Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Just a quick NOTD that I did instead of going to bed just yet..

All over color is 'Entourage' from China Glaze
White and black stripes are made with the L.A. Colors Art Deco polishes in white and black (obv.)

I hope you guys like it : D

Also.. right now I'm listening to 'Piece of Me' by Britney.. Whyyyy? I don't know -__-"

NYX (& Revlon) Order - again

Hey guys!
So yeah.. being the frustrated female that I am, I decided to indulge in drowning my sorrows in makeup. YAY! So I placed some orders, and this is what I got:

3 Mega Shine Lipglosses (Chandelier, Juicy Pink and Perfect)
1 Concealer in 'Light'
2 Eyeshadows in 'Black' (matte black color) and 'Kiss in Casablanca' (beautiful shimmery/sheer, vibrant blue color)
1 Blush in 'Pinky'
1 Trio Eyeshadow in 'Perpetual'
1 Chrome Eyeshadow Pigment in 'Exquisite' (nice shimmery, deep bronze/brown)

Super Lustrous Lipgloss in 'Pink Pop'

I'm planning on placing an e.l.f order, cause I really wanna try out their cream liners. How do you guys like them (the liners)? Are they any good - or just a waste of money?

Also I'd love some suggestions in terms of a good powder and foundation. I really wanna try out the Revlon PhotoReady, but they don't sell them here in Denmark.. bssh. But yeah, any must haves?

And here.. an updated photo of my hair (that I cut a few days ago) and my face.. which lost a bit of weight and looks.. different. I don't know.. but yeah, this is currently what I look like..

Talk to you all later.. ♥