Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vanity is overrated~

Hey guys! Whattup?
First off - I hope you like the new layout ; D Christmas-ish, no? I'm sorry about the current frames for my images. lol. I know the watermark is hideous, but I'm battling to stay awake. Fell asleep around 6AM this morning and had to get up for the walk at 8:30AM. UGH SO TIRED T_T

I went to Aalborg today around 10AM to walk around with my parents, some dogs and fellow dog friends. It was super cozy, even though it got pretty damn cold after a while. After the walk we went to some friends' house (the people who got Maya) to get mulled wine and fritters (I Google translated those two words. lol. Have no idea what they're called in English).

After that my parents went to this huge grocery store (Metro; basically where u get groceries tax free if you're a business. They carry great quality beef and my dad generally wanted to go for a pair of boots, I think).. Anyway. While they went to Metro, I decided to let my dad drop me off at the mall. I went to Bilka (a big-ass department store with groceries, clothing, makeup, pet supplies etc.) to do a quick round of Christmas shopping. And of course I also went there to get some wet n wild products : D I've been wanting to get one of their single shadows and a palette. Originally I wanted the 'Vanity' palette. But after taking a better look at it, the colors were NOT worth the 10 bucks. (Most things are more expensive here cause of the wage-difference compared to the US). 'Vanity' is DEFINITELY overrated! The so-called 'bronze' color looked more orangey to me. And the color I hate more than yellow - is orange. lol.. Ew.

This is what I got.

So, I got the single shadow in 'Nutty' (cause it's sooo pretty!), the coloricon palette in 'Lust' (cause I looove the purple/plump colors in it!), a MegaSlicks lipgloss in 'Strawberry Ice' (MAN this thing is PIGMENTED and super creamy!) and lastly a nail polish in 'Rain Check'.

I love all the things that I got, and I'm excited to try out the palette. Anyway, I still can't figure out why everybody's raving about 'Vanity'. I guess it's just wrong for my particular skin tone only. Dunno.. But yeah.. I also got a few Christmas items for my dad and for some friends (my friends don't even know, lol - surprises ftw!), some topping and sprinkles to put on donuts (I'm bringing my donut maker to my friend's house tomorrow), a few things for Saya and then some lipbalms for my swap with Yinnie. Man, I need to get that thing sent off. lol. BUT I WANNA GET HER SOME STUFF FROM "NILENS JORD"! God darnit! -__-"

Anyway, hope you're all warm and enjoying the holidays! WOO! I love Christmas! It's pure awesome... People are so jolly and optimistic. And I LOVE shopping for Christmas presents - even tho I usually spend a little money on myself as well. lol.

To end this entry.. with a promise to make that Award-entry VERY SOON - here's another photo from the little 'winter shoot' I did the other day.

Luv y'all


  1. I like the new layout! And you look very pretty in your photo :)

  2. I have Vanity and Lust and I love them both! But I agree taht $10 is a lot for some WnW palettes... they are so inexpensive here!

  3. love your new banner!
    oh crap i didn't see WnW in Bilka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would you mind revealing how much these were in DKK? Just to satisfy the curious cat in me lol...(i love to know how high the prices are jacked up in other places XD)

  4. Love the new layout!! AND don't worry about it, just send what you have if you can't find nilens jord stuff, Please don't beat yourself up!

    BTW, still need to send a little extra something for you in the New year because, You're 20 soon. =D

    Love, Yin


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