Sunday, May 30, 2010

NYX Mega Shine Lipglosses

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The new post is featuring 8 different colors
This post only contains swatches of 3 colors.

Hi guys!
Yup, still alive here. I got through my 3 written exams last week: Danish, English and math.. Ughh, I'm really dreading the math one, as I'm not very good at it. But I hope I passed at the very least.. I can afford failing a few classes (including both written and oral math) but I just really don't want to. Tomorrow is German (written), Tuesday I have to draw my subject for the synopsis I have to present in social studies on Wednesday.. and Thursday I draw my subject for history on Friday.. Ughh, I'm totally piled up this week. Wish me luck!

So after a long time of NOT updating anything, let's begin with my NOTD. This has been my 'look' all week, and the polish stays on REALLY well. It hasn't chipped or fallen off by the roots or anything, which is really really nice. I'm wearing the color Tantalize Me, which is a really nice shimmery, purple, pinkish color. As mentioned just before, the color stays on really well. One layer gives that slight hint of purple, while two coats makes the color REALLY pop, especially in natural lighting, it just looks plain amazing.. I'll post up pictures of the other colors I got, when I try them out, but so far this is a great color! I also got the Essie - True Love, but that was really a fail color. No payoff at ALL and it made my nails look sick or something.. Anyway, Tantalize Me is a-freaking-mazing! I'll def. repurchase this, when I run out..

Next up for review are my BELOVED Mega Shine Lipglosses by NYX. I LOOOOVE these lipglosses. The colors are amazing, they give great payoff in color and they feel really soft on the lips without being sticky at all. Tanja gave me three new to add to my "collection" (okay.. I wish, I only had one before these in ''Frosted Beige'', which is a nice natural, frosted (doh), color..). She got me (left to right) Beige, Natural and French Kiss - the ones that are apparently sold out EVERYWHERE... And I love them all! I did some swatches for you guys...


Ironically.. the one called Beige is the most pink one. It has a nice, matte, finish to it and feels very delicate and soft on the lips. This, I find, to be the nicest of all pinks I've tried when it comes to lipglosses. Usually pink lipglosses are pumped with glitter and shine, and it simply just ruins the intensity of the pink color. If it's not pumped with glitter, the color payoff is usually really bad, so the shine - I presume - is to prevent people from realizing, that the glitter is what causes the color and not the actual 'colored' product. Either way, this is a really nice color and I LOVE the tone of pink it has. Not too bright - not too Barbie - not too brown or orange. Just.. sexy and.. perfect! (You can tell that I really like this color, yeh?)


This color really IS natural and it is SO pretty, if you ask me. I love how it's toned down, matte and gives this just.. simple, shiny and wet look, as if I just licked my lips. Also, this makes my upper lip look a bit fuller, which most lipglosses do with their shine. But yeah.. This one is definitely worth getting, guys! I actually thought that the color was pretty dark, but it matches my lips PERFECTLY and blends in really well.

French Kiss

This color is kinda like 'Natural', but it has wayy more shimmer and is a tone lighter. I like this one a lot too. Also, 'French Kiss' has a bit more pinkish glow to it, which makes it a GREAT color for cozy nights out with friends or something. It's flirty, but not too romantic. This is a really good color for a subtle eye makeup, where you just want to make your lips look that bit more attractive and teen-girly.

Lastly.. I wanted to share something a bit more personal. My dad bought home a huge strawberry cake last weekend and it kinda took me by surprise. My dad rarely buys cake, because he actually doesn't really like it.. Basically he only buys cake, because I beg him too OR if my mom says that she feels like eating gross whip cream cakes.. But yeah, I was still feeling pretty sick last weekend. However, the cake was really good - my stomach just wasn't.. -__-"

That's all folks.. I'll be busy this week - but money comes in tomorrow (wooo), so I'll see if I can squeeze in a bit of makeup shopping.. 
Hope you all had a better weekend than I did ♥

Thursday, May 20, 2010

R.I.P Mr Lee ♥

Hi guys..
Sorry for the lack of makeup-updates. I'm still sick and going through a rough time, with finals coming up next week. I received a call from my mom, while at a friend's house, on Sunday night, that my hamster had died.. so this entry, is dedicated my little fur ball, Mr. Lee.

When I first got him, I'd recently lost my bunny to time at the age of 7½. She was a great bunny, only meant to just about reach 2-3 years - but she was a stubborn piece of wildness and hung in there for 7½ years. This all made it quite strange for me, as I'm used to my pets growing really old. Mr. Lee barely turned 1½ years, which is really sad for me. I loved that crazy little thing. When I was at the farm with Shiki, I picked him, because he was the first one to throw himself into my hand and crawl up my arm. He was super dedicated and very loving and energetic. We developed a superb relationship, but then I had to leave for Sicily with my classmates and he was left in Denmark for about a week. My mom didn't take him up much, so he was very hostile and rather aggressive when I got home. He stopped crawling up in my hand by himself and began biting randomly. It sucked, but I still loved the little fella.

So anyway.. this entry is to him. For being such a sweetheart and the cutest little thing ever. I used to put him on my desk while surfing the web, and he'd always sit on my laptop and wash himself up.. I guess it was the heat from the laptop that made him like to sit there but it was really cozy none the less :''D

I hope he's in a better place. I have my flaws as a rodent owner, but I tried and we had our great times and our bad times. I miss him though.. running in the wheel making a huge ass load of noise when I'm trying to sleep ♥

I don't think I'll be getting another dwarf hamster, even though they're adorable. My dad suggested me to just get a new one, but I'm not so sure.. I cannot take the fact, that I will barely have them around for a year or two. It sucks.

Anyway, to Mr. Lee and his awesome furness ♥
I love youu, hamster :''D

Monday, May 10, 2010

I received my stuff!

Hey guys.. Just an update as I'm still sick and have nothing else to do but sleep and look miserable. I can't believe you guys think I look good, even when sick. It's so nice of you really.. (♥) But I gotta say, that if you saw me irl - you'd run off screaming for mercy ; D trust me. The biggest problem has been the eating part. Just now.. It took me about 17 minutes to eat ONE slice of toast -__-" And I still have an entire slice left. God.. Also, I now have lost about 10-12lbs instead of just the 5-6lbs I thought I'd lost - and to be honest, losing weight doesn't make me look scrawny (vice versa actually, cause I'm really not that skinny), but losing weight like this makes anyone look horrible. My mom doesn't want me to go to Sealand on Wednesday, but I just HAVE to pull myself together tomorrow. I have to go!! : (

Anyway. To cheer myself up, I ordered from elf a while back - and it arrived today! Wuii! I just love receiving packages in the mail, don't you? Especially when it contains beauty supplies.. nom nom! I'll add a tiny pre-review for you guys and some swatches, as I didn't try them out as a whole look yet. It was just a quick swatch to check out the quality. So here goes...

First up are all the goodies. I tried out the lash curler, and it gives a decent curl, really. Nothing spectacular, as I hear the Urimura-something curler should provide you with, but it's decent and good enough to use, for what I plan to use it for. (fake lasheeeees) So yeah.. That was definitely worth the sorry amount of £1,50 ; D haha. I still can't believe how they can sell their products so cheap. I just don't get it..

The brush had me doubting, as Yinnie had apparently meant the Studio Line brushes and not the regular ones - how am poor I to know? - but it ended up with me having no regrets at all. The brush is dense, super full and soft and I'm quite sure that it does its job perfectly fine.

I was really excited about this one, because Holly gave a slight review of it on her channel. Actually she reviewed both next items coming up, and said, that they were good buys for the money. Anyway, up first is the shimmer quad 'Silver Lining'. I LOVE purples and lilacs, and they go really well with my green eyes - so this was an obvious buy.. and for £1,50 (which I paid for all the items, actually) is incredibly affordable. The color payoff is not 'amazing' or 'surprisingly good'. It's decent. I will definitely suggest a primer under this one, because the colors are not very pigmented and they are easy to just brush off with your fingers. But the colors are really pretty - I love my purples ♥

Also reviewed by Holly is the Super Glossy Lip Shine with SPF 15 in 'Goddess'. Originally I wanted the lip gloss in 'Pink Kiss', but it's not available yet : ( So yeah.. I settled with the one in 'Goddess'. I really like this color. It looks pretty nude on my lips, but the consistency is pretty thick compared to other lip glosses. It is a bit sticky, but not a lot. I really like this product. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of 'Pink Kiss' at the UK website, so that I can get one. Sadly it doesn't look like a lot on photos (blame my camera for a second, as I have to admit -after loving it unconditionally for so long - that it kinda sucks). It shows more as a shimmery nude color, but it actually does apply a bit of color to my lips. This is definitely a re-buy! Wooo!

Last but not least is the liquid liner in 'Black'. I like this eyeliner, even though it's a bit too fluent. As you can tell from the photo, it's not exactly 'jet black', as I will admit to prefer my liquid liner to be, but it's a decent color payoff. Also, it's quite buildable, which surprises me. Usually 'watery' eyeliners aren't builable at all, because the water from second layer will erase the first layer, but this one is worth it. I really like it. Also the tip is very small, which I'll have to get used to. I'm used to the old-school 1 cm. long eyeliner brushes. This one is barely 3 mm. long.. Which is weird to me. But application is not complicated at all.

So yeah, this was just a quick insight on the products. I'll definitely recommend all of them (maybe except for the lash curler, as it's not really suitable for daily use with mascara). I'll post up a look with the quad, new lashes and new eyeliner when I'm well again.

Also, I wanna thank all my new followers. I really appreciate your feedback, even on my lame entries, posting weird photos of myself being sick - sorry about that. That's just how random I am.. xD So yeah.. it really means a lot to me ♥ ♥
I'll ttyl~

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Still sick...

Yeah I know. This time I've been really concurred by this evil virus/bacteria/sourceofillness. I don't know what's going on. Anyway, it's kinda keeping me from playing much with makeup. I'm going downtown with my dad today, and I really look horrible. The photo is decent, compared to what I look like irl. I'm wearing a bit of powder (to tone down the whiteness and uneven skintone), a bit of blush to make myself not look so horribly ill (which is hard to cover up) and then some bronzer to add a bit of glow.
My cheekbones look really weird, but I lost about 5-6lbs during this week, so that probably explains the eye bags and the cheekbones. My eyes have really sunken into the socket, so I honestly look.. like crap. Wish me better guys : / I'm sick of being sick!! *whine*

I hope I get better before Wednesday (we got holidays coming up - long weekend!), and I really hope that my elf-order will arrive soon.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'm an E.L.F virgin!

Hi guys
Blogging two days in a row - yay me!

So, I wanted to share with you guys my first E.L.F-order. I'm very impressed, cause apparently it REALLY pays off to live in Europe, since E.L.F got a

I've seen some of you bloggers out there swear to E.L.F products, and I've also seen quite a few youtubers talk about, how great these products are. So I got rid of my doubts, went to their website - and now got rid of my E.L.F-virginity ; D

This is my order:
Blending Eye Brush (thanks for suggesting their brushes Yin ♥ )
Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15 in "Goddess"
Brightening Eye Color Quad in "Silver Lining"
Mechanical Eyelash Curler
Liquid Eyeliner in "Black"

The order came up to £11,45 in total, which to me is extremely reasonable. I'm already loving their prices. Pressed powder for £1,50? Holy moly.. Pray to someone up there that I shall not become an addict. I'm excited about this order.. Let's all cross our fingers for me getting a great experience with these products : D

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Lashes and Brushes

Hey guys! Sorry it's been a while. I'm still pretty sick, but my mom got me Coca Cola Zero and a bottle of Zymelin, so I'm ready for recovery now : D

I wanted to share my new, goat hair brushes, that I got for about $12 on eBay. I know that eBay is a rather questionable place to purchase brushes, but I got some from there earlier, and I definitely haven't been scared to purchase again. I got this set too, but it's absolute rubbish - DON'T get it. The one, I got, is a purple/lilac pouch with 18 brushes made out of goat hair. The brushes look decent, they don't smell like dead goat and none of the brushes lost any hair, when I pulled them for excesses. I do have to say though, that I didn't take a photo of the pouch, because it's kinda ugly. I LOVE the color of the handles though.. it's quite similar (maybe a shade lighter) to the color of the Primer Potion containers.

One thing that definitely caught my attention about this, was this brush:

I haven't seen a brush like this before. It's full round, but has an actual angle. O_ô I'm just wondering what on earth it would be useful for... blending? Blending is currently my only suggestion, as it's rather fluffy - in a.. round angled kind of way.. haha. Btw, don't mind the cracked nailpolish. I officially HATE O.P.I colors now. They last NO time and take a gazillion coats to not streak and make a decent coverage. Darn OPI. You suck!

Another thing I got, was lashes. I'm currently addicted to false eyelashes. I love the long, crazy ones, that just make your eyes POP and look all psycho! Haha.. But yeah, I got these:

They look decent for HK lashes. They're soft, easy to apply and the band doesn't look too small to apply glue to. So I'm definitely excited about these. They're criss-cross eyelashes, that extend at the end, making them look more natural - yet still diva-ish. I'm not planning on using mascara on these, as I'm hoping for them to last longer than the other, shitty ones, I got earlier. These are softer and easier to work with - which I really like. The ''hairs'' are rather weird, though.. But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. A brand I'd LOVE to get my hands on again, though, is the Eylure lashes. I LOVE THEM TO DEATH! ♥ ♥ #70 is my true love in lashes. I just LOVE it! ♥ Sadly they're like £4,99 a pair, which is really expensive.. -__-" But oh well.. I just won't use mascara on them.. or.. win a gazillion bucks to buy a huge load of them. Haha! Anyway, I ordered a tube of DUO Dark Tone Eyelash Adhesive. I heard good things about the clear one, but Holly swears to the Dark Tone (we all apply black liquid liner anyway, so what's the point in clear when dry?) so I went for that one. YAY for DUO!