Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NYX haul and NOTD

Hey guys, another haul comin' for ya!

I've been waiting for these NYX items since FOREVEEEEEER, so I'm super excited that they finally arrived in the mail this morning \(^o^)/ *does victory dance*

I'm not gonna show you all the items, as I bought some stuff besides this for the giveaway AND some things for a swap - so you'll have to settle with these things until I get the giveaway up on here : P (... big surprise, the card's not working yet.. so I can't purchase the last things : ( boo!)

ANYWAY.. to the items!

Firstly I got 6 lipsticks. I tried to search for swatches online to get the best ones for either neutral, nude or soft pink lips. I'm keeping three of the lipsticks for myself - just to try out.

From left to right: Tea Rose, Power and Fig

Other lippies I got are still going to remain a big fat secret : P Haha, I'm truly sorry about the stupid giveaway-delay! I'm trying heeeere : ( I haven't tried these out yet, tho. And of course (cause I'm a dork) I accidentally poked one of the lippies I'm giving away! WHAT A FOOL I AM! Dammit.. I'm really sorry, but I promis y'all that I didn't use it or anything. I'd never do that..

Champagne & Caviar and Versus

These ones I'm really excited about. I did a quick swatch of some of the colors for you. Please do keep in mind that I'm using my own, lame camera, cause the focus on it is much better than the other camera that I'm borrowing from my gf. But the flash is retarded -_-" Anyway.. The colors are SUPER soft, silky and have great pigmentation so far. I'll be doing some looks with these to show you guys later, so look out for that!

Eggplan , TS3 trio, Iced Mocha

Next up are some eyeshadows. I got three trios in total (so be excited to see the other two : D ) and this one is called 'Nude, Taupe, Dark Brown' (aka. TS03). I'm really liking this one.. The single eyeshadows are called 'Iced Mocha' (also known as the probably most widely known dupe for MAC's Satin Taupe) and 'Eggplant'. I thought Eggplant was gonna be all matte, but it has this AMAZING metally finish with a hint of sparkle to it. SOOO effin' beautiful! But of course my camera makes the shadows look a bit weird. lol. I promise to do a look with these as well - I'm so excited to try out Eggplant. Don't you just LOVE it when you're pleasantly surprised with an online order? (elf could learn something from NYX, lol)

I got two of the Mega Shine lipglosses. This one's in Sweetheart - the other one's a secret. HAHAA (y'all be hatin' on me already for this, haha).. I LOVE this color. So nude, a hint of pinkness-taupe, a hint of sparkle, a hint of peachy undertones - so pretty! Love it!

But yeah.. That's it for the haul - at least of the stuff that I'm gonna show you : P haha.. Sorry, I'll stop now.

To end this, here's my NOTD. I'm wearing the Color Club Soft As Cashmere.. The color is SOOO pretty (even the swatch I showed you guys a while back made it look so darn pretty) - but I'm a bit disappointed.. It shows up very gray in the photo, but it's a bit more brown than that. The color itself is amazing, but it's annoying to put on. It's a very liquid consistency, and it dries very.. soft. As in.. the nail polish is very soft. It takes NOTHING to nick it, which really sucks : ( But it's pretty overall.. Sorry for the retarded photo. lol. My fingers look so fat.

Anyway, that's it for today guys..
I'll try to gather the giveaway items as fast as I can : D

Love y'all


  1. love the colour of your nail polish dear <3

  2. I got Champagne & Caviar too <3 since they ship to HK, me and my friend ordered from cherryculture crazily XD looking forwards to your reviews on NYX items! :D

  3. I've never tried NYX before but I've heard and read so much about the Tea Rose Lipstick!
    lucky you receiving a massive haul!!

  4. to be honest, the international students i know in Denmark and I myself are a bit envious of the status of students/or danes XD simply because you guys have a pretty reliable government and a socialist system that ACTUALLY WORKS...and people are quite equal (like no job hierarchy)...you get respected even if you're a waiter in a restaurant. Plus, you guys can study for free for the entire life...and uni. students get subsidized (pocket money) every month!

    I'd rather live the life of a happy Dane. Seriously, the people in Asia (or in Hong Kong especially), they have no idea how to enjoy life. They work 10+ hours per day and often have to work extra-hours. But what we earn aren't leading us to anywhere, we worry about getting old without support from the govt, there's huge gap between rich and poor ...etc :P i guess you'd probably be bored to read up to here XD but I'd go visit Denmark again ANYTIME!!

  5. What a great haul you got! The es palettes look so pretty. We have NYX where I live too but the selection is small and definitely don't carry the huge palettes that you got; mostly just shimmers and pigments and lipsticks. Lucky you! Cant wait to see a look^^

  6. I should definitely try one of those lipsticks some day... and I love your nail polish!

  7. OOo great haul! I love that the applicator of the lip gloss is angled so you can get the most product out; they should make all lip glosses like that :D

  8. i've never used nyx products before but they look reli reli reli nice.. i love the colors of ur lippies :))

  9. I love those nyx shadows you got. I'm loving the purple and gold combo at the moment. It's love love love!

    and do I spy a UD naked dupe with champagne and caviar? I MAY have to purchase one too. =)

    and your fingers don't look fat. Not one bit.


  10. i heard about the high salary tax too! but didn't know it could be high up to almost 70%!! (was thinking about 50%)

    so the percentage of the taxes are different each month?

    How far are you from Copenhagen XD?

  11. That nail color looks yummy on you! =D

  12. What an amazing haul you have....I love NYX....especially the lipglosses and eyeshadows.....I'm jealous.

  13. so jealous of everything that you got from NYX, they are my favorite brand, I hope to one day, own every single thing from them, LOL, well not everything but you know what I mean.

    Also, I love that nailpolish


  14. i'm loving all the things you bought! Especially the tea rose lippy! xx

  15. I have tea rose too and I love it, NYX is one of my fav cosmetics brands because of the price and quality :D and love the nail polish color

  16. the eyeshadow palettes have really versatile and great colors..

    and I love love love your nail polish color!

  17. oh~ u have a great blog!
    u got one new follower ;>

  18. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!! I really can't get my arms down! I really love you for having a NYX give away ^w

  19. OMG i wished we have snow in Germany ;___;... Okay in some Towns there is snow already but in my hometown you can be happy if the snow come 5-6 times in December lol.

  20. NYX palettes look really great! it makes me wanna buy it too :) thanks for this article^^
    drey jewelry.

  21. nyx is such a great band! the Sweetheart gloss and nail polish are super lovely <3
    anyway no I hv chubby cheeks and fat thighs T___T but you are beautiful in ur way..imperfection is what makes u unique! ^^ xoxo


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