Thursday, August 19, 2010


I really do a LOT of FOTDs lately huh? I'll have a FOTN up in a bit.. I went to the movies last night to watch Knight & Day.. I shall review that movie for you too, btw : D

I'm sorry that the last entry bored the shit out of most of you.. or well, I assume no one read it, as there's been no comments on it. So yeah.. I'll try'n keep it short. I guess my narrow iframe makes it seem a lot more heavy than the entry actually is. I don't know..

Here's my face.

Products used:
Revlon ColorStay Active in 'Nude'
elf studio Complexion Perfection
GOSH 'Aloha' quad (I used the pink and blue color)
Barry M Dazzle Dust (Limited Edition) in '923'
NYX Blush in 'Peach'
Loréal Bronzer in 'Thriving' (PLEASE someone suggest me a good bronzer!)
Rimmel Stay Matte in 'Champagne'
NYX slim eye pencil in 'Black'
Mentholatum lipbalm
Barry M lipstick in '101'
MaxFactor 2000 Calorie with curved brush
Estée Lauder Double Wear

So yeah, that's it. Feel free to suggest me a good bronzer, face powder and mascara - I don't feel right using the animal-testing brands >_<"


  1. Commented.

    Happy now?
    Yay me for contributing!

    PS: I only read about halfway through ... still counts though.

    PSx2: What in the world did you do to your eyes? It's like a makeup bottle blew up in your face o.O

  2. Argh, dine øjne er elskelige <3 og gi mig dog de kindben! Suk.

    Oh, og jeg kan lide det nye layout :D Ved ikke lige hvor lang tid det har været her, but I'm liking it O:

  3. Oh, this is awesome news! I've (almost) stopped using animal-tested brands too. But instead of trowing all my stuff out, I buy a not-animal-tested replacement as soom as I run out of one product. I have a link here with companies that do not test on animals:

  4. i love your makeup :) really cute^^
    drey jewelry.


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