Thursday, October 14, 2010

Makeup for Glasses!

Hey guys..
So as I was requested to do a look for glasses, I decided to try it out. These glasses look really awkward on me though, as I do NOT wear glasses myself. I just borrowed my mom's glasses for reference. Haha! I hope you guys like it!

Now to the tutorial...

How to:
• First I started off with a clean, moisturized face. I applied my Revlon PhotoReady (yes, I made it work! Woo!) in '004 Nude' all over my face and on my jaw an old L'oréal mineral powder, just to set it so it doesn't smudge under the glasses.
• I applied my blush (elf's mineral blush in 'Joy') on my apples and blended it up towards my cheekbones.
• I used my 'Thriving' bronzer by L'oréal (Jeezy Chreezy, how I wish I had a different bronzer..) to contour under my cheekbones and applied it under my chin as well.
• I then (using my Coastal Scents #88 Matte Palette) applied a light, shimmery peach/brown color all over the lid, and put a dark taupe/greyish color in the outer corner. I dragged the color into the crease a bit and feathered it a little in towards the middle of the lid. Remember to blend out well! I also took a bit of that dark taupe-color and applied it on the outer 1/3rd part of my lower lash line.
• Then I took my NYX Slim Pencil in '901 Black' and tightlined. This gives the illusion of fuller lashes and makes the eye color stand out a bit more intense behind the frames.
• I curled my lashes and applied my favorite mascara, L'oréal Panoramic Curl in 'Blackest Black'.
• To top it all off I applied my Revlon Lustrous Lipgloss in 'Pink Crystals' (damn, I love this one!), to give it a nude, glossy finish. If you have very dark lips, you can always apply a nude lipstick on top and then apply the gloss. If you dare, you can also apply a bright fuchsia or a dark Bordeaux color to really emphasize the color of your glasses.

Hope you enjoyed!

Also.. if ANY of you guys happen to be related or in touch with ANYONE in the Naruto-team (I'm talking about the anime here..).. Would you PLEAAAASE tell them to stop making lame-ass fillers!? The episodes now are so freaking lame.. Filler after filler.. STOP EEEET, DAMMIT! We're excited to see what happens to Konoha, when Sasuke will strike with his team, if and how Akatsuki will get their revenge on Naruto kicking Nagato's ass etc. etc.! So cut it out, fools! Get on with the story!

And on a side note, after cooling down from the Naruto-experience earlier today, as I was VERY upset with being forced to watch another shitty filler, a lot of things have been going on at work. This leads to a rather sad decision for me, but sometimes you gotta prioritize yourself first, you know? I'm not gonna get into this any further until this is all over with at the end of October, but I definitely will let you guys know what happened. So far all I can say is, that Hitler apparently is not dead. At least not where I work.. To cut it short; we got a new head of district. Ohhh my~

Anyway, love y'all! : D


  1. Wow, your eyes really do stand out even though wearing glasses! Love your glasses a lot - the shade you chose really flatters your fair skintone a lot!

  2. you look gorgeous with your glasses.
    great look.<3

  3. The frame of the glasses looks amazing on you!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. oh you look so cute in glasses, wish i did!


  5. You look good with glasses ;D I need a new glasses..I want the chanel glasses though. woot woot.

  6. I have glasses too and love your make up !
    I will defenetly try it :)

    And you are sooo cute and pretty.

    xo lala

  7. pretty!

    beautiful header!

  8. wow ur really pretty and i love ur blog

    check mine n follow if u like

  9. Wah, you're stunning! The make-up looks so cute on you :D

    Btw, I'm having a Hello Kitty x Disney Princess giveaway for my followers, maybe you want to participate :D?



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