Friday, December 17, 2010


Helloooo~ \(^o^)/

I'm back with a HAUL.. And not only makeup.
I'll add to this that I NEVER buy clothes - EVER. I rarely find anything that I like and I hated shopping for clothes for such a long time. But I figured it was alright, since I lost 24 lbs since May. lol. So obviously I'm in need of new clothes. Only bought two pieces tho, but I really like them!

I also went to Bilka (big Walmart-ish store in Denmark) and got two more things from WnW and a random GOSH loose powder that was on sale. So yeah... here we go!

I went to Aalborg to buy Christmas presents with my mom this morning. She had an exam at uni (she studies business law and such) AND GOT AN A+! WOOOO!

And swatches real' quick..

I got the Body Shop eyeshadow as a 'birthday present' (cause I'm a member of their Love Your Body thing..). It's a super cute cranberry/pinkish color. It's surprisingly pigmented, but I won't be surprised if it muds out big time when blended. ANYWAY..

Items I got include:
wet'n wild MegaSlicks Lipgloss in 'Sinless'
wet'n wild coloricon shadow in 'Kitten'
the Body Shop eyeshadow in '37'
GOSH Pure Mineral Powder '10 Fair' (it was five bucks - so why not?)

And for the clothes

I got a red, long tank top by 'Papfars Pige' (Danish brand). I really like their tanktops. Snatched one from Vi-Vi-Vi a looong time ago and she never got it back. lol. Anyway, I love how they fit, so I wanted to get a new one : D I picked a red.. cause it looked pretty nice on me -selfabsorbed-
I got the sweater/dress-thing cause I was looking for something cute for my birthday/Christmas/New Years. I guess it's nothing fancy, but I'm not a big 'shopper' for clothes. I hate how most clothes don't fit me, cause I have big thighs. EVERYTHING is soooo slim fit and yeah.. Of course jeans and leggings are what I'm in most need of right now. SO typical. Anyway, when I got to the register with the dressy-thing, the girl by the counter looked at me and I went 'Oh, hi.. just this one please' and she was like ''It's a fabulous piece! Nice choice!'' For a second I stood there thinking ''uhhh... okay?'' and then I realized that she was wearing the exact same dress-thing. xD Haha.. I'm a moron. So slow today. -sigh- She paired hers with skinny jeans, a long-sleeve black tee and then the dress. She looked so fashionable : ( -selfconscious instead-

.. to end this, I'm hereby posting a swatch of the nail polish I got. I'm starting to really like WnW nail polishes. This color is awesome for winter : D

On a sidenote, some dudes are firing off fireworks now. The dogs are going MENTAL. ffs. It's actually illegal in Denmark to shoot fireworks when it's not New Years.. lol. I should call the cops (as if they'd give a rat's ass.. but anyhoozle)..

EDIT! Just wanted to share this video.. Weylie is so freaking awesome : D Love her videos!

Also.. did u guys see Michelle Phan's newest tutorial? The Candy Cane look?

Oh well... I'll talk to you all soon! : D
Hope you guys liked the post!

(and happy bday to me in four days! WOO!)



    Anyhoo, I'm loving the grey top. =) I Reckon i shall include 2 MAC products this time when i send you bday pressie, after xmas!

    I like ilikeweylie too (LOL)


  2. Ooh nice nail polish :) and awesome post. loving the haul. wooo

  3. I love WnW products. So cheap but so good. Great NOTD, very pretty and so perfect for winter. :)

  4. nice! I totally dig the red tankie!!! v pretty~

  5. LMAO, you crack me up. I can't believe you used the "F" word. LOL. I have such a potty mouth but oh bf always corrects me. I can't help it. Normal words just don't explain how I'm I have to use swear words to express myself. LOL.

    BTW your bunnie is too adorable. I just want to cuddle with it.

  6. Wait... how did you lookse 24 lbs... must share~!! :D

    Lovin the haul girl! and congrats to your mom! You must be proud of her ^^

    I love the sweater/dress-thing! Its so cute!

    Hope the fireworks didn't bother you as much... :(

    And Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Wow Nani!! How did you lose 24lbs!! You should share diet plan and story with bloggers!!

    Love Nana

  8. Congrats on the weight loss & to your monthiversary with your gf :)


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