Monday, October 04, 2010


Hey y'all.. Yup, you're looking at two posts in one DAY! WOO!

No, really. This is just a little ego spam. I got bored and started playing with makeup. I'm wearing my favorite mascara that I bought in the US two years ago. The brand is a no-no, though. But how can u NOT love what it does to my useless lashes? I'm using my Nude on Nude palette (again..) Haha xD

This would be my signature :3 face

Also, I ALMOST just got back from Driver's ED down town. APPARENTLY the class on mondays is 3 hours long.. 3 hours. *deep breath* I took a lot of great notes though. I'm excited to get my license, even though I'm old as fuck (and smart as fuck!) compared to the ones, I'm taking the classes with. LOL. I got tomorrow off, so I'll just be chillin'..


  1. LOL!! baby boo how old are you?!!!!! aww, it's okay hope you pass your driver ed!! I passed my driver test. yay, it was boring as heck.. I could not stand it.. <3 hurry and get your license so u can drive me around!! ;)

  2. Can you maybe tell me how's the mascara called?? Your look is so awesome do some vids!!!! xD

  3. It's Loréal Panoramic Curl in Blackest Black! (I love it, but don't tell anyone ; D)


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