one that I hate and am ashamed to use)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Elf Duo in 'Mocha Swirl' (the light color - lid)
wet'n wild coloricon shadows in 'Kitten' (crease and outer corner) and 'Nutty' (outer corner and V)

Mentholatum Lipbalm (my ALL TIME favorite - look forward to getting a pack of these, Yinnie!)

O.P.I Strengthening base coat
Essie 'Fill the Gap!' Ridge Filler
Nail stickers from Korea
Top Coat

I love the Essie ridge filler, cause it brightens the nails - takes away all yellowness and grossness. AND it makes it look like you got a manicure ; D

Also, I really wanna share my current shampoo and conditioner with you guys. A LOT of people are raving about Tresemmé - and we do have that here.. But I LOVE Schwarzkopf (happily unaware whether they test on animals or not ó__Ò ) - they were also the 'creators' of my previous shampoo and conditioner under the name 'Gliss'. Anyway, my mom brought me back two bottles from Germany before Christmas. Instantly FELL IN LOVE with these! They are SO amazing.. they wash my hair, make it soft and just super shiny. And they come in huge bottles of 500 ml. each. These were on sale for 29 DKK (about 5 bucks) per bottle (they're usually 54-60 - which is 10-12 bucks)) - sooo awesome! Anyway, the bottles my mom got me were the Nutrition Oil ones - these are Repair Therapy. Got two bottles of conditioner and three bottles of the shampoo - cause we all know that the shampoo goes faster than the conditioner. So yeah.. definitely check these out \(^o^)v

I'm reaching 200 followers (hopefully) soon, and the final items for the giveaway are on their way (hopefully). I'm hoping that I can get it up in about 2 weeks. Maybe less : D So yeah.. be excited! I changed up some of the brands tho..

☆ Brands included in the giveaway
Color Club

Also.. Saya says hi this time : D
♥ ♥ ♥

Much love


  1. U dun look crap at all..I think u look gorgeous in the pictures. Loving ur's really pretty! Great post...=)


  2. you always look gorgeous in pictures! that's just silly of you to say you look crap lol!

    *hi* to Saya!

    omg you love lipbalms??? holy, you should PM me your addresses and let me ship you some lipbalms I found in the drugstores <3

    I've never been to Aalborg! To be exact I've never traveled within DK itself, lol the farthest I've gone is the Roskilde airport XD and 4 zones away from CPH city centre XDDD now that's shameful to say i've been studying there for 6 months, HAHAHHA!!

  3. Haha, I was like "gosh...she's so damn beautiful" and a second later I read "I look like crap, sry" haha, so not true!!

    I need to try that Essie Ridge Filler öö looks good.

    Aaaand~ I'm using the same shampoo! Sometimes! (I'm using like 3 different shampoos).

    Woohoo! Giveaway! Really looking forward to that. Going to post my first Giveaway today, haha.

  4. they have Syoss in japan too! a student i teach who works for Schwarzkopf gave me a sample of it.. i told him it's just like tresemme.. then says hes doesnt know but syoss is for japanese / asian hair! lol, anyway its probably tresemme repackaged me thinks - or a sub line...

    you look very pretty! you dont need much makeuo girl :)

  5. i didnt know that... although they look really similar lol. good to hear they work very well on you.. i think i will try the shampoo sample very soon :D

  6. hii! :) i saw your last post and i'm a jrock fan too!! ^^ supposedly i'm in his new live dvd LOL i haven't seen it though...

    anywayy! if you like yesstyle you should check out gmarket! the only downside is that everythings in korean TT__TT post what you gott! :D

  7. you look so pretty:)x check it out hope you like it:)

  8. how about following each other:)?? let me know xx

  9. I'm loving your eyes they are beautiful !!!!

    Xo Jess :)

  10. You do not look like crap. I love how you did your eyes. =D Btw, how do you like the OPI base coat?

  11. Saya is so cute!!! <3 and pretty FOTD!!! :D

  12. no you are pretty! =D
    ah I wish I could have a pet.. my mom never let me to! But anyway I love love Saya! she's so adorable ^^

  13. Love your makeup! And I'm yor 199th follower ;) I hope you reach your 200th soon! :)


  14. *looking at picture* crap? where? You don't look like crap at all! I think you look gorgeous!!
    I love this shampoo! I used it while I was visiting my sis in Japan and apparently its popular in Japan too!!


  15. Line, i must do a swap with you sometime soon!! (am currently extremely busy with job-seeking and stuff like that...) tell you some good news :) i got first class honours for graduation !!! I know it yesterday LOL!!!

  16. O sorry about that~ I will try to remember that u don’t like links ^^


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