Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Package from overseas!

When I got downstairs this morning, I noticed a package sitting on my end of the dining table. I'd spoken to Yinnie yesterday, so automatically I assumed that the package was from her.. Though a bit bigger than expected.

When I finally got a closer look at it, I noticed that the name did NOT say Miss Chung. It said something like... Tøøøøøn Laaaaaaay ; D Now, I already knew a few of the things in the package.

I managed to talk him into getting me some liquid makeup, cause as I've said SOOO many times before, the market for foundation here is VERY poor (mostly because Danish people don't know the difference between foundation and self tanning lotion -__-"). So I'm REALLY excited about these two.. As I didn't have the opportunity to swatch them, I went to Marlena's website to check out the review and swatches and I decided to get 004 Nude and 005 Natural Beige. I'm SO excited to try these out! I watched Holly's review of these babies as well, so I'm eager to try them out! Poor Tuan for having to actually go to the store and pick up makeup.. D'aww ♥

Now, the other thing(s), that I already knew was/were coming, was a shit load of Melty Blends. Melty Blends are these soft, chocolaty, fudge candies. You can get them in a wide variety of flavors, and apparently this time, Tuan felt like going for a strawberry party. He also got me some Sweets Tortes (a tiny biscuit with milk-stuffing on it, covered in chocolate) There are also some regular chocolate Melty Blends in between all of this..

Of course Loserboy got me a card. Tuan is PROOOO at finding cards and he always finds the weirdest, most outrageous cards out there. His sense of humor is pretty fucking awesome, but I'm not gonna show you what he wrote inside.. Mainly because it's inappropriate. lol

Now lastly he got me this extra thing. I did NOT expect this, even though I had mentioned it to him as I was raging about the high prices AND the high shipping fees on their official site. This is of course the Philosophy Purity Cleanser (made simple). I've been wanting this one for AGES and AGES. Everyone raves about it, everyone has it, everyone loves it - and now.. I have it too! I'll try it out for the first time tonight as I remove my makeup. I'm actually EXCITED to remove my makeup.. how weird is that? lol

So all in all, this is a HUGE thank-you-post to Tuannie. THANK YOUUUUU!! ♥ I love all these things SO much! I didn't forget your package, sir! So don't you worry! ; D be excited, be be excited!! (catch the Bring it On reference *coughs* be aggressive *coughs)

To finish this off
... this is me just before leaving for work today

And this is my addiction...

I know.. it's kinda weird to some. But I cannot function properly without these.



  1. Enjoy all your goodies and I love Revlon PhotoReady, I hope you do too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. LOl pepsi whore. <3

    Nope, I sent it Monday, I don't think postmen are supermen. Although I'd definitely fancy them more if they were. ;)

    Aw my parcel can't compare to this!
    The Philosophy cleanser is a godsend. I NEED to get a backup for my one. =) You'll absolutely love it. =)

    Yinnie x

  3. woah, you got so much stuff! i've never tried revlon photoready but am really tempted to cause everyone loves it! just found your blog, new follower! x

  4. How nice of him. dude, let me know how you like the purity. && also I received my NYX eyeshadow you reviewed. I Can't wait to use it. Ohhh myyyyyyyy I used to be a fan of coco cola.. Like, I can drink 12 cans in one day.. seriously. But, I had to stop drinking sodas because it was making me fat..LOL and unhealthy.

  5. wow i love everything you received! specially Revlon's photoready, thats one of my favorite foundations.

  6. This is a beautiful post!!!I love your blog and I follow name's Martina and I come from Italy...I would like you visit my fashion blog and you follow me...I wait you and your suggestions!kISS KISS =D


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