Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Stop sniffing the snow!

Whoah, I've been MIA for quite a while. I'm really sorry : / I just needed some time on my own, went to my gf's place, tried to relax at home, then got screwed over by my old job etc. So yeah, currently I'm fighting my old employee to get my ACTUAL paycheck. I made a few calculations and according to these calculations.. they owe me around $800-1000.. I don't work for free, yo. Nobody does. This whole situation made me completely unable to sleep at all.. I'm worried, nervous and rather anxious. ALL at the same freaking time. So I guess y'all can figure out that I've been rather stressed lately. Seems like everything's just caving in on me, huh? Bsh..

In Denmark it's tradition to either get one present every Sunday from the first Sunday of Advent until Christmas Eve. Meaning... 4 presents during December. Others prefer the 'a present a day'-thing, but I like that you get a little present every Sunday : D So the first Sunday I was actually at Tanja's, but when I got home, there was a little present waiting for me. Yay! It was the SYOSS Heat-Protect Styling-Spray by Schwarzkopf! EPIC WIN! This past sunday I got a donut baker! HELL YEAH BOIII! I'm SOOO making donuts later today! NOM! I need to go out and buy some frosting and sprinkles to put on them.. ALSO, my parents went to a dog show this weekend and they went across the border to Germany to do some shopping. My dad brought me home 36 bottles of 1½ liter Pepsi Max. NOMNOMNOM! I originally gave him some money to purchase them for me, but he gave me back the money and was like ''Nah, this is for housesitting and feeding the dogs'' - Again; EPIC WIN! My mom got me a Gliss shampoo (my favorite!) and my dad got me a big bag of Djungelvrål (little animal-shaped, SUPER salty liquorices).. So yeah, win win win!

I wanted to post a few photos of myself, as I've been MIA for so long.. and people are getting impatient O_O'' So I'd rather get to it. I did a quick little 'photoshoot' in my yard. Haha, without a jacket on.. Eeek, it was cold. But not until after a while. So yeah.. a special edition FOTD.

So yeah... Very quick. I got like.. 38 photos or something.. Deleted two.. and the others weren't.. I don't know.. maybe I COULD use them for the new layout.. Bsh, whatevs.

Hope you're all staying nice and warm this winter! Phuu, it's gonna be a cold one!
A BIG thanks to Rinny for passing on two awards - I'll be getting the acceptance entry done soon : D THANKS A BUNCH, LOVE ♥ I never got blog awards before.. it's exciting ♥

Anyway! Thanks for reading! Sorry about the long entry... at least there are quite a few photos, yeh? Haha. Oh, and btw! A photo from my facebook.. I didn't post it on here for some reason.. But yeah... Saya says hi ♥

Love y'all!
And thank you all SO MUCH for the continuing support.. I really appreciate all the nice comments on the Rosie entry. You have NO idea how much this means to me ♥ Thank you a million times!


  1. gosh, the first pic is soo cute =)

    i havent read about rosie until now, i feel completely sorry for this..
    lets imagine her as the queen in heaven =)

    lots of love, Vanessa **

  2. your wwwabbit is soo cute! and nice pics of yourself, you look pretty as always!

  3. You look gorgeous Nani!! Saya is adorable <3

    you need those lovely presents to cheer you up sweetie! Welcome back :)

    p.s. i noticed the liquorices bit...it's one of those danish food I can't stand XD my asian friends kinda like the liquorice gum but i didn't :X does every Dane love liquorices (Sweet and salty)?!!?! LOL

  4. A donut maker?! How cool. I want one now. You should do a tutorial of the donuts you end up making. :) Stay warm.

  5. aww u are so gorgeous...love ur hair..

  6. oh gosh, thats bad, I hope u get ur paycheck really soon, ur old employer sucks!

  7. *realized i was damn unobservant* you got a donut baker too!! how cool is that :D:D:D you can start making your own krispy kreme donuts XD!!!!

    awww i miss the snow and the days in Copenhagen :( :( one day i'll be going back...

  8. that's horrible!! FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT!!!! get yo money girl!!! >=( I wish it was snowing here!! ;)

  9. 4 presents?! Where do I sign up? :)

    Sorry to hear about the work drama. Hope you get your dough soon!!

  10. Is MAC very rare in DK?? I think i saw two ^_^ one is in Magasin (dept store right?) in Kongens Nytorv (omg i never know how to pronounce this -.-), and one is in Fields err in Orestad LOL? not really sure about the latter one though :P

    do you like GOSH? since it's a danish brand hahaha

    do you cook often btw?? (re: the donuts...) I'm thinking of making some frikadella (spelling?) lately :P

    what's the temperature there now?

  11. AH! i remember seeing one (MAC) at the airport too :D i remembered looking at a MAC blush!? from the 'sweet/fabulous' (forgot its name) collection, it was sold almost 2 times more than in HK :X
    gahhhhhhh the taxes!!!!!

    you should def. check them out!

    just added you on FB ;)

  12. You're looking gorgeous as always :) awesome pics I want snow!!!! We never get snow in melbourne :( so no pretty white Christmas :(

    And you're Soooo lucky! 4 presents up to Christmas is pretty awesome. Anyway hope your paycheck works out. Try not to stress too much about it. Xoxo

  13. good luck with getting your paycheck and congrats on winning 2 awards. love the little bunny, so cute!

    btw, check out my blog and holiday giveaway http://www.fruitylashes.com

  14. yeah i know what you mean :( I worked at a law firm 2 years ago and they didnt even give me my final pay. till now i still havent received it. i should of chased it up more, but oh well. too late now. All the best for you :) and looking forward to more awesome posts from you xoxo

  15. Good luck getting your paycheck!

    By the way, you look so pretty on your photos!

  16. that is the cutest freaking bunny i have ever seen.

  17. Work drama aslways sucks....You're bunny is the cutest thing!!!! I want one!!! ^_^


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