Thursday, January 20, 2011

FOTD + a little haul


So I'm back with a little tiny petite haul. lol.
As most of you may already know, I got my license on Wednesday last week - and I haven't been driving since. I'm TERRIFIED of driving my parents' huge-ass Kia Carnival. Its steering skills are TERRIBLE. It's like driving a ferry -__-" Anyway.. I finally got over my fear of breaking the car to pieces and got in it, took Tanja and myself downtown and got a few things.

Of course I bought myself a bag of candy, two bars of Ritter Sport and 10 bottles of 1½ liters Pepsi Max. lol. But that aside, here's what I got - both today and from the past 2 days : D

Now, first I got the Revlon ColorStay Active - I bought this on eBay (my only source for Revlon and NYX items) for about $7,50 or something.. It's in the color 150 Buff - I got the one in 04 Nude, but I reckon it's become a bit too dark for me. Can you even imagine that? I went from Natural Tan in the summer to 004 Nude in just two weeks. And now I got all the way down to 150 Buff. *sigh*

The next item is actually an anniversary present from Tanja. Haha, we celebrated our 11 months anniversary at Kebab House with my younger brother. Anyway, this one came in a bit late, but we already went through disc 1-4. Got two discs left! UGHH this stuff is so addictiiiing! However, Cameron needs to stop being so damn annoying! lol

To an item I actually bought TODAY, downtown.. The Biotherm Rides Repair Nuit - night cream. I realized recently that this one is actually anti-wrinkle-repair-stuff.. But nonetheless it works WONDERS. I had a tiny sample that lasted me 2½ days.. and just on those two days. Gurls, lemme tell you. This may be $90, but DAMN it's amazing! I had a giftcard - so yeah.. I paid nothing. Haha, but still! It's worth it! I do believe that you can get this on eBay and Amazon. Not sure tho.. I'd be rather hesitant to buy expensive skin care on eBay tho. AND Amazon - we've seen fakes on there before -__-"

So.. speaking of eBay AND expensive things.. Next and last item up is this AMAZING (at least I think that it's amazing -__-") wallet. It's medium sized and by the Korean brand OMNIA. As mentioned I got this off eBay.. The seller didn't ship it out yet and I paid for the item like 5 days ago. I messaged him like ''Hey, when will you ship my item out? Am very excited to get it : D'' and his reply was something like ''Oh happy to deal with you.. Sorry but I'm currently out of stock. I'll message u around Friday with a new shipping date''... O____O EXCUSE ME WHAT? The moron didn't even send me a message after checkout with ''Thanks for your purchase, we had an update error on eBay and the item is currently out of stock. I'll order it for you and contact you with new shipping details on Friday'' OHHH NO, I had to ASK myself.. Gosh, I hate stupid people. -___-" It better be FABULOUS quality for an effin' $57.

to wrap this up.. after rant, hauling and what not.. FOTD : D yay!

Revlon ColorStay Active in "150 Buff"
e.l.f. Studio HD Powder
e.l.f. Mineral Blush in "Joy"
Shitty L'oréal bronzer

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX Trio in "TS03"
The Body Shop Eye Color in "37"
NYX Slim Eye Pencil in "Black"
Maybelline XXL Mascara (Soft Black)
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara (Black)

Mentholatum Lipbalm
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in "Pink Crystals"

Until next time : D
Let's see if we can get to 200 Followers by then, yes?

♥ ♥ ♥

I truly appreciate the support!
Much Love


  1. omg the Biotherm night cream sounds good :D but you're so young =.= you don't need anti-aging stuff, girl!!!

    if you need biotherm u can ask me next time, we've got plenty of it (cheaper than Ebay) here!

    congrats on getting the license thing!

  2. it's this one isn't it?

    I just found that the Biotherm in HK doesn't carry this line, but they carry all other stuff, but do check out this since they ship for free!

  3. pretty! I really like your hair.. reminds me of beach waves!! nice haul too.. revlon is too expensive in Jp!

  4. OG I LOVE HOUSE TOO!! love your haul<3
    and you look soo pretty!! :)
    I might want to try the revlon hehehe.

  5. Lovely haul! I need to try that Biotherm - sounds amazing! :)


  6. lol I was using Biotherm cream cleanser until it gave me rashes -_- I hate having such sensative skin!! ohh I heart house :D season 2 was the best I think!

  7. Your blog is very nice! I really enjoy reading your posts, there is so many goodies to read about! Love the night cream :)

  8. That is one sexy wallet! Sorry to hear about the drama. Hope you get it soon! =D Nice FOTD too. I love your hair.

    (Thanks for your honest opinion...haha!)

  9. oh my,
    you look so pretty in your FOTD !
    i've always wanted to try the Revlon Colorstay Active but my skin is quite sensitive so i doubt it'll work on me :S

    biotherm products are the besttttttttttttttttttttttt !
    but they're always super expensive though :( so i always end up using the small samples that i get from my mom & dad's huge skincare sets HAHAHAHA sad i know -0-

    & i'm sorry about your wallet !
    that's why i kind of avoid shopping in Ebay because it's either the people who can't communicate properly or the people who just take our money & run away -0- don't forget to show us your wallet once it gets to you!

    have a great weekend =D
    - Coco

  10. You're so pretty!!!!
    Following you your blog is amazing!
    Follow me too?

  11. Eeeeh, foundation? But your skin is like perfect XD! You don't need that XD
    Omo, you should be careful when buying things online! I was scammed before when ordering lenses ;A;

  12. Love this look on you, very natural and your hair looks really pretty too. I'm a new follower x

  13. Revlon is usually more expensive, isn't it? Good deal~!

    Congratulations for your drivers license and the 11 months anniversary ♥ (kebab house sounds SO not romantic btw xDDDD great)
    & I love Dr House!! His humour is amazing.

    Mh..I know that "ebay-problem". A friend of mine experienced something like that about 3 times, some sellers should update their stuff more often..

    & your face is killing me. everytime.

  14. don't you just LOVE strawberrynet ^_^? it's actually cheaper to order in HKD than DKK (I tried to adjust the currency and look at the prices) too bad T_T

  15. ur hair colour is so pretty as always!!! Mine are like weeds now~

  16. ohmygod at that leopard print wallet!!! you're so pretty :) Thanks for following my blog!! :)


  17. Your hair is soo nice annd I love that leopard purse! I'm addicted to anything leopard these days ^_^

  18. I looove House. ^^' you look so pretty!


  19. i just read that you are from denmark, i was there in december & i love to be there :)

    you have a rly cute blog! ;)

  20. you're so gorgeous! and congrats on your license! I was so nervous after I got mine too. but I've stopped driving once coming to Japan -x- be safe! :3

  21. hahahahaha
    because of you, i want to buy real-size biotherm products now!

    - Coco
    ps. my give away is up!
    so please go check it out ;)
    would love it if you could win!

  22. you are SOOOOO gorgeouS!!! i love your hair color/style and make up!!!


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