Saturday, November 13, 2010

elf haul

I finally received everything I'd ordered from elf a while back. I'm not gonna thoroughly review everything - some of it I just received today, so yeah..

So far I'm not really liking the mineral lipsticks. They're super soft, yes - but if your lips are just the slightest dry, especially the Natural Nymph will look absolutely horrible. Also they crease a lot and the colors do NOT match the swatches on the website (big news, lol). You can't really massage the products into your lips, like you usually do after applying lipstick - you kinda have to just tap your lips against each-other (I know it sounds weird, but the product will be super creasing and all over the place if you're not very gentle). Generally none of these colors suit me that well and I think it's incredibly annoying how NONE of elf's online swatches match the real life colors just a TINY bit. I mean, come on? How hard can it be to put decent swatches online?

Another thing is the nail polishes. I bought these for my giveaway, as the website pretty much indicated that they'd be rather purple-ish. They're obviously not, but let me know if I should add them to the giveaway anyway.. You guys are the ones I'm giving it to, after all.

elf Complexion Perfection, Revlon Active in 004 Nude
elf HD finishing powder, mineral blush in Joy
Too Faced Shadow Insurance, elf eyeshadow duo in 'Mocha Swirl'
elf studio cream eyeliner in Black, elf mineral lipstick in 'Nicely Nude'
Revlon Lustrous Lipgloss in 'Pink Whisper', Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara

My FOTD is generally consisting of elf-products only. As you can tell here, the finishing HD powder makes my skin look VERY white. It's supposed to be translucent though, lol. But I kinda look as if I'm sick AND powdered my nose with flour. The eye shadow duo is AWESOME though, I really like it! It's soft almost silky to apply, it doesn't crease on top of my primer and the colors are super pretty. The cream liner seemed a bit dry for my liking, but I've never used cream or gel liner before - so what do I even know? lol. The lipstick looked horrible and not 'nicely nude' at all! Lol. So I put my beloved Revlon gloss over it.

All in all the products are decent for the price. The crease brush (studio line) is a bit too dense and tight to blend with, so yeah.. I love the powder brush tho, as it's super soft and would be pretty nice with mineral makeup! Oh.. and the hypershine lip gloss in 'Bubble Gum' is pretty much... horrible. lol. The color is pretty, but the container is just so BAD. It doesn't really release the product nicely into the brush applicator - it kinda just leaks out from the side of the applicator, so I had to apply it somehow sideways. It was very strange.. >_<" the color is cute on though. A soft, milky strawberry pink. I'm not gonna repurchase though.. However, if you're fine with the rather weird applicator, then it's a nice product.

Oh.. and for all you Saya-fans out there.
I snapped this photo of her yesterday..

She's calming down a lot, I had her out for a little petting today and she didn't seem nervous or anything. When I put her back in the cage she just chilled, and I could still pet her on her nose. Haha, it's funny how bunnies love to be petted on the bridge of the nose. Anyway, she's really starting to get used to it here, so I'm very pleased with that : D


  1. You look really pretty, despite some of the ELF products you aren't liking :p Aw, I'm sorry about the mineral lipsticks. I thought about trying them too, but I was afraid it would not be moisturizing enough :/
    Happy you liked the e/s duo though! I have the HD powder too :P It's super soft but kinda like flour! LOL

  2. that rabbit is so cute, makes me almost want to cry... and the lip colour really really suits you.. love your blog doll

    hopefully, you can join my GIVEAWAY which ends tomorrow

  3. Great haul! Hehe I still think you look pretty in your photos! I agree though - I bought the HD powder too and I used it twice lol; it doesn't make my face look too much paler, but I feel like it doesn't really do anything either haha. I think my favorite products from ELF would have to be the blushes, makeup brushes, and eyeshadows :)

  4. Lovely blog and you look gorgeous :) elf items look nice too. I'm a new follower.

    Hope you drop by my blog too

  5. thanks for the informations! Im thinking of purchasing some products on ELF but I guess I could think twice =)
    anyway its my maid who takes all my pics! (ppl hardly believe me xD) so does my father..he's kinda crazy but he's also the best! ^_____^

  6. Saya-bun is adorable! I always wanted a bunny. *^_^* Nice ELF haul even though you didn't love all of it. Pretty FOTD!


    the brushes handle are so cheap. But, I am liking their powder brush. I use it for foundation tho!!

  8. Saya-bun looks so cute!♥♥ o(;A;)o And I love your pictures they look so pretty!! (^o^) Oh and I'm a new follower by the way *winks*

  9. oooo! elf haul! I've never tried elf before...
    I honestly don't think you look sickly at all! I think you look really good!
    sorry to read that some products didn't turn out the way you like it :( but glad that the eye shadow did!!!

    and SAYA BUN FAN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she is such a darling > <

    I miss petting my bunny's nose... its the most adorable thing EVA!!!

    *hugs sayabun*

  10. I still haven't seen the L Word! I've heard good things too. I need to see if I can get it on DVD. ;)

  11. Hee hee...thanks for the heads up! Wow, you are a fan! XD

  12. Really pretty! The blush colour look great!! I have those lipglosses too! xX

  13. I agree with u about the HD powder...I had to sell it the studio blushes though..great blog u got here..thanks for following my blog! I just followed back. =)


  14. Reply to your post: did you orer directly from ELF US website???

    When i was ordering from Benefit at Denmark, the PO and customs charged me lots of tax =.= jeeez almost half the price of the whole order i made, i was so pissed off LOL

    I study psychology and media ^_^ You??
    Which part of Denmark are you from :)?

  15. thanks for your comment... NARS are expensive but it's a really good investment - i recommend it if you'd like to invest in a makeup item in the duture.

    You have the most beautiful eyes - are they grey? you dont need makeup - you're a natural beauty! lucky!

  16. Hi! (can you tell me how to pronounce your name lol? is it in korean or something?)

    I suppose the PO charged me taxes because it's a purchase made online and it's not marked as gift >_____<

    i've learned my lesson lol...

    I just looked at ELF UK website, it's more $$ than the US :(

  17. You look very pretty ♥ I like your blog, you´re doing a greta job!
    xoxo from Hannie

  18. aww your bunny is cute, I have a bunny too! we are bunny buddies lol. and yeah elf stuff is good quality for the price that's for sure!

  19. Have you been to Copenhagen :D?how long are you going to study there?

    I imagine Denmark must be soooo cold now....has it snowed yet?

  20. hi. again sorry for the very late reply. i'm like busy without doing anything special.haha

    it must have been very hard for you to get over the death over your old pet. i'm really worried how i will feel if my dog dies. it's just awaful to think about it...:(

    now to your questions:
    yes, the culture is different but..hmm.. i don't know how i should describe it.i'm such a bad writer/"story-teller".
    anyways,it's different but not that HUGE. i don't know. maybe you can ask me more detailed questions about the difference etc. i think i would be able to explain that very well then:)


  21. i actually pretty envy folks living/born in Denmark XDD how long have you been studying Korean for??

    btw what kind of pets do the danish usually keep? I've seen most are little dogs LOL just curious. Your bunny looks cute and cuddly!

    p.s. thanks for joining my giveaway!

  22. heehee saya is so cute! i've only tried a few elf products and so far i've been okay with them... i would buy more because it's so affordable but the thing is, shipping is SO expensive to Canada... even after the discount codes!! =/


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