Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I got a domain + mini haul!

I FINALLY bought a domain for my blog. So from now on you can link me (if you wish) as


My website is obviously not an organization. But honestly.. I thought nancakes.net just looked lame. So yeah.. .org it is : D I really like it.. I'm also gonna be working on a new layout for Christmas time. I want to spice up the blog with some new photos and some cooler colors for the season, so look forward to that ♥

After waiting for barely 4 days, my new nail polishes arrived! I know that I mentioned China Glaze to be part of the giveaway - but it won't be. Cause I forgot to buy a pink-ish or nude one (cause that's how much of a genius I am).. so therefore I'll add a Color Club polish instead.
Now.. to the ones that I got for myself.. From left to right: China Glaze '2NITE', Color Club 'Soft As Cashmere' and China Glaze 'Recycle'. You can obviously tell Recycle and Soft As Cashmere apart, so I'm rather confused why people seem to be comparing them. Anyway, Recycle is a cold, creme, lighter gray - while Soft As Cashmere is a warm, creme, brownish gray. I am LOVING Soft As Cashmere, even though it takes 3 coast to be opaque enough for my taste. Recycle takes only two and glides on super smoothly.

Now to the color that really blew me away: 2NITE

How is this color not just.. AMAZING? It's a cold, blue shimmer with like rainbow flecks in it. SO freaking amazing and it looks even better irl. I gotta say though that this picture is pretty true to color spite the flash. I just love it so much! Funny how my own camera decided to work today.. it's nice though, otherwise there'd be no way in HELL I could take decent photos up-close.. my gf's camera has the worst focus EVER. lol. It's flash is much better than mine though :''D

Lastly I got these two Simple products. I usually use the Regenerating Night Creme with vitamins and stuff in it, but I ran out. I found these two goodies in a random discount grocery store. 3,75 bucks per bottle - YES PLEASE! My skin has been acting REALLY weird ever since I started using the Body Shop cleanser and toner -__-" I definitely won't be using those anymore. *kicks* But so far I really like the moisturizer. Awesomely enough it has UV protective filters in it, which is EPIIIIC and the toner is a bit soap-ish, but it soaks up easily and really leaves the skin with a fresh feel. I bought these two on Sunday, and I've been using them for only two days.. but so far I really like them!

Also, I don't celebrate Halloween or anything myself, but I still wanna wish y'all a Happy Halloweeeen! I hope you had a great time with dressing up, scaring people and demanding candy in exchange of not killing them ; D Haha!

Much love


  1. Oooh! I really like the shade of polish! :) I should look for that.

    Congrats on the domain name! I've been mulling over getting one of my own. *hmm*

  2. Yay, congrats on getting your own domain!! I'm veeeery looking forward to your new layout, Nani!!

  3. Congrats on getting your own domain!! I wish I have one for myself too :) It's always nice to have your own. Looking forward for your new layout!!

    Love Nana

  4. Hey girly! How are you? Thanks for your sweet comment and for stopping by! I appreciate it! Cool you are learning Korean and are into the Korean culture, so much fun to learn about another culture isn't it? I was so into learning Korean myself back in HS (my best friend at the time was Korean and she turned me onto it). Sarang he! ;)

  5. a big
    for having a domain =)

    the cashmere looks adorable =)

    lozz of love, Vanessa

  6. nancakes.org sounds so cute heheh ^^


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