Friday, November 12, 2010

Introducing Saya-bun

Hey guys! Just felt like sharing a picture and introducing the newest addition to my family. As some of you may know, I lost my dwarf hamster (R.I.P Mr. Lee) a few months ago and I swore that I'd never get a rodent again. I kept that 'promise' to myself, as bunnies aren't rodents. lol. I used to have a bunny. She passed away in late September 2008 - approx. 7½ years old. I really loved her company, and she definitely had some diva attitude going on.

I've been playing with the idea of getting a bunny again - but this time, if I decided on getting on, I wanted one that didn't grow as big. As you can probably tell by the title, I DID decide on getting a bunny, so here she is.

(catch the Blood+ reference, haha!
I call her Saya-bun, though)

She's an 8½ weeks old lionhead bunny. Or well, she's 3/4 lionhead and 1/4 dwarf bunny. She's the cutest thing ever, but as you can tell from the picture, she needs some time to get used to her new surroundings. I try my best to not scare her by doing any sudden movements and not be too loud. Generally she's not completely calm yet, but I'm trying my best! ^^v I've never had a bunny this tiny, and I can't even remember Vimse (my old bunny) being so scared of everything. I guess this has to do with her being so little still and super young. She used to be an outdoor bunny, but now she's been taken inside and suddenly people wanna cuddle her. Oh my, I understand her concern. *pats bunny* But I'll definitely try my best! (that's my way of the ninja! ... or something) lol.

Revlon Colorstay Active in 004 Nude, L'oréal powder
ELF complexion perfection, Rimmel Sexy Curves
ELF Mineral blush 'Joy', L'oréal bronzer in 'Thriving'

AND YES, I'm aware that L'oréal tests on animals. I'm only using this cause my new Mastercard is taking forever to transfer and work, so I can't buy replacements until probably next week.

Also quickly sharing my FOTD from yesterday - FOYD. lol. This is what I looked like when I went to pick up Saya. MAN the traffic in downtown Aalborg was freaking INSANE. O_Ô I don't know what the hell was going on.. but anyway, mom and I decided to chill at the mall until it was time to pick up Saya.. She bought me a chinabox (apparently not everyone is aware that a 'chinabox' is simply a small takeaway box with usually just one dish in it; in my case, sweet/sour chicken and noodles). I hadn't eaten all day, and this chinabox made me feel utterly HORRIBLE. Ugh.. not doing that again, fo' sho'.

Hope you're all well! : D

And thanks for the overwhelming amount of comments on my last entry!
WOAH, so populaaaar.. Hahah! I kid, but it was definitely overwhelming..

Love y'all ♥


  1. i looooove your bunny!! she's so cute! but my dog is even cuter.haha. ok, that was a joke. but no, he's cute as well XD

    yes, i guess it was a HUGE change from germnay to korea. but back then i didn't realized that so much. hmm,i didn't felt uncomfortable or something like that as i came to korea. got used to here pretty fast.

    but sometimes i want to go back to germany. not to live there but to meet my old frieds and eat some german food.haha

    btw, love your natural makeup!


  2. Sweet little bunny. I used to have a bunny when I was in school, he was the only bunny I had and he had a personality. You are very pretty, your makeup is so natural and clean.

  3. She's adorable! *w*

    I have a soft spot for bunnies since I've had two of them. :D

  4. Saya-bun is SOOOOO adorable! *hugs and pets*

    Can you please take more pictures of it?

  5. Saya Bunny Saya Bunny!! So cute!! I love having a pet. They keep me busy. I have a dog who loves making trouble in the house. :)

    Have a great weekend.

    Love Nana

    *Head exploded due to cuteness overload*
    She is such a darling! Do hope she gets use to you soon. It will probably take less than 2 weeks, than should be use to you already!
    Saya, what a cute name > <

  7. Thanks for your compliment <3! I can't believe i found your blog so late! and I saw that you're from Denmark?? i had the best time of my life there as a student at Uni of Copenhagen a few months ago ^_^!!! Do you read/speak Korean (your blog name)??

    *super excited now* haha

  8. OMG your bunny is sooo cute, I also have a lionhead bunny,her name is Hurley, and she kinda reminds me of Saya.
    Congrats on your new baby bun! :)

  9. Hello!!! I just saw your comment so I came here and *gasp* your bunny's soooo cute!!!!!!!! >____< I wanted a lionhead bunny too but they didn't have any at my local pet store :( did you get yours from a breeder or pet store???

    Aw I hope she warms up to you soon (: my bunny is so not shy lol and he loves guests haha.

    And in reply to your comment... umm... rules are made to be broken?? XD *kicks myself*

  10. Your little bunny is so cute !! =)

    Thanks for your comment !
    Only the smoked salmon was good ! and the potatoes ! and the cocktail lol

    Chicken & salad wasn't really yummy ><


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