Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just an update..

I decided to blog today
- not because I have much to say, but just to keep the spirit going, you know?

FOTD ^ no makeup, just hair. lol

All I can really talk about lately is my job. I was asked to meet in tomorrow, but just now I was told that that wasn't necessary anyway. BLEH. I wanna work, y'all? Why you keeping me on pins and needles here? Jeez.
I had my first day on thursdag, and everything went so awesomely well. They praised my effort to the height of clouds and the 'oldies' there were really impressed. So yeah.. I guess I'm doing alright? ; D I'd just REALLY hoped to get to work tomorrow. Now I.. AGAIN.. have nothing to do this weekend. How lame is it to prefer working over having a day off? Let me tell you, that it's preferable to work, when you've been sitting on your ass doing nothing ever since summer holidays kicked in. So by now I'm literally craving something active that'll give me that early-morning-wakeup-call and late-night-exhaustion. So far... yeah.. one shift. Hooray - I'll say it's better than nothing.. But seriously.. I'm bored -__-" Now all I can do is wait till my shift on Tuesday, wait for Tanja to come over on Wednesday (also work from 9AM-8PM that day btw) and from then on.. who knows?

I hope you're all doing well.
I won't be doing any shopping what so ever until probably Christmas, as I won't get my first paycheck until the 1st of November. So yeah.. This will become rather dull. I guess I'll just have to spam you guys with FOTDs and tutorials, no?


btw; thanks for suddenly exploding in followers! WOO!

EDIT: This girl, BTW, is freaking awesome!! : D Aint she the cutest?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

░░░ FOTD ░░░

I have my first day of work tomorrow and I'm SO freaking excited. Today has been rather weird.. I'm surrounded by quite some drama lately, and it's kinda frustrating. I decided to do a bit about my face, as I'm still getting over the massive breakout I had a week ago+. I looked like a pre-teen boy - no offense intended. It was HORRIBLE. Now I have a bit blemishes left and a few bumps. I guess in a week everything will be back to normal.. I sure hope so

Anyway, today's face is again based on the Nude on Nude palette. I LOVE IT! And I know that my last few entries have been all raving about this palette, but the swatches of the lippies only confirmed my appreciation - no?

I hope you can see this, but the marked shadows are (obviously) the ones that I used. I used the white/cream color as a highlight on my brow bone and the inner part of my eyes. I used the pinkisk champagne as an all-over lid color, the shimmery brown on the outer half and the dark matte brown as my crease and V color. Also I lined my upper lash line with the NYX Slim Eyepencil in 'Café'. It's super creamy and does not crease at all - which is pure awesome.

Even though I lost quite a bit of weight lately, I feel incredibly fat - as if my face swell up or something. Is it just me? Oh well.. Maybe my face just looks weird today. lol.

I hope y'all are doing well! I'm pleasantly surprised that I got so many followers the past few days - YAY FOR THAT ♥ It'll be quite some time, before I can celebrate my 100 Followers' giveaway, but oh well.. We can't all be cool like Jeongie ; D (« look, a subliminal message! lol)

Also.. on a random sidenote I found this picture.. It's from.. uhh, monday, I think

It's nothing special, lol. I looked like this for my interview! : D Yay for natural makeup. I simply spot-concealed with my Revlon Active foundation (also to make sure that THAT wasn't what caused the outbreak) and put on some mascara.. I must've done it right, as I got the job. lol. Nahh, I doubt that that was what decided the outcome. I'm still excited about tomorrow tho! WOO! First day of work from 9AM till 8PM - long ass day = a shit load of moneyyyyzz. YAY!

Btw, I apologize for my weird poses lately.. I'm trying to find an angle that doesn't make me look fat.. LOL

Also, I'm listening to Nine Muse's song called 'No Playboy'. LOL. Sorry, but I gotta say this.. They look like a failed attempt to be like SNSD. Even the beat is so SNSD-ish. FAAAAAAAAAAAIL, girls.

Argh.. CALM DOWN WOMAN. -hits self with stick-
Luv y'all

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nude on Nude LIP swatches

I decided to do some swatches of the lipglosses that came with the NYX Nude on Nude natural palette. As mentioned in the previous entry about the palette, I really don't like lipglosses in palettes for eyeshadows. To me they just don't belong there. But this time NYX did quite a good job with the lippies.

The Barbie pink

The pigmentation is REALLY good and the texture is soft. It's not sticky at all, but it tends to crease just a little bit. Overall the color is super pretty- not too Barbie.. Just a hint of her..

The Bordeaux With Glitters

Now, these are probably not 'glitter' glitters, but they're too glittery to be shimmer - and too shimmery to be glitter.. Slitter? Glimmer? Ionno. Slitter sounds a bit suicidal anyway..

I really like these colors. Hooray for surprisingly nice lipstuff in palettes!

Monday, September 20, 2010

☆ Job interview ☆

So, I went to a job interview for Aldi today. Was there around 10:50 and a girl showed me around till the guy interviewing me had the time. He was on the phone.. So yeah, she showed me around and told me how it'd been going down for a while with people simply leaving, being sick for 4 weeks, people not doing anything etc. etc. So yeah, I think the interview went really good, and I was just called up by the guy, who said that it was my lucky day.. First I was like 'Huh?', but he said that I seemed to be crazy enough to fit in perfectly with the staff. Haha!

I'm SO happy right now, srsly. I've been buzzin' and fuzzin' about this stupid job-thing. Been so nervous that I'd never get a job EVER - and then I'm suddenly 'hired' - or well.. kinda.. The actual boss (as the interview-guy was simply a substitute) will come down sometime soon to write a contract, but still. xD Anyway, I wore a super simple outfit for the interview. I didn't wanna overdo it, to make them somehow think that I'd be some fashionista princess who chose fashion over practical matters - so I just went with simple jeggings, a long grey tank top and a striped cardigan that ties in the front.

Makeup wise, I just spot-covered my blemishes and leftovers from my breakout (which is why I haven't shown my face until now (MAJOR breakout, I tell you!)) with my Active foundation from Revlon. I put on a bit of mascara and that's it. Nothing too fancy. My hair is just as it is, but I added in a few extra curls.

My first day of work will be on Thursday. They're getting me right into it by handing me an 11 hour shift -WOAH! At the grillbar I had trouble just getting 4 hours in a day.. lol. I love Aldi already! WOO FOR JOBS!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

NYX Nude On Nude √

Natural Look Palette swatches and review

This was a half year anniversary gift from the lady, and as everything else makeup - I just had to put it here. I've been wanting these cute little palettes for a while and I finally got one. From what I know, they have 4 out so far; Nude on Nude, Bronze, Smokey and Purple Smokey. Generally I wanted all of them - but this and the Bronze were definitely my two favorites to try out. They're all small, practical and very affordable.

I tried the palette last night when going out for a school anniversary with my dad - I didn't take any photos tho, as I looked like a crack dope retard already. I'll definitely make some few looks with it though, and most likely compare it to the Everyday Eyes palette from elf.

With this palette you get two sections of makeup - 1 section with 9 small eye shadows and 1 section with two lipglosses and 2 applicators. I will say though that the applicators aren't worth a dime, so you might as well just throw them out. I imagine them doing more damage to any look applied than good.

The eye shadows are very small - about 1 cm. - 1½ cms. in squares and you have to be very careful when picking up color with a brush, as they can roar up quite the mess. Use small brushes or sponge applicators. (to each their own, but you know my opinion on the sponges *cough* ew! *cough*) The top row colors are (as shown on the swatches) not very pigmented. The color comes out much better on a primer.. This is not uncommon for matte colors, but usually NYX colors are much more pigmented. The colors seem a bit dry as well, but I'm assuming this is cause of them having set for a long time in the palette. Either way, they look better with a primer. I use flash light for photos, which washes out the colors, but the first two colors are very subtle and natural. The first color has a white flush to it and would be great as a highlight. So would the second color, but it's more of an overall-lid color if you ask me. The third 'matte' color (that has a bit shimmer to it tho) is great for in the crease and smoking. From here on the colors get much more pigmented and soft to apply.
The following colors are shimmery; a light champagne with pink undertones, a beautiful brown with bronze undertones, a dark wooden taupe with grey/brown undertones, a light pink with coral undertones, a gold with brown/orange undertones and lastly a dark brown with gold shimmers. Most of the colors (except the matte colors and the light pink) have gold sparkly shimmers - where the mentioned colors are more on the silvery side. All colors blend easily, except for the 'matte' brown and the dark taupe-ish color.

The lip colors are subtle but do come with a lot more pigmentation than originally expected. I was never fond of the whole ''let's put lip glosses in eyeshadow palettes'' idea, but they're not as poorly made as most lip products put in palettes. I'll most likely never use them tho. Btw, I just stuck my finger in there and swirled around for the swatches - hence the weird-looking dot in there. lol. My fingers were clean though - don't worry. As you can tell, the lip colors are pigmented and quite shimmery - not really glittery though (we don't like glitters in lip stuff). I still don't like lip products in my palettes though, as I'm much more of an eyeshadow girl than a lippie girl. But to each their own, anyways..

I'm definitely liking this so far. I'm not as excited as with the elf Everyday Eyes - YET, but the looks you can do with these colors are still almost unlimited. The colors in here are absolutely beautiful and very appropriate for everyday looks, so this is definitely a great substitute for the bigger elf palette. The NYX box can go into a small purse or a pocket and can easily be carried around. The darker tones can work up a smokey eye very easily so this is definitely a great all-round input from NYX.

Out of sight - out of mind..

out of time to decide ♫
(↑ catch the t.A.T.u reference)

Anyways, hi guys! It's definitely been a while. My blogging eager has been rather low lately. Not that I don't feel like blogging - just the whole editing, typing in etc. that makes me not want to bother. lol. Anyway, I'm back and today I'll be posting quite a few entries, just to keep you guys updated. I know, you really hate the long entries, so I'm cutting it up into separate ones, so that it's easier to go through.

Look! I cleaned my room big time. If you know me just the slightest, you're well aware that I'm probably one of the messiest people on earth. I hate cleaning my room. I don't mind cleaning other people's places - but I cba to do my own. lol. But I FINALLY got it done, and I'm actually rather proud.

On a side note, I have a lot more stuff than what can actually fit onto my makeup table. Makes it look messy - but it's really not.. About the first picture; I decided to decorate my door - which is something I never do. I finally got my hands on sticky fix a while back, and it's just freaking perfect to hang stuff everywhere without ruining the wallpaper or the posters. So I decided to put up post cards, photos, posters and letters : D Woo!

Also, if any of you guys have any sort of experience with Adobe Lightroom - I'd LOVE some tips and tricks to pwn this stuff. I just got it yesterday and I'm pretty blank on how to use it. It claims that it can make blurry photos of poor quality really good, but the pre-set functions don't really appeal to me that well.. so yeah.. Any help would be appreciated ^^v

Luv y'all! ♥