Saturday, July 31, 2010

FOTD & elf haul

So, since I didn't really particularly care for the quad that I bought from elf. cosmetics last time, I decided to get my hands on some other products - and then I got myself another of their lash curlers (because the one that I already have is kinda smothered in lash glue and such..) so yeah.

So this is gonna be a haul and FOTD combo, as I decided to try out my new elf products while playing with them anyway. And since I'm already talking about them, why not show you a look that I did.

Now let's get to it..

I placed the order on July 26th and it was shipped out the next day. I received it this morning and today is the 31st.. so as usual I only had to wait 4 days for my order to arrive - which is pretty nice. I hate having to wait for a week or more, because I'm always so anxious to get my hands on the items and try them out.. This is why I hate Denmark for being such a ridiculously expensive country with no variety in brands what so ever. *condemns* eBay items always take about 10 days to arrive from either Korea, HK or the States, so that definitely sucks. But I love the items I get (mostly), and I guess getting it a bit cheaper and having to wait for it, is better than paying thrice the price and having to realize that it's a sucky product when getting back home.. Even though we have testers at the store, we cannot return anything. -_-" Stupid store policies..

Anyhoozle, enough blabbering, the order came at a total of about $25 including shipping.. +/- and I ordered the following items:
Mechanical Eyelash Curler
Elf Studio Complexion Perfection
Beauty Encyclopedia 'Everyday Eyes'
and then I applied a coupon code to get the Mineral Blush in 'Joy' for free (yay for facebook coupons!)

I already showed you the lash curler, and I also already told you how much I love it ♥ - so no need to take up space with that.. I'll move on directly to the Complexion Perfection powder compact..

Now this compact consists of 4 colors that blended together is claimed to even out the skin tone and get rid of blemishes and redness. Now.. I have only used this today on top of my Colorstay foundation, and I only saw the 'lightening' effect of it. I will have to try it out on my skin just as it is before judging this product.. Also.. for some reason, my Beauty Encyclopedia and this one came with the packaging slightly dented.. I'm not sure why. I guess when they say 'we recycle the packaging' they REALLY do mean it.. I don't know. It even came in cardboard boxes, so it really makes no sense to me. Also the shipment box was unopened and the products weren't used. The packaging just looked a bit.. suspicious to me.

Moving on to the Beauty Encyclopedia, which I've been all eager to get my hands on. I LOVE the idea of this. A 'book'-looking makeup palette, that is small and sleek and can be taken anywhere with you on the go. Now, on the WEBSITE it looks pretty small and sleek.. But in real life it is actually a pretty big palette - I don't mind though, it gives you that much more product. The Beauty Encyclopedia comes in three different color-variations for the eyes and one for the lips. I got the one in the color combination 'Everyday Eyes' as I love the nude, neutral colors. Also this palette contains colors with really great shades for green, hazel and brown eyes. It's pretty handy, and it also comes with a sponge- and brush application duo-thingie. The brush side is super soft and I really like it. I was never a fan of applying makeup with sponges.. I just can't imagine it being good for the skin, when people drag on the makeup with a sponge. Oh well, that's just my opinion.

The colors are super vibrant. I did both a swatch and a smudge for you guys, so that you can get an idea of how the colors look AND blend with each other. The texture is smooth, soft and super comfortable. I don't even feel as if I'm wearing makeup at all. Now.. the thing that I didn't like about their 'Eye Brightening' quads was, that the colors are vibrant when you swatch them.. but as soon as you start blending, they completely disappear and lose their 'brightening' effect in the colors.. Now these colors (as you can obviously tell) are MUCH more vibrant and blending-friendly. The cream shadows are NOT very pigmented though, and I kinda have a feeling that these were meant as some sort of 'primer' before applying the eye shadows. Not sure though. The palettes also come with an eyeliner.. This edition came with a black eyeliner, and the liner itself is super vibrant and smooth. It does have a slightly poky application, which is definitely not good for makeup beginners. It pokes and stings a bit on the skin - and I do NOT like that. Overall the color payoff is nice though.

Last product is the Mineral Blush in the color 'Joy'. Now I gotta say.. this blush is AMAZING! It came with my order for free, because I JUST managed to place my order in time to apply the code for a free blush. The texture is soft, sheer and very very blendable without losing color. It comes in the shown container, and there are small holes in the see-through lid. Though, and I didn't realize this till later on, you have to remove that bit of tape that is set on top of the holes, to make the product accessible. I didn't notice the tape and thought that the 'holes' were just a little pattern. Dooh~ Anyway, this blush has a beautiful peachy-pink color with a nice sheen. It would be good for highlighting also, as it reflects light very well without it being too much.. It does cast a pink/peachy light though. Overall it's amazing, and I'm definitely getting more of their mineral blushes!

Now for the FOTD...

As for the FOTD I used the following products:

Revlon Color Stay Foundation in 'Natural Tan'
Elf Studio Complexion Perfection
Elf Mineral Blush in 'Joy'
Elf Beauty Encyclopedia 'Everyday Eyes' (the brown just below the silver) for contouring

Elf Beauty Encyclopedia 'Everyday Eyes' (I used the white color for highlight, the greenish brown for all-over lid color and the darkest brown for outer v definition)
Loréal Super Liner Carbon Gloss (in black)
NYX Slim Eye Pencil in '901 Black' (tightlining)
NYX Slim Eye Pencil in '918 White Pearl' (waterline)
MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Curved Brush in 'Black'
Estée Lauder Double Wear in '01 Black'

Mentholatum Lip Balm SPF6

Oh, to end this long-ass entry, here's a photo of the lunches I packed a few weeks ago for our trip to Germany..

Aren't they cute? Now.. can you guess what's IN the sandwiches? ; D

Luv y'all! TTYL! ♥
Btw; my lashes are still curly - YAY! ^^v

Thursday, July 29, 2010

it's a miracle!!

My lashes are curly today!!! OMG!!
-faints on floor-

A miracle has occured!

I've been delivering job applications all day today.. Phew~! I don't think my ego can take any more.. I'm so scared that I won't find a job.. Hold your fingers crossed for me ♥

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

★ Music love ♥

Apparently I lost track of new KPOP releases - and that makes me really sad : (
Hereby giving YOU.. (AND myself) a little update on what's going on, and of course what I think about the new releases..

So the NEW release from SHINee is called 'Lucifer'. A teasing dance song, who makes u wanna shake that thing, yo! ; D Okay, so apparently they felt like sexing up mr. Taemin. He went from being sweet and innocent - to being PURE sex with long hair.. Anyone but me thinking 'Heechuuuul'? The part where he goes 'rawrs *bites lip*' (around 1:46) is kinda sexy, no? Also, the dancing is AWESOME! And either way, this song is super catchy - I'm totally getting the album, yes! -dances- Ohh my, my little boys grow up so fast :''D

Okay, so I'm not quite sure exactly HOW old this song is, but it's SUPER catchy.. and sexy none the less. Baha.. She got some serious bootypoppin' going on here.. I like the song, it's catchy. The chorus is a bit ''meh'', cause it doesn't actually make much sense.. It's just.. Change girls girls, boys boys bla bla.. A bit weird.. But the beat is GROOVAYYY (yes, I'm bringing it back!) and it's kinda nice. The video is sexayy.. and we all like 'sexayy'. Now, I do NOT like 4 Minute, but this girl got it goin' onnn!

This one is quite 'old', but I felt like sharing it anyway. I LOVE this song and originally the song belonged to Ke$ha, if I'm not all mistaken.. I obviously like this version MUCH better, as I don't really like Ke$ha in general. She seems like a brainless drunk to me. But oh well, this is about the girls from SNSD. Taeyeon and Sunny will ALWAYS be my favorites, but I gotta say, that Jessica looks really nice with the blonde thing going on.. What is there really to say here? The song is awesome, the dance moves are GREAT, the girls are looking fine.. I like ^^v

Of course I had to bring in my gaaaals from 2ne1 - because I love CL and Minzy to death -flails-.. This song is CATCHY as hell.. You can barely hear them actually saying nal ddara haebwayo, but that's the name of the song. 'Try to copy this/me' or as YG calls it 'FOLLOW ME'. They all look fine as hell, except Dara (cause I don't like her -__-").. Their vocals are manipulated (of course).. It reminds me of FIRE, really, which was their major break through, but honestly this is more pro than FIRE. Their moves are awesome, the song is awesome, they look awesome (at least 3 of them do ; D) and yeah.. It's pure awesome!

Okay, so this was just a small insight. Obviously I haven't been too active on this area lately, but I still love my kpop to death ♥

Rising from the dead..?

Hey guys!

WOW has it been a while, huh? O_ô

I'm really sorry about that. As you can probably guess, I've been super busy.. Exams, graduation, dog shows, spending time on love, life and family and what not.. Oh my. Either way, I'm super sorry for neglecting the blog. I've been slaughtered quite a bit by you guys - both for not blogging, but also for shutting down LOLLIROCK, even though it's only temporarily closed. Oh well, I'm still sorry about that. I just don't have the time to manage and update two blogs at the same time and Blogger is just so much easier for me, as I don't have to edit tables, codes and what not, every time I wanna post something.

I've been to two dog shows the past 10 days. One in Germany and one in Denmark - pictures are uploaded onto Facebook, but here's a sneak peak. I guess it doesn't look THAT interesting, but it was really a lot of fun! Even though I move out next year, I'm still attending - both for fun, but also to help out our Italian friends with showing their dogs. I've helped them out for the past three years and I don't feel like abandoning them in any near future.

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well. This is just a quick FOTD and then I'm out.

I've been working on a Summer Favorites-video lately and hopefully it'll be up soon.. ''soon''.. lol..
I'll see you all later and I hope you're enjoying your summer holidays to the fullest ♥

... and yeah, I was too lazy to water mark the last photo ; D