Wednesday, August 11, 2010

new layout?

Hey guys!

Oh mighty my, what is THIS? A new LAYOUT?
Woosh, yes it is. I felt pretty inspired since everyone kept changing up their layouts and I was earlier told that mine was booooooring as hell, so yeah.. Here you have it : D A new, super girly layout.. and to try out something different, the header is featuring... myself. LOL. I seriously hope that this won't scare you guys off.. I just felt like trying something completely new. Usually I don't feature myself on layouts, but since this is MY blog, about ME and just ME, MY life and MY makeup - it might as well feature me on it ; D lol. What do you guys think?


  1. DAMN nice nyt layout! *savler som en ægte retard* nom nom!
    - og sindsygt lækker headerrrr! *___*


  2. ooh it's so pretty. Love it. x

  3. ´Lige præcis! Hvorfor overhovedet slæbe dem til Danmark, hvis det er forkert at have både i burer og i det fri? D: *frustreret*

    Jeg synes det er meget passende, at du er i headeren! owo Du' så pretty.


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