Friday, August 20, 2010

Hällt er wirklich was er mir verspricht?

I know that this may seem a bit odd to you, but I actually used to LOVE Tokio Hotel. I still love their original songs like Durch den Monsun, Rette Mich, Beichte, Der Letzte Tag, Wenn Nichts Mehr Geht etc. I loved the purity, simplicity and the innocence in the songs. They made these songs cause they wanted to. Honestly I believe that they were victims of the big bad Hollywood tendency; making music to gain popularity and please the crowds AND the producers and labels. When I look at photos of Bill from back then - and look at him now, I see a huge difference. Not only in his eyes, but in his appearance in general. He's much slimmer now and he looks so sad and worn out. He's not the energetic kid who ran around on stage acting all out cause he could. He's tied on hands and feet by his label and manager. It sucks, but I still love to look back on what they used to be. Power to the old, German Tokio Hotel songs \(^3^)/


  1. Jeg har aldrig rigtigt 'fulgt med' i anything tokio hotel, ihvertfald slet ikke fra dengang deres popularitet virkelig nået dets højdepunkt. Men sidste år, blev jeg introduceret til noget af deres gamle musik, og overraskende nok kunne jeg faktisk godt lide Durch den Monsun =)
    Men jeg kan godt se hvor du vil hen med forandringen, det sker næsten for alle kendte kunstere, which kinda sucks.

  2. Even their older songs are just kids songs. I mean, they use two string chords for Monsoon.

    And it was their look who made them popular. There are sooo much better German bands deserving the fame.

  3. That sounds like a Yara comment.. xD hahaha


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