Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That's it - I'm done!

Hey all..
So I come to you with a delayed FOTD from this sunday - AND a photo of my girlfriend with the breakfast I made her.

We celebrated our 8 months Anniversary this sunday, so that's definitely worth mentioning. I'm blogging about it pretty late though, mainly because I've had a lot of things on my mind. One of the major things will be mentioned in the end of this entry - so stick with me ; D

Generally this is what I wore - both hair and makeup - to work on Sunday. I worked from 12 (noon) till 5:15PM, which isn't really a long shift. I'd say the 9AM-8:15PM are the worst, haha! But oh well.. It's money in the bank, yeah?

It's the all-time favorite face of mine. The '':3''-face.. Wow, the flash really reflects light, huh? I look pale..

I normally never really do ANYTHING about my hair, but I decided that braiding my bangs was the way to go. Haha! I hate braiding my hair, cause I think it's too troublesome and I really don't care. My bangs are always a mess, cause they always go the completely opposite way of what I intend them to. Anyway, I'm wearing my daily foundation (Revlon Colorstay Active in 004 Nude), my face powder by L'oréal (which I hate) and my L'oréal bronzer (which I also kinda hate).. On my lips I'm wearing the Revlon Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Crystals (which I LOVE) and my mascara is my all-time favorite mascara - the L'oréal Panoramic Curl in Blackest Black.. *kicks Procter & Gamble for testing on animals* (I HATE YOU FOR IT!!!)

AAAAANYhoozle... To the whole not-so-awesome thing about this entry. As the title indicates, this is not all fotd and love in an entry. I basically have an announcement. I don't regret my decision, but I think it sucks. Cause I love what I do.. But it's come down to me having to quit my job. Not because I couldn't deal with it, but because the new 'head of district' (or whatever they're called) is a plain... yeah, I'm gonna say it.. a-hole. I guess I'll take the risk of being sued for talking negatively about the person here, but I just can't take the bullshit anymore - and I'm not going to either! So per 31st of October this year, I won't be an employer at ALDI anymore. They can kiss my bony ass - truth be told. I'm thinking about calling the local beauty supplies stores (we don't have many of them though..) and then I also figured, that I'd go to one of our two pizza places to ask for a waitress job. As long as I don't have to MAKE the food, then I guess I'll be alright. This is for making money - which I really need.

As said, I'm having no regrets or anything - it just sucks that I've had to quit. Especially cause my colleagues are so AWESOME! I made cinnamon rolls today btw, and I'm bringing in two bags tomorrow : D One for each of the girls that I have to work with.. Or well, one for my colleague there tomorrow, and one for one who'll be coming down later to say hi. She's ill, so it'll be my ''Get well soon''-goodie to her. If she reads this btw, this is how she'll know.

*sigh* I fucking hate this, excuse my french, but I really do. The customers are so nice to me, my colleagues are awesome, I get a decent hour pay.. *kicks around* This is just not.. my.. month.. I guess. If you know of any places that are hiring - or have great tips for job interviews, feel free to leave a comment or something. Some moral support never hurt no one either.. ó_Ò'

ALSO.. before we drown in self pity here.. on a more positive note, I'm writing LOOONG shopping lists for my giveaway. If there's anything you guys would want in the giveaway, please let me know. I'd prefer giving out stuff that you'd actually want, and so far it'll mainly consist of things that I personally love and can't live without.. I'd also like to take a few sentences' space to really THANK YOU ALL for following, commenting, liking and generally just reading my posts. It really means a lot to me to know that I'm not just blabbering into cyberspace entertaining a Pedobear or two.. Haha xD

- a big shout out to Jess as well.. I'll get to making your watermark-frames very soon.. Just need a little time to get back on the horse (or whatever you say... lol.)I'm already on to some ideas though : D

♥ ♥ LOVE YOU ALL ♥ ♥


  1. Your hair looks pretty like that. I wish you the best in your career.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Det var træls du var nødt til at opsige dit job... Men det hele skal nok gå i orden.

  3. you guys are adorablee!!!! ;) i love your braids!

  4. your hair and make up look lovely!
    Congrats on your anniversary! But im sorry to hear about your job.

  5. thank u for visit me! you are very pretty ^o^

    i'm a follower :3

  6. Hello!

    Thanks alot for following back and for your comment!

    That's true there's A LOT of french girls interested in gyaru fashion and style! Some are kind of real gyaru copy but many of the others are maybe more "lazzy" to really be gyaru look alike... I don't know...

    As I'm more into Onee and Jelly, Nuts or Blenda style I'm totally aware of not looking like a proper gyaru, meaning like EGG gyarus! But I'm fine with it! :)

    About the Pocky don't worry I'm not a wapanese at all! XD I was at asian grocery and my boyfriend wanted to try, so I bought him some of them,...

    Actually in France we've got same style crackers with chocolate, except the brand's name is "Mikado" the concept is the same! XD I think our chocolate version taste better! LOL

    AND, I know I must translate my entries, I always forget... :s
    There's still google translation tool, but the translation is ofter kinda crappy... lol

    The entry's about some shopping I made, 2 beanies and japanese candy and stuff, I'm going to customise the black one with gem stones, and I also bought glitter stickers to put on my cellphone!

    That's the essential of the entry XD

    Anyway, thanks alot for dropping by and for your comment!

    See ya!

  7. Hey Nani! Thanks for visiting me! Can't wait to get blogging with u too^^ <3

    Congrats on your 8 month anniversary!

  8. Your hair is soo cute! Wish I knew how to braid like that..*nudge nudge*


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