Thursday, December 30, 2010

☆ My Christmas in pictures ☆

Hey everyone!
Sorry for being MIA for so long. I know I promised some tutorials for the holidays and all -hits self with a brick- I deeply apologize..

Instead of posting a HUGELY heavy entry with a whole novel about what I've been doing, I'll settle with a photo-heavy entry. lol. I hope you like it! I missed you all so much!

How was everybody's Christmas? Mine was a bit... stressful. Had majority of the family over for Christmas eve and it was a MESS. So loud.. I didn't really get many presents, but I'm happy about what I got. What did you all get?

Also... I know I promised someone a Birthday/New Year's look a while ago. I haven't had the time to get it done, but this is pretty much what I'm gonna do, using super affordable products.

Talk to you all soon!

Happy holidays and have a fantastic new year v(^o^)v

I forgot to give shout-outs! These are all the people who wished me a happy birthday on the 21st (or a day before/after)!

Sara (Pippi)
Ore (Kristen)
Tom (my uncle)
Mikkel (cousin)
Mathias (cousin)
Sus (aunt)
Jordan (even though u said it a day in advance, lol)
Dolce Bunny

And of course all the others who attended my birthday party on Sunday including my brothers, mom and dad.
Thanks so much!

And an extra thanks to the two/three guys who wrote on my profile on this random SNSD forum that I forgot I'd joined. lol ; D
AND a thanks to JohnBraden on JF who also wrote me a PM to congratulate me : D

Thanks so much ♥ ♥

Friday, December 17, 2010


Helloooo~ \(^o^)/

I'm back with a HAUL.. And not only makeup.
I'll add to this that I NEVER buy clothes - EVER. I rarely find anything that I like and I hated shopping for clothes for such a long time. But I figured it was alright, since I lost 24 lbs since May. lol. So obviously I'm in need of new clothes. Only bought two pieces tho, but I really like them!

I also went to Bilka (big Walmart-ish store in Denmark) and got two more things from WnW and a random GOSH loose powder that was on sale. So yeah... here we go!

I went to Aalborg to buy Christmas presents with my mom this morning. She had an exam at uni (she studies business law and such) AND GOT AN A+! WOOOO!

And swatches real' quick..

I got the Body Shop eyeshadow as a 'birthday present' (cause I'm a member of their Love Your Body thing..). It's a super cute cranberry/pinkish color. It's surprisingly pigmented, but I won't be surprised if it muds out big time when blended. ANYWAY..

Items I got include:
wet'n wild MegaSlicks Lipgloss in 'Sinless'
wet'n wild coloricon shadow in 'Kitten'
the Body Shop eyeshadow in '37'
GOSH Pure Mineral Powder '10 Fair' (it was five bucks - so why not?)

And for the clothes

I got a red, long tank top by 'Papfars Pige' (Danish brand). I really like their tanktops. Snatched one from Vi-Vi-Vi a looong time ago and she never got it back. lol. Anyway, I love how they fit, so I wanted to get a new one : D I picked a red.. cause it looked pretty nice on me -selfabsorbed-
I got the sweater/dress-thing cause I was looking for something cute for my birthday/Christmas/New Years. I guess it's nothing fancy, but I'm not a big 'shopper' for clothes. I hate how most clothes don't fit me, cause I have big thighs. EVERYTHING is soooo slim fit and yeah.. Of course jeans and leggings are what I'm in most need of right now. SO typical. Anyway, when I got to the register with the dressy-thing, the girl by the counter looked at me and I went 'Oh, hi.. just this one please' and she was like ''It's a fabulous piece! Nice choice!'' For a second I stood there thinking ''uhhh... okay?'' and then I realized that she was wearing the exact same dress-thing. xD Haha.. I'm a moron. So slow today. -sigh- She paired hers with skinny jeans, a long-sleeve black tee and then the dress. She looked so fashionable : ( -selfconscious instead-

.. to end this, I'm hereby posting a swatch of the nail polish I got. I'm starting to really like WnW nail polishes. This color is awesome for winter : D

On a sidenote, some dudes are firing off fireworks now. The dogs are going MENTAL. ffs. It's actually illegal in Denmark to shoot fireworks when it's not New Years.. lol. I should call the cops (as if they'd give a rat's ass.. but anyhoozle)..

EDIT! Just wanted to share this video.. Weylie is so freaking awesome : D Love her videos!

Also.. did u guys see Michelle Phan's newest tutorial? The Candy Cane look?

Oh well... I'll talk to you all soon! : D
Hope you guys liked the post!

(and happy bday to me in four days! WOO!)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

d0rks at Christmas!

Hey guys : D

So I went to a friend's house this Sunday to do some Christmas baking. We went all out with gingerbread and mini donuts (yes, I finally used the donut maker!) while listening to Christmas carols sung by Stig Rossen (he's a well-known opera singer).

So yeah.. Just sharing some photos : D

How do you like the new frames for blog photos?

Nomnom, mini donuts! Will be making more for my birthday party on Sunday!
(My birthday's on Dec. 21st, btw! Don't forget!)

The dough here was actually supposed to go in the freezer for about an hour and then get sliced up to be made into something called 'jew cakes' (Jødekager). Basically it's just sweet cookies with cinnamon and almond flakes on top. But yeah.. We forgot all about the dough and if I'm not mistaken.. it's still squished into Vi-Vi-Vi's freezer. Haha!

I be VERY concentrated! I swear the dough was a bitch to work with -__-"

Mølfe (left) and Vi-Vi-Vi (right) trying to.. yeah.. I don't know

Vi-Vi-Vi sucks in a kitchen. Just saying...

And this is what Anders did most of the time
- not help. lol.

BTW; I went driving today for the first time in like.. a month. MAN driving is so stressful and difficult.. Seriously, everyone makes it look so easyyy.. Anyway, I survived - even the highway (LIFE IS A HIIIIGHWAYYYY) didn't kill me (it was close tho..).. I was petrified : (

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vanity is overrated~

Hey guys! Whattup?
First off - I hope you like the new layout ; D Christmas-ish, no? I'm sorry about the current frames for my images. lol. I know the watermark is hideous, but I'm battling to stay awake. Fell asleep around 6AM this morning and had to get up for the walk at 8:30AM. UGH SO TIRED T_T

I went to Aalborg today around 10AM to walk around with my parents, some dogs and fellow dog friends. It was super cozy, even though it got pretty damn cold after a while. After the walk we went to some friends' house (the people who got Maya) to get mulled wine and fritters (I Google translated those two words. lol. Have no idea what they're called in English).

After that my parents went to this huge grocery store (Metro; basically where u get groceries tax free if you're a business. They carry great quality beef and my dad generally wanted to go for a pair of boots, I think).. Anyway. While they went to Metro, I decided to let my dad drop me off at the mall. I went to Bilka (a big-ass department store with groceries, clothing, makeup, pet supplies etc.) to do a quick round of Christmas shopping. And of course I also went there to get some wet n wild products : D I've been wanting to get one of their single shadows and a palette. Originally I wanted the 'Vanity' palette. But after taking a better look at it, the colors were NOT worth the 10 bucks. (Most things are more expensive here cause of the wage-difference compared to the US). 'Vanity' is DEFINITELY overrated! The so-called 'bronze' color looked more orangey to me. And the color I hate more than yellow - is orange. lol.. Ew.

This is what I got.

So, I got the single shadow in 'Nutty' (cause it's sooo pretty!), the coloricon palette in 'Lust' (cause I looove the purple/plump colors in it!), a MegaSlicks lipgloss in 'Strawberry Ice' (MAN this thing is PIGMENTED and super creamy!) and lastly a nail polish in 'Rain Check'.

I love all the things that I got, and I'm excited to try out the palette. Anyway, I still can't figure out why everybody's raving about 'Vanity'. I guess it's just wrong for my particular skin tone only. Dunno.. But yeah.. I also got a few Christmas items for my dad and for some friends (my friends don't even know, lol - surprises ftw!), some topping and sprinkles to put on donuts (I'm bringing my donut maker to my friend's house tomorrow), a few things for Saya and then some lipbalms for my swap with Yinnie. Man, I need to get that thing sent off. lol. BUT I WANNA GET HER SOME STUFF FROM "NILENS JORD"! God darnit! -__-"

Anyway, hope you're all warm and enjoying the holidays! WOO! I love Christmas! It's pure awesome... People are so jolly and optimistic. And I LOVE shopping for Christmas presents - even tho I usually spend a little money on myself as well. lol.

To end this entry.. with a promise to make that Award-entry VERY SOON - here's another photo from the little 'winter shoot' I did the other day.

Luv y'all

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Stop sniffing the snow!

Whoah, I've been MIA for quite a while. I'm really sorry : / I just needed some time on my own, went to my gf's place, tried to relax at home, then got screwed over by my old job etc. So yeah, currently I'm fighting my old employee to get my ACTUAL paycheck. I made a few calculations and according to these calculations.. they owe me around $800-1000.. I don't work for free, yo. Nobody does. This whole situation made me completely unable to sleep at all.. I'm worried, nervous and rather anxious. ALL at the same freaking time. So I guess y'all can figure out that I've been rather stressed lately. Seems like everything's just caving in on me, huh? Bsh..

In Denmark it's tradition to either get one present every Sunday from the first Sunday of Advent until Christmas Eve. Meaning... 4 presents during December. Others prefer the 'a present a day'-thing, but I like that you get a little present every Sunday : D So the first Sunday I was actually at Tanja's, but when I got home, there was a little present waiting for me. Yay! It was the SYOSS Heat-Protect Styling-Spray by Schwarzkopf! EPIC WIN! This past sunday I got a donut baker! HELL YEAH BOIII! I'm SOOO making donuts later today! NOM! I need to go out and buy some frosting and sprinkles to put on them.. ALSO, my parents went to a dog show this weekend and they went across the border to Germany to do some shopping. My dad brought me home 36 bottles of 1½ liter Pepsi Max. NOMNOMNOM! I originally gave him some money to purchase them for me, but he gave me back the money and was like ''Nah, this is for housesitting and feeding the dogs'' - Again; EPIC WIN! My mom got me a Gliss shampoo (my favorite!) and my dad got me a big bag of Djungelvrål (little animal-shaped, SUPER salty liquorices).. So yeah, win win win!

I wanted to post a few photos of myself, as I've been MIA for so long.. and people are getting impatient O_O'' So I'd rather get to it. I did a quick little 'photoshoot' in my yard. Haha, without a jacket on.. Eeek, it was cold. But not until after a while. So yeah.. a special edition FOTD.

So yeah... Very quick. I got like.. 38 photos or something.. Deleted two.. and the others weren't.. I don't know.. maybe I COULD use them for the new layout.. Bsh, whatevs.

Hope you're all staying nice and warm this winter! Phuu, it's gonna be a cold one!
A BIG thanks to Rinny for passing on two awards - I'll be getting the acceptance entry done soon : D THANKS A BUNCH, LOVE ♥ I never got blog awards before.. it's exciting ♥

Anyway! Thanks for reading! Sorry about the long entry... at least there are quite a few photos, yeh? Haha. Oh, and btw! A photo from my facebook.. I didn't post it on here for some reason.. But yeah... Saya says hi ♥

Love y'all!
And thank you all SO MUCH for the continuing support.. I really appreciate all the nice comments on the Rosie entry. You have NO idea how much this means to me ♥ Thank you a million times!