Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Gettin' cold feet?

Hey y'all!
I went to the doctor's with my mom to get my health papers ready, so that I can get accepted to eventually GET my driver's license (if I pass the tests, that is). It's been hella windy today, and THEN what does the doctor tell me? "Did you bring a picture? No? Well I need you to go to the bookstore and get your license picture taken now, so that I can verify your identity.."

My lashes be lookin' so fiiiine! Too bad the passport-picture-quality is too shit for it to show up : ( boo!

THANK GOD I PUT ON MAKEUP TODAY! Hahahaha, omg. My hair was all over the place, but the photo turned out alright - MUCH better than my current passport photo, I can tell you that much. Sadly my smile in photos is always kinda awkward. It gets all crooked and kinda funny-looking, but I'll survive showing this one until I turn 70. lol..

After getting my picture taken, mom and I went to the pharmacy to get my prescription cream. I get these dry spots here and there (mostly on my arms and back) that come and go as they please.. But I know my skin good enough to be able to say that around winter time, it gets a LOT worse. So my doctor gave me a prescription for 100mg. of cream instead of just 30 - I should be good to go now ; D

Then we went to the shoe shop. I'm not really a shoe-girl. I'm MUCH more of a purse-lover, (and this store sold purses too.. was I distracted much? OH YES BABY!) but mom promised to donate her now unemployed daughter a pair of brand new winter boots. And which ones did I get?

I sure as hell won't be gettin' any sort of cold feet this winter! WOO! I love these boots! This super young, Asian girl helped me out.. I don't know what it is about young Asian girls, but when it comes to fashion and beauty, I just trust them 100%. They always look as if they know EVERYTHING about it. Too bad for this one that I came in to the store in my heaviest punker gear. I had no idea we were going 'shopping' today, so I just put on my girlfriend's gray/black striped jeans, a black long tank top and my girlfriend's Sex Pot Revenge tshirt with hood and her leather jacket. I looked like I just popped out of 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'.. Hahaha! The poor girl was like 'Oh, and this boot suits dark colors very well too!' I went sorta like ''Uhh yeah.. please don't think I dress like this every day.. It's lazy-home-day today..'' I think my outfit scared her.. lol


I shall finish off this entry with a picture of my face au naturale (and before you ask, no; I never took French. lol.) Look how straight my hair is! D':
I VERY rarely straighten my hair, but it's pretty voluminous in this photo. And it brings out my highlights!

Have a good one, guys : D


  1. Those shoes look cumfy! I've been wanting to get my license too!

    The line here in California takes an eternity!

    You look better without makeup so you shouldn't worry about leaving the house without it!

  2. Love your furry boots! I got a pair of black Ugg boots for this winter, because I wanted some ueber comfy and warm ones!

    Nani au naturale looks super cute and pretty! <3

  3. Always good to have makeup on, right?:D

    Nice boots!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. How is your driving testing going? I always smile weird in the picture too.

    Love Nana

  5. i hate taking passport pictures!! I hate that I can't smile!

    Love the boots girl, and definitely you won't be getting cold feet!!!

    you look gorgeous without make up! Jealous!

  6. those shoes are ultra badass... and about getting pictures taken... i always look horrible in them because for a long time, there was a rule that you should smile in those "official" photos so i never did... somehow through the years, they changed this rule... but i didn't know so i still have this angry asian look on my face and they just laugh at me. hahaha! ;P

    re: your comment - i agree with you... i don't need a link under your name or a link linking to your current giveaway!! sheesh.

    have a good one :)

  7. Came across your Blog from Patikym's blog and wow! I read that you trust asian girls fashion! haha that's so cute! <-- opps i used Kym's thing on her last entry.

    Anyhoo, I do love your boots and I HATE ID photos too!! they always seem to take the worst side of you. Blah~

  8. hello. nice blog, very cute <3 n the boots look really warm~~~ ur ID pix probably look way better than mine. I always look extra found n fat in those. those camera r evil ha. ^^

  9. Gosh I hate to take passport photos..I always look like...a fat monster xD

    You should have taken a pic of your "girlfriend"-style, can't imagine you with such clothes xDDD

    The shoes are great ♥

  10. you are soooo pretty and i love your hair! i followed you dear...

  11. owww!! COOL boots you got there :D

  12. wow, those boots are awesome!
    love it so much!

  13. You have fantastic skin!



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