Friday, November 05, 2010

Welcome to the WWW (+fotd)

WARNING: Long philosophic entry!

As a beauty blogger, I'm more than just a 'face' attached to a website. As a girl, there will always be rumors and assumptions, jealousy and backstabbing frenemies. And as a human, I have to be able to take all this.

My day today has been pretty off. My mood's been low, I've been getting a shit load of messages (both kind but also disturbing), old friends who stabbed me in the back a long time ago, suddenly come running back to be friends with me again. I've come to a point in my life, where I see myself as too much of an adult to hate them for crawling back after saving their own asses back then, but on the other hand, I'm also too much of an adult to just pretend nothing ever happened. I wanna call them up, scream at them, smack their faces, tell them how hurt I actually was, when they left me there to socially die on my own.

The more popularity you gain (for whatever you may have done), the more people are gonna hate on you. People will ALWAYS put you down. And why? Because the ones who are less fortunate and less willing to change, will find someone else but themselves to blame, instead of taking responsibility for their own situation. No matter how hard you try your best to help, they will NEVER be satisfied.

I'm not quite sure where I'm trying to go with this.. I've just noticed how, especially on Youtube, gurus have to apologize for saying certain things. Like if they're doing a Kim Kardashian inspired look, they have to emphasize that they don't think they look like her, but that they're simply imitating her makeup look. Like, are you kidding me? OF COURSE you don't think you look like her.. We all have eyes in our heads (except for the super unfortunate ones), so we can obviously see that. But why do people still have the urge to attack these gurus if they don't say it? If a makeup collection is requested, the guru will be attacked for showing off, by guiding the viewers through his or her makeup products. Again, are you kidding me?

I think... what I'm trying to say is, that you shouldn't change yourself. To some people it doesn't matter HOW amazing you are, you'll never be good enough. Kinda like President Obama to the Tea Party, yeah? They make up the WEIRDEST theories about him (like him being a Muslim, can I get a 'wtf?'), to try'n convince the people to not vote for him. But to me that's just typical election campaign in the US.. If you can't say something good about your own aspirations; go smear some mud on one of the other candidates. And I think that's exactly what a lot of people like to do on the Internet. ESPECIALLY on the Internet, because this is where everyone can be anonymous.

Anyway... to all you duckface-haters (or anti-duckfaces)...
L'oréal powder in Classic Tan, elf Everyday Eyes palette
NYX pencil in Black, Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara
MAC Creme Sheen in Boybait, NYX 'Horse Radish' pencil

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I think it's absolutely ridiculous to even make a website and a song about how much you hate the duck-pouty-face. Has the world seriously come to this? Are y'all for serious? One would assume that the world was too busy moving itself towards world peace and sunday tea-parties with the Middle East - but nooooo... Now they be attacking the duckface! Damn, how dare those girls be lookin' cute all over the place!?

LOL. Sorry for the long entry anyway.
Love y'all


  1. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  2. that's so true. I just read another blogger about haters. They're everywhere ~ it's pretty stupid!

  3. this is one of the coolest blog entries ive recently read =)

    well, people are gross. nevermind! ;o)

    hugs, Vanessa

  4. Ahh congrats on your new domain! How much was it? I don't blog enough to buy one. =/

    and is this about the whole michelle phan fiasco? That is an ugly situation..

  5. "Now they be attacking the duckface! Damn, how dare those girls be lookin' cute all over the place!?"

    Except that duckface doesn't really make you cuter.

    ~ Glend

  6. Ahh don't let what others say get you down; I feel that most of the time, the reason why haters say mean things is because they are insecure about themselves, or jealous of the other person in some way. If you think about it, there really is no reason to say demeaning things unless you had some kind of agenda to fulfill :/

  7. love your blog!
    i think i'm going to read slowly all over your posts :0

    and how cool that you love korea! :D


  8. Congrats on the new domain! I love duck face...I just don't look good doing it! lol.

  9. Ah just ignore them- 99.9% of the time it all comes down to jealousy!!
    And who wouldn't be jealous of a gorgeous gal like you : )

  10. wth there is a song about duck face? people have way too much time

    people who hate on it its because they look ugly doing it. fact

  11. hey, purse whore :-)
    thanks for the comment on my new bag, but I just realized yesterday evening that the pics were totally blurred :-o

    anyways, i just read, under your last pic in this post you used l#oreal powder in classic tan? cause loreal is really bad with animal testing, you know?

    lots of love, Vanessa **

  12. Yeah, that kinda sucks ^^
    The absolutely BEST mascara for MY special -.- lashes is also from loreal.
    The last tube i bought is maybe 7 years ago *hehe
    But I bought a tube this year on ebay for only 2€, well, that was ok for me ^^ But i didnt use it yet *lol
    I love this mascara, but i also hate to remove waterproof mascara *lol

  13. it's always so exciting to meet people on the web who are interested in korea :D

    yes, i can speak english, german and korean. but that's because i lived in germany for pretty long. haha. and english - everybody learns it but not everybody is really fluent in

    so, do you have any plans to visit korea?


  14. looooool enjoyed reading that haha dont worry am sure youre a great person!!
    oh and love the make up!

  15. Love this entry girl! Well said!
    It is really true how people got nothing better to do than troll and put down others. They only do this because they know in the real world, they are no where near as great as the person they are trolling on. I can tell you have a great heart and sorry to hear what you had to go through. I too have been accuse of stealing their bfs and stuff,,,, when their bf's are the ones at fault.

    and I never knew there was such thing as people hating duck mouth!! How is that a hate thing? That is like saying I hate skunks because they has a white strip on their back, it makes absolutely no sense!!!

    omg, i just wrote an essay here... lol You keep blogging girl ;)

  16. Oh, so beautiful.... thanks for sharing:)))))


  17. In this world, we really can't please everyone. I also have an entry in my blog by how I was bullied when I was in elementary to high school.

    I'm glad that you're now stronger and never forget that you have a new found friend, and its me! :)

    take care!

  18. wow! we have so many things in common!! hmm...ok maybe not "many" but at least few.haha.
    i mean i can speak and understand german really well but it's been a while since i spoke it with a native. so sometimes i can't think of certain words/phrases that i need at some certain situations. so i won't speak SUPERFAST and we coould make a great match XD

    cool, that you sound like a native american. notm any have that luck. i have a weird accent that's a mix of a little bit german+something else. some ask me if i lived in australia or england lol

    wwoooow! that's so great that you're going to study here in korea. when is exactly the 3rd semester in uni?

  19. Wow! New domain!!! Super!!!
    I totally get the whole weren't your true friends that come back and want a piece of the shine. All i can say, forget about them. If they want some they need to earn it themselves.

  20. Did you stumble upon that hate-guru forum... wtf are these people thinking???

  21. Haters are everywhere!! They are just jealous!!

    Hope you can get the license soon and happy to hear that you like Chinese food.

    Love Nana

  22. you're so lovely in these pictures. and yeah haters are EVERYWHERE, it's retarded, and yeah the moer popular you are the more people either leach on you to ask you to promote their site or they just hate on you... it's sad really.

  23. oops. sorry for the late reply!
    but yeah our replies get longer and longer :D

    omg, christmas 2012...that's really , really far away from now.

    yes,i DO live in korea right now:)before that (as I told you) I lived in germany -but i'm 100% korean. i came back( actually,it's not really "back" because i was born there) to korea as I was that would be about almost seven years from now.

    these days it's all about g20 here in korea. craaazy.

    btw, did i told you that i am following you?

  24. thanks for your comment hun and lol yeah those are pics of me! :)

  25. gah sorry I don't have time to read this entry (at work lol) but I wanted to thank you for your comment! i think you might need that nose gel when you use your nose strips because I fail every time without it :(


  26. Keep the good work up.


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