Thursday, August 12, 2010

NYX Slim Pencils & FOTD

Hey lovelies..
It's time for a makeup update! YAAAY!

I ordered these pencils in the beginning of the month, and they arrived this morning. I've always been a HUGE fan of NYX's slim pencil liners, because they're smooth, blendable, vibrant and generally easy to work with. They don't smudge at all, and they will also last your pretty much throughout the day.

I got the colors 921 Baby Blue, 926 Electric Blue and 913 Saphire. The picture (even though it's taken with a flash) gives a perfect idea of the color payoff. The pencils are vibrant and super soft and smooth. The color swatches are shown in the same order as mentioned just above. As you can probably tell, the Electric Blue does NOT have that slight shimmer-look to it, which kinda bummed me out. I rather wanted it to have that pearly effect, but it still looks alright on the lid. Also they don't smear, but after playing with makeup all afternoon, my hands are totally messed up with glitter and eyeliner - not from these three tho. xD

With a little help from my 120 Manly Palette, I came up with a quick look. What do you guys think? I wanted to make that exaggerated black liner, and support it with a bright blue - so obviously I picked the Electric Blue color. I wanted to try out my new foundation as well, but I made the mistake of putting on the elf Complexion Perfection studio powder, so it made my overall face look kinda pale - just ignore that.

My new foundation is the Revlon ColorStay Active foundation in the shade '04 Nude'. This compliments my skin perfectly - which is kinda weird, cause I've been using the Revlon Colorstay foundation in Natural Tan. I guess my tan is fading already? *sad face* I don't know.. but either way it blends in really well. It doesn't cover up as well as the original ColorStay, and you can still see some of my red blemishes around the nose and on top of my cheeks. Oh my, this all reminds me that I really need to get my hands on the Purity Cleanser by Philosophy.. or.. whatever the brand is called. *sigh*

I still haven't gotten a job.. which is really sad, and therefore I cannot spend money on makeup - I bought a lot of gifts for friends and for Tanja this month, as I'd hoped for a job mid August, but it doesn't seem like luck is coming my way this time around. I guess something better must be out there for me? I don't know.. Either way it's super annoying.

To top this off, I wanted to share this little fella with you:

His name is... SASUKE. You know.. Uchiha Sasuke? From Naruto series? Okay, I know that it's kinda dorky, but he belongs to miss Tanja and she loves Naruto (and sadly, so do I.. -__-") He's a Siberian dwarf hamster - just like Mr. Lee was - and he's definitely a he. I bought him for Tanja from this actual breeder of hamsters. O_ô Anyway. Here he is! : D Cute huh? He's quite messy.. He digs around his cage all the time and is mostly kinda cranky >_> nothing like Mr. Lee, for sure. But he's still cute.

I hope you're all well : D


  1. Awww, Sasuke is adorable! I'm sure Tanja loves him. The makeup looks really good on you, and I'd like to try that look out someday. But I don't know if it'll suit me! Haha! XD I'm very pale so makeup easily looks waaay too heavy on me. Sucks! D: Maybe I should buy the "Everyday Eyes" Beauty Encyclopedia, you told me about!

  2. What colour did you use for your lid?

  3. I used two colors from my Manly Palette: A shimmery, very light champagne-ish bronze (it looks taupe-ish on the lid) and then a shimmery purple blended into the outer corner and the crease.

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  5. HAHA ohh Sasuke. ♥ I do think your tan is fading away as well, but I think your lighter skintone looks nice on you as well..if that helps. :P

    I need to find a job as well, right now I'm also not buying much make up wish because of that.. >.< Good luck!

    ★ Cookiie

  6. Aww, ur sooo goddamn cute, cookie-girl ! [:
    And now i'm following u ! <3

  7. you're welcome :) thank you for your comment^^
    i love so much this hamster picture^^ i had the same one when i was younger :) they are so cute<3


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