Thursday, January 13, 2011

Confessions of a Collector

What you may not know about me, is that I've been a huge jrock fan for AGES. Okay, maybe not ages.. But I found out about it back in 2005/2006 and have been collecting both albums (preferably limited edition) and dvds (limited ftw!). If I can get my hands on a limited edition album that turns out to be sold out a short while after I got mine - or if they sell out immediately, but I got to order mine first.. then I'll be in heaven! Haha, even if I don't like the album - doesn't matter. As long as I got it. There's just a special feeling that goes through me (no sexual -__-") when I stand with that particular item in my hands.. It's difficult to describe.. But it's kinda like when you FINALLY receive that huge makeup order you placed a long time ago and have been eagerly awaiting : D

To make it short, I finally received my Miyavi album in the mail - Limited Edition First Press, of course. I'm surprised it didn't sell out a long time ago. It finally sold out on CDJapan, but I got mine from YesAsia anyway. I prefer paying a dollar more for the item and then receiving free shipping, than saving the dollar and having to pay 10 bucks for shipping. Also with CDJapan the items almost ALWAYS get caught up at customs and it ends up with me having to pay $100 to even pick it up. It's ridiculous.

Anyway.. to the album itself.

Artist: Miyavi
Title: What's My Name?
Edition: Limited Edition, 2in1 First Press. (comes with a Be@rbrick figure)
Release date: 13th of Oct. 2010
Description (from YesAsia): Self-proclaimed "Samurai Guitarist" Miyavi made his re-debut in September 2010 with the single Torture. A month later, the immensely talented artist unleashes a full-blown comeback with his sixth original album What's My Name?. Working with Yoshioka Tokanzu as co-producer/co-engineer once again, Miyavi serves up 14 wicked new tracks, including Torture and many more. By the end of the album, you will definitely remember that this is Miyavi.
First Press Edition comes with a special Be@rbrick Miyavi figure and volume two of footage from Miyavi's Neo Tokyo Samurai Black World Tour on DVD.
Purchase: YesAsia, $80,49


The box is HUGE. For a second I feared that the box itself took up the shown volume - but luckily the box with the little be@rbrick figure detaches from the cd/dvd box. I honestly HATE big packaging (which is why most Kpop releases ANNOY me when it comes to the packaging)
Other than the size, I'm pretty happy with the packaging/looks of the album+dvd. It's gonna look awkward on my shelf with the other releases as they're pretty normal sized albums, but I can live with that.. I need to re-arrange my albums anyway, as space is getting limited. -sigh-

However.. that bear.. What is it for? Did I miss a PV with him having this bear attached to his outfit, guitar/something somewhere? It's obviously a cellphone accessory.. but it's rather big and chunky (and made in China, lol) so I doubt it's gonna be as convenient as I'd want it to. Besides.. I already got a strap on my phone.. with a Pokémon on it. lol. I like how all Myv's tattoos are on the bear tho.. That's kinda cute. I guess it's just a fangirl-item. I'm over the fangirl-days, but I guess it's cute for just having around.

Overall: I haven't listened to the songs or watched the DVD yet. But I'm definitely excited to check it out! I guess the bear is cute.. Generally the Japanese artists sure know how to ROCK a limited edition item. They pimp it up with awesome stuff! The Koreans could learn a lot from them!

Lastly, Sasuke apparently wants to say hi. xD lol


  1. lol yeah that bear is big and chunky as a accessory, plus it's white so it's going to get dirty if you put it on your key chain

  2. wow, you so don't look like a jrocker fan!! Good to know though!
    And, i guess i can understand? cuz That's with me on buying limited edition make-ups. I MUST HAVE THEM!!!
    HI SASUKE!! you're such a cutie!!

  3. didn't know you know japanese too!? i thought you know korean ^^"

    cute hamster <3

    and no i didn't really get that much from Jill Stuart XD the christmas set boxes you saw in a few posts earlier aren't for me :P they're all for bloggers who asked for a Custom-Purchase :) i stayed away from their Christmas coffret this year <3

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