Sunday, October 31, 2010

Time to say goodbye...

It's my last day as an employee of Aldi Market. A part of me is glad that this is all over, but I know that I'll miss my colleagues horribly. A shout-out goes to Mette and Jeanette ♥ - You guys rock my sucks off : D

To somewhat celebrate I put on a bit of eyeshadow. Can you guess what palette I used? ; D I hope it'll last throughout the day, though. Hah! I did put on Shadow Insurance.. but we'll see how it goes : D This'll be my way of dressing up for the customers a bit to say goodbye. We'll see eventually if they notice that I'm gone.. I kinda hope that they do, cause a lot of them were really nice to me and said, that I didn't look like your typical, shitty Aldi employee. Haha! Ohh, I love how some of the customers form their compliments in a rather.. interesting way.

So long ヒカリノムコウヘ
So long ナモナキジユウヘ
So long フアンヲノミコメ
So long ダレヨリモタカクトベ

Oh.. and my dinner from last night

All homemade Indonesian spring rolls and sweet/sour chicken.. Chinese noodles and prawn snacks. It was yummeeeehhh.. My stomach doesn't like spicy food, but the chicken was balancing JUST on the edge of being too spicy.. I liked it a lot! Way to go Mom and Dad! : D (they're magicians in the kitchen, guys! Trust me!)

Till' next time : D
Oh.. and look! Two posts in a day.. Yay me!

Haha, bye guys


  1. What a bittersweet post and the food looks yummy!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. 나니,

    I used to go Aldi Market but ever since I moved, I haven't been able to go there because this place doesn't have a Aldi Market!!

    I bet your colleague and customers are sad that beautiful person like you are quitting!!

    Dinner looks good!! I have never tried Indonesian style egg-roll.

    I was born in Korea but I live in the States now. I remember childhood memories in Korea. I am happy to hear that you are planning on doing study abroad in Korea. Do you know which part of Korea you are going to be in?

    I am sure your giveaway will be great. I bet many of your followers are looking forward for it!! Your giveaway rule sounds fair!! People will be happy if they win or to see people win!! :)
    I can't wait!! :)

    Love Nana

  3. I hate all kinds of farewells..
    But life goes on, right? -.-

    My stomach doesnt like spicy food the last time either, but I love spicy and hot stuff =)
    That sucks ^^

    Love to read from you soon, Vanessa

  4. Ahh, Loving the food porn. =) and don't worry about the job thing, you'll get a new one sooon. =)

    and in true british fashion: 'lookin' gawjus sweet'art'

    Yinnie x

  5. Studying Korean in Denmark sounds fun and going to Korea to study sounds fun as well. I have been wanting to visit Seoul but I don't have any free time to do it plus it's costly!! Let me know if you have any questions related to Korea. If I can, I would love to answer it for you.

    Love Nana

  6. Aww I know what you mean - even if I disliked the work environment of some of my previous jobs, I hated the idea of leaving because I always liked my coworkers. Hopefully your next job will allow you to make as many new friends :)

  7. Nani,

    I speak Korean. I used to teach Korean to children and adults. Hope you had a happy Halloween.

    Love Nana

  8. Your blog is very nice and you're so beautiful. I think that i will start to following you and i would be happy if you'll visit to my blog :)


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