Sunday, October 31, 2010

The creme grays are taking over!

At least in my case! I'm LOVING this season's overwhelming variety of creme grays in nail polishes! A while back I got my first creme gray nail polish by GOSH called Miss Gray and I freaking LOVE it!

Now I found two new ones to love, and they were shipped out from the US today. I'm talking about

Color Club 'Soft as Cashmere'
Swatch by TheHungryAsian

and China Glaze 'Recycle'
Swatch by Nailicious

How effin' gorgeous are these colors? Man.. I think my favorite color is becoming gray. At least for nail polishes. I can't wait for them to arrive!


  1. Yay for creme grays! One of my favorite shades on the nails too! I only have one gray polish which is the Lippmann 'Waking Up In Vegas'.

  2. OOh im loving the shade. Grey is such a gorgeous colour on nails. I'm loving the griege trend.

    BTw how much did you spend on chinaglaze polishes?

  3. These are definitely the gorgeous and right shade of gray i hab ever seen...

  4. Beautiful! I love greys :) Actually, I love it a bit more now because it's so pretty on your nails!! :)

  5. Gray on nails is always sophisticated!:D

    Thanks for the pictures!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. It's been a LONG time since I've bought any nail polish. That colour is really unique ! And you have very pretty, healthy nails, the kind of nails I wish I had !

  7. I would not have thought gray nail polish would be cute until now. It's different but definably cute!!

    Love Nana

  8. This gray? :P I never thought of gray for nails. It's actually a pretty good idea. I should try it!

    Funny thing is that I do great pedicures for myself but I can't do it on my finger nails. It looks like the work of a child with Crayola. :))

  9. i love grays! you should check out my post about american apparel "mouse" is a lovely shade of gray

  10. I love gray for polish colors as well. It looks really sharp!!


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