Sunday, September 19, 2010

NYX Nude On Nude √

Natural Look Palette swatches and review

This was a half year anniversary gift from the lady, and as everything else makeup - I just had to put it here. I've been wanting these cute little palettes for a while and I finally got one. From what I know, they have 4 out so far; Nude on Nude, Bronze, Smokey and Purple Smokey. Generally I wanted all of them - but this and the Bronze were definitely my two favorites to try out. They're all small, practical and very affordable.

I tried the palette last night when going out for a school anniversary with my dad - I didn't take any photos tho, as I looked like a crack dope retard already. I'll definitely make some few looks with it though, and most likely compare it to the Everyday Eyes palette from elf.

With this palette you get two sections of makeup - 1 section with 9 small eye shadows and 1 section with two lipglosses and 2 applicators. I will say though that the applicators aren't worth a dime, so you might as well just throw them out. I imagine them doing more damage to any look applied than good.

The eye shadows are very small - about 1 cm. - 1½ cms. in squares and you have to be very careful when picking up color with a brush, as they can roar up quite the mess. Use small brushes or sponge applicators. (to each their own, but you know my opinion on the sponges *cough* ew! *cough*) The top row colors are (as shown on the swatches) not very pigmented. The color comes out much better on a primer.. This is not uncommon for matte colors, but usually NYX colors are much more pigmented. The colors seem a bit dry as well, but I'm assuming this is cause of them having set for a long time in the palette. Either way, they look better with a primer. I use flash light for photos, which washes out the colors, but the first two colors are very subtle and natural. The first color has a white flush to it and would be great as a highlight. So would the second color, but it's more of an overall-lid color if you ask me. The third 'matte' color (that has a bit shimmer to it tho) is great for in the crease and smoking. From here on the colors get much more pigmented and soft to apply.
The following colors are shimmery; a light champagne with pink undertones, a beautiful brown with bronze undertones, a dark wooden taupe with grey/brown undertones, a light pink with coral undertones, a gold with brown/orange undertones and lastly a dark brown with gold shimmers. Most of the colors (except the matte colors and the light pink) have gold sparkly shimmers - where the mentioned colors are more on the silvery side. All colors blend easily, except for the 'matte' brown and the dark taupe-ish color.

The lip colors are subtle but do come with a lot more pigmentation than originally expected. I was never fond of the whole ''let's put lip glosses in eyeshadow palettes'' idea, but they're not as poorly made as most lip products put in palettes. I'll most likely never use them tho. Btw, I just stuck my finger in there and swirled around for the swatches - hence the weird-looking dot in there. lol. My fingers were clean though - don't worry. As you can tell, the lip colors are pigmented and quite shimmery - not really glittery though (we don't like glitters in lip stuff). I still don't like lip products in my palettes though, as I'm much more of an eyeshadow girl than a lippie girl. But to each their own, anyways..

I'm definitely liking this so far. I'm not as excited as with the elf Everyday Eyes - YET, but the looks you can do with these colors are still almost unlimited. The colors in here are absolutely beautiful and very appropriate for everyday looks, so this is definitely a great substitute for the bigger elf palette. The NYX box can go into a small purse or a pocket and can easily be carried around. The darker tones can work up a smokey eye very easily so this is definitely a great all-round input from NYX.


  1. you know, darling, you should write for a magazine or something. i'm not much of a make up girl, but this was all very nicely written and entertaining :P
    seriously girl, you'll make an awesome journalist :)

  2. That is SO sweet of you! :i <3 Thanks!


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