Wednesday, September 22, 2010

░░░ FOTD ░░░

I have my first day of work tomorrow and I'm SO freaking excited. Today has been rather weird.. I'm surrounded by quite some drama lately, and it's kinda frustrating. I decided to do a bit about my face, as I'm still getting over the massive breakout I had a week ago+. I looked like a pre-teen boy - no offense intended. It was HORRIBLE. Now I have a bit blemishes left and a few bumps. I guess in a week everything will be back to normal.. I sure hope so

Anyway, today's face is again based on the Nude on Nude palette. I LOVE IT! And I know that my last few entries have been all raving about this palette, but the swatches of the lippies only confirmed my appreciation - no?

I hope you can see this, but the marked shadows are (obviously) the ones that I used. I used the white/cream color as a highlight on my brow bone and the inner part of my eyes. I used the pinkisk champagne as an all-over lid color, the shimmery brown on the outer half and the dark matte brown as my crease and V color. Also I lined my upper lash line with the NYX Slim Eyepencil in 'Café'. It's super creamy and does not crease at all - which is pure awesome.

Even though I lost quite a bit of weight lately, I feel incredibly fat - as if my face swell up or something. Is it just me? Oh well.. Maybe my face just looks weird today. lol.

I hope y'all are doing well! I'm pleasantly surprised that I got so many followers the past few days - YAY FOR THAT ♥ It'll be quite some time, before I can celebrate my 100 Followers' giveaway, but oh well.. We can't all be cool like Jeongie ; D (« look, a subliminal message! lol)

Also.. on a random sidenote I found this picture.. It's from.. uhh, monday, I think

It's nothing special, lol. I looked like this for my interview! : D Yay for natural makeup. I simply spot-concealed with my Revlon Active foundation (also to make sure that THAT wasn't what caused the outbreak) and put on some mascara.. I must've done it right, as I got the job. lol. Nahh, I doubt that that was what decided the outcome. I'm still excited about tomorrow tho! WOO! First day of work from 9AM till 8PM - long ass day = a shit load of moneyyyyzz. YAY!

Btw, I apologize for my weird poses lately.. I'm trying to find an angle that doesn't make me look fat.. LOL

Also, I'm listening to Nine Muse's song called 'No Playboy'. LOL. Sorry, but I gotta say this.. They look like a failed attempt to be like SNSD. Even the beat is so SNSD-ish. FAAAAAAAAAAAIL, girls.

Argh.. CALM DOWN WOMAN. -hits self with stick-
Luv y'all


  1. I love your make-up in these pictures .. Your eyeshadow looks beautiful !

    Good luck with your first day at your new job tomorrow :)

    Newest follower <3


  2. you are so gorgeous.
    that looks like a great palette.

  3. Great blog! And you're so pretty! I love the eye makeup you did :)

  4. pretty!!! what brand is that eyeshadow nude palette I definitely want to try it!

  5. Thankyou!! <3 they're having a sale on Hautelook for NYX cosmetics. yay!
    youre so beautiful and so sweet!!! ;D
    do you have a twitter? you need to show me around in Europe one day ;D

  6. nice blog . nice pictures you got here

  7. Thanks for following me ♥

    Wow, you got some great cheek bones! I envy you! haha~

    Thanks to you I googled "NYX nude on nude" now & want to buy it...I'm a fan of natural make up & this seems really cheap ôô

  8. Lovely blog and beautiful picture!! I've decided to follow :)


  9. Love the make-up in these shots!

    I seem to really fail when it comes to doing my own make-up. I can do simple ones though, but none like how you did yours unfortunately. Ah well. I have to practice. :P

  10. UR EYELASHES ARE SOOOOO FREAKING LONG & beautiful!!! I'm soooooo sooo jealous!

    I love the first pic, makes u look doll-like, thumbs up~


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