Thursday, August 05, 2010

quick update!

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of updates. I'm currently guarding my phone 24/7 desperately awaiting that ONE phone call that could give me a job.. or just a potential interview for one. I'm really upset about it.. I rarely let things get to me like this, but I'm really worried that I won't get anywhere.. My mom said that if I didn't get enough money by next year, so that I couldn't pay for my apartment, she and dad would help me out. How lucky am I? And it's not that I'm not thankful and super grateful (because I really am!), but I don't wanna live off of my parents resources for the rest of my life. I want a job more than anything right now - I'm so desperate that it's pathetic. I didn't think getting a job would be such a pain, but it really is. I guess, I underestimated the economical situation in today's Denmark. *sigh* I handed out more than 30 applications thursday and monday combined - and I haven't heard a single thing. I was told to give it at least a week, and it's been a week. PLEASE ALDI! CALL ME BACK! ó__Ò''

Ughh, I'm sorry for being so pathetic. Bssh, this is a beauty blog. SORRY GUYS - I'm just a desperate old lady.. -sob-

I'm srsly LOVING the Beauty Encyclopedia these days! Especially the taupe-ish color. Ahhh it's LOVE!

Anyway.. I'm out. Please don't judge my lame-ass personality from this super pathetic entry.. I just really needed to load off and get it out of my system. I guess, I'll call the ALDI store tomorow.. Just to hear what's going on with my application, as I was told that they were currently hiring and that my timing was perfect.. -__-" oh jeez. Job tips anyone? Moral support? Anything?


  1. wow you are super tan. =)

    OOh, we have aldi's here too. =D Good luck with the interview

  2. Just hang in-there Nan. If the ppl from Aldi notice how you hang in there, by calling and keep asking for the situation, you will surely get that job.

  3. I'm sure it'll work out. With 30 applications handed out someone ought to answer. Good luck Nan!

  4. Good luck Nanie, I've been looking for a job lately too. the economic climate is a b!tch right now. With 30 apps out their I'm sure you will hear something.

  5. Held og lykke med jobbet :D Og wow, I'm liking your tan! <3


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