Sunday, September 19, 2010

Out of sight - out of mind..

out of time to decide ♫
(↑ catch the t.A.T.u reference)

Anyways, hi guys! It's definitely been a while. My blogging eager has been rather low lately. Not that I don't feel like blogging - just the whole editing, typing in etc. that makes me not want to bother. lol. Anyway, I'm back and today I'll be posting quite a few entries, just to keep you guys updated. I know, you really hate the long entries, so I'm cutting it up into separate ones, so that it's easier to go through.

Look! I cleaned my room big time. If you know me just the slightest, you're well aware that I'm probably one of the messiest people on earth. I hate cleaning my room. I don't mind cleaning other people's places - but I cba to do my own. lol. But I FINALLY got it done, and I'm actually rather proud.

On a side note, I have a lot more stuff than what can actually fit onto my makeup table. Makes it look messy - but it's really not.. About the first picture; I decided to decorate my door - which is something I never do. I finally got my hands on sticky fix a while back, and it's just freaking perfect to hang stuff everywhere without ruining the wallpaper or the posters. So I decided to put up post cards, photos, posters and letters : D Woo!

Also, if any of you guys have any sort of experience with Adobe Lightroom - I'd LOVE some tips and tricks to pwn this stuff. I just got it yesterday and I'm pretty blank on how to use it. It claims that it can make blurry photos of poor quality really good, but the pre-set functions don't really appeal to me that well.. so yeah.. Any help would be appreciated ^^v

Luv y'all! ♥


  1. adrian knows about lightroom, we had it a while ago. ask him :)

  2. My sister has a pokemon comforter-blanket just like that!!!!!


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